EMEG A Face-off with Fear by Dinesh chandwani

Dinesh Chandwani is the debutant author of ‘EMEG A Face-off with Fear’. EMEG is a biography of a traveler. It is an adventure fiction which revolves around the life of a skydiver. The novel is basically an emotional rollercoaster journey of a traveler in the backyard of extreme sports.

EMEG A Face-off with Fear by Dinesh chandwani

The perception of drugs and atheism progresses around him as he keeps meeting random people on his journey. His relationships are screwed over drugs and pregnancy. EMEG is all about the writer`s insight of the outer world. His travel stories are focused on Australian thinking and Indian mindset.

According to the writer, ‘When we are young, we are told we are special. Our culture is distinct. Our family is superior. But after we reach a certain age, we start realizing how unimportant and generic our lives actually are. No one is different. You must know that the world has enough clones of your brains and your thoughts.’

This novel plays with the generic mentality of Indians. The writer’s emotions vary with the places he travels. Most of the times the nationalist inside him perks out the differences between the third and the first world. EMEG is ‘El Mundo Es Grande’ which is a Spanish translation for ‘the world is big enough’. He plans to execute his novel titles with the country he wants to travel next.

About the Author- Dinesh Chandwani

Dinesh Chandwani is a co-founder, A philanthropist, A public Speaker,  A Traveller, professional Skydiver, Surfer and now an Author. A multitalented Businessman with many forte. He completed his graduation from G.H Raisoni College of Engineering Nagpur in Computer Science. He had a tough time in college as he failed in many of his subjects and completed his Engineering in Six years. His parents were really worried about him and his future.

EMEG A Face-off with Fear by Dinesh chandwani

Dinesh Chandwani- The Traveler

He, being an orthodox traveler does not understand any concepts of Physics by any means possible. He has traveled most of India on road alone and sometimes with friends as well. The crazy travel stories of Leh are to die for but he considers Australia a heaven on Earth for travelers traveling abroad.He considers himself an Atheist and does not believe in any religion.His love for International Business took him to Queensland University Brisbane and he finished his Masters in the usual time.

The passion for Extreme sports made him a professional Skydiver but still after 525 minutes in the air (75 jumps) he is still scared of jumping out of a plane. He always gets kicked off and controls himself later.

Dinesh has a Class “B” professional Skydiving certificate and he is also a surfer. He got his license from Skydive Australia. He plans to be a trainer for Australian Parachute Federation soon. TheHe credits his etiquettes to all the part time jobs he did in Brisbane for his survival. His work life balance is unusually weird as he prefers working late nights rather than the usual 9-5. But, after he got the job at Nandos Australia Pvt. Ltd. as a Business Development Manager, things changed, not for him for the company.  


The Walnut School Of Ideas

His passion for writing brought him back to India after two years of Business Development and he started a company ‘The Walnut School of Ideas’.The company helps uplift young Creative talent in fields of Photography, Film Making, Cinematography, Scriptwriting and much more.

Based in Nagpur he has been covered by Business world & Hitvada for his the contributions to the society.According to him, the Walnut School of Ideas focuses on three basic essential forte they are Education, Communication and Creativity Awareness.  One among Dinesh favorite movies in Megamind. He loves watching documentaries about Science and Adventure and he is a big fan of Nawaazuddin Siddique.

His roots are originally from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh and are probably the first English writer from that state.  Dr. G. N Chandwani, his dad, is well-renowned education provider in Bhilai for IIT-Jee. He credits his dad for all the support he has been getting over the years even in the toughest of times.

Dinesh Chandwani is highly inspired by Elon Musk and Mr. Narendra Modi. The book has a lot about Mr. Modi in ‘EMEG A Face-off with Fear’ and Nationalism gives him goosebumps. He is a Philanthropist and has worked for various International NGO’s like Redcross Australia and in India. For the upliftment of young talent in the field of creativity, he has started a lot of campaigns in Vijayawada, Nagpur, and Hyderabad.

A word of advice for aspiring writers

Surprisingly, he is not a reader of any sort and he hasn’t read any books till date. However, he believes everybody has a writing style of his own.The ideas should not emerge from someone’s else’s work. If someone wants to write, they should just start and not take reference of any sort.His advice to aspiring writers is to be true to themselves and write what they feel. It should be done without taking the burden of what sells in the market.That is what creates a GOOD STORY!


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