Dry Baby Happy Baby


Dry Baby Happy Baby

Babies are a gift from the GOD. They laugh, smiles, anger, walk, tiny gestures are enough to keep make your day bright . They are so curious that they want to touch everything in front of them. There sense of smell, touch, see  are very active during there growing up stage.

When my daughter was born my whole world changed. All my activities were planned as per her schedule. From waking up, eating to sleeping. She was the one who controlled my day & night. Was I complaining ? Not at all :). Thats what I longed for when I got to know that I am going to a baby. I imagined myself holding my baby, running after her & witnessing all her tantrums.

My daughter started crawling when she was 7 months old. Her activities increased tremendously. Now she was…

  1. Picking up things from the floor & trying to play with it

  2. Crawl under the bed & table to play hide & seek

  3. Crawl towards the gate when she heard the door bell

  4. Play with ball & other toys that had lights & made sounds

When she turned one she started walking. It was a mile stone for her . I heard that babies who start walking by the age of 1 , are considered healthy. I was happy that my little princess was growing fast & properly. I was happy & proud.


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Being a mother I like to take care of every little detail. From her clothes that need to be comfortable & skin friendly, her food that must be full of nutrition & taste good too. Like wise it is really important to take care of the hygiene. It is important to keep the babies fresh & dry. They are pretty sensitive to smell. Cleanliness not only keeps them healthy but it also keeps them happy. One such aspect of cleanliness is  using a good quality diaper. Babies are mostly on liquid or semi solid diet for the first six months. They play a lot & have a fragile sleep. In order to help them do there regular activities properly the mothers need to keep them dry.

Babies sleep a lot. Usually  from 14-16 hours a day.Their nap time is 2-3 hours in a go. Babies who don’t get adequate sleep are often irritated & don’t take proper food. I used to change my babies diaper every 3-4 hour when she was awake & after every 5-6 hours during night ( I used to wake up & change her ).

Keeping babies in wet diapers cause rashes. They feel uneasy & can’t concentrate in any activity whereas when kept fresh & dry they play, giggle, run around making the most beautiful sight to look at.

I have two kids & from my personal experience I can say that mothers MUST pay equal attention to hygiene ( keeping baby dry is of utmost importance ) as they take care of the food & growth aspect.


Happy Parenting  ! :)


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