Drunken Chicken: A Delicacy From Shanghai

Drunken Chicken   is one of the most popular dishes from China. The name is given as the dish is prepared using alcoholic beverages. The wine used gives it a rich flavour. Apart from china, this dish is popular in other parts of the world like Mexico, Argentina & Chile. They all have different versions but the basic remains the same. Fusion of chicken & alcohol…making the chicken drunk :)


Why the name ‘Drunken Chicken’?

The chicken is marinated & cooked using alcoholic beverages.There are several methods to prepare this dish. In the traditional method, the chicken is marinated with a popular wine called Shaoxing. This wine gives a distinctive flavor to the chicken.
Drunken Chicken: A Delicacy From Shanghai
In the modern version, it is steamed them set aside dipped in wine. Chicken is cut into bite size pieces. This dish is mostly served as an appetizer. The dish might look bit pale at first. The look  doesn’t give any hint about the taste of the dish.

The marination  of the dish is the most important part. It needs to be marinated in a mixture of spices, sauce & wine. The dish is cooked & cooled. It needs to be refrigerated for at least 4-5 hours preferably overnight  for the flavours to seep in the chicken. Serve it cold!



Drunken Chicken: A Delicacy From Shanghai

Travel & food go hand in hand. Your travel experience can’t be complete unless you sample the local cuisine. The Shanghanian cuisine has a variety of dishes to suit every kind of palate.   So if you are in shanghai, don’t forget to try this signature dish. Share your experience here in the comment section below. :)

( P.s- It is drunken chicken. NOT get drunk & eat chicken :P )

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  1. Nice. I was actually gonna comment on the pale shade of the chicken but as you said, that does not reflect on the taste of the chicken, I guess. We just have it stuck in our heads based on the typical South Indian style chicken dishes we make that the end product should be dark brown.

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