Everyone knows the importance of dressing as per the occasion. It’s almost an adage that when you step out of your home for getting to your workplace, you need to be dressed for the same. As they say, a person appeals the other visually on the first note. That is, before even you greet the person at your workplace, the way you carry yourself, the body language you carry and how you have dressed up is what constitutes the deciding factor as to what your first impression is going to be. Also, what you wear to your workplace sets the tone for others to follow. Confused already? Let us decode the dress code for you… evening dresses VS office dresses!

Difference: evening dresses VS office dressesDRESS CODE: EVENING DRESSES VS OFFICE DRESSES

And when you decide to let your hair down and have some fun, there’s nothing more you would want than an evening dress with an oomph factor attached to it. You would not want to wear the simple plain-Jane, mundane dresses to parties that you wear to the office.

So clearly, there is a huge distinction between the dresses you should be wearing to your workplace on daily basis and the dresses you should hang in the closet for parties, cocktails and evening dates. However, creating such a distinction can be eerily haunting. Fret not; let the experts tell you what constitutes office wear and what should be reserved for evening wear. We have simplified evening dresses VS office dresses for you.

Office dresses- formal dresses

The dresses that you wear to the office are in a way, formal dresses. There are no frills and fancies attached to these. They are pretty simple, yet elegant and chic. Office dresses are designed to emanate a gracious aura. What you are is reflected by your dressing sense. To work in a competitive workplace among hundreds of men and women, you need to stand out with your dressing sense; which are a symbol of your excellence, intelligence, and perseverance.


We like what we see; we like what is visually appealing to our eyes. Bejeweled dresses with thigh-high slits and halter necks are something you should not be wearing to your workplace.

The case becomes even more compelling enough to think when you are a woman with power, integrity and are the one who’s calling the shots. For all the business meetings and client dealings, you need to be dressed appropriately, so as to maintain the standard of your firm, which you are representing.  

While getting office dresses, avoid loud colors. However, that does not mean sticking to grays, black, and whites. You can always wear subtle hues, which are soothing to the eye. Ideal office dresses are restricted to a specific length; there is no room for short dresses, skimpy and skinny dresses. Office dresses will be simple, but comfortable and breathe enough to not restrict you while working. You will be able to be yourself and breathe in those dresses.

Evening Dresses- Cocktail Dresses

Sure, evening dresses are also formal dresses; in the sense that they are meant for a formal event and not for daily purposes. However, evening dresses are more glitzy, shiny and can be over-the-top. When selecting evening dresses, don’t shy away from playing with colors, experimenting with slits that suit your body and working to see if off shoulders are your thing.


Evening dresses are meant to make heads turn and people talk about you, compliment you and praise your style. Cocktail dresses especially, are known to have a knack or two for being edgy yet classy and something that brings out the diva in you.

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