Extraordinary Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Energy is what drives every creature on this earth. We receive energy from various sources. Unique & powerful source of energy is our planet Earth. The earth’s magnetic field has the power to heal many ailments and maintain the body balance. We are going to discuss many extraordinary health benefits of walking barefoot, popularly known as Earthing therapy.

In our modern society, barefoot walking is looked down upon. We can’t let go of our expensive shoes.  As a result, we have shoes for every occasion and activities running, walking, etc. However, we tend to overlook the fact that barefoot walking or running is quite beneficial to humans. We hardly notice the effect of indoor living & air quality on our bodies. The use of synthetic material has tremendously increased over the past few decades.

Our great leader Mahatma Gandhi mostly walked barefoot although health benefit was not his prime inspiration. According to Ayurveda, the negative ions found freely in the earth maintain the balance of body & improves immunity. Furthermore, It’s an essential nutrient that can transform our body and is so readily available all around us. Our ancient monks walked miles barefoot. The earth has healing, soothing, cleansing and strengthening properties.

  “Earthing may be as fundamental as sunlight, air, water, and nutrients.” – Gary Schwartz

What are the benefits of walking barefoot?

James Oschman, a biophysicist & leading expert on energy medicine, says “The moment your foot touches the Earth, or you connect to the Earth through a wire, your physiology changes. An anti-inflammatory switch is turned on. People stay inflamed because they never connect with the Earth, the source of free electrons which can neutralize the free radicals in the body that cause disease and cellular destruction.”

Back home our barefoot running mascot Milind Soman is a massive fan of earthing. According to him, When you run barefoot, your body is always told how to respond to various surfaces. So your balance, your coordination, the foot strike, the impact – everything is taken care of by the body’s response. Trillions of reactions happen in the body at the same time. It is instinctive. You have to allow the body to take care of itself.

Earthing, grounding or walking barefoot increase our immunity system. It helps you to fight common seasonal diseases. Let’s discuss a few among the numerous benefits of walking barefoot on a natural surface

  1. Improves immunity
  2. Stabilize internal bio
  3. Improve your posture
  4. Help stay calm & positive
  5. Prevention & treatment of chronic disease
  6. Help tissue repair
  7. Improves autoimmune system
  8. Reduce acute & chronic inflammation
  9. Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases
  10. Reduce stress & anxiety level
  11. Improve blood circulation
  12. Improve sleep
  13. Prevent oxidation of free tissues
  14. Detoxify body
  15. Absorbs the metabolic byproducts
  16. Help relieve menstrual cramps
  17. maintain hormonal balance
  18. Aid in mental healing


The earth’s potential in the body becomes the “working agent that cancels, reduces, or pushes away electric fields from the body.”-  Richard Feynman, the Nobel Prize winner


How to include the benefits of walking barefoot in your daily routine?

According to Martin Zucker, a pioneer in research on Earthing & author of ‘Earthing For Health,’ To quickly experience Earthing yourself, walk or sit barefoot on grass, sand, gravel, or unpainted concrete – ground surfaces that conduct energy. Wood, asphalt, and plastic do not conduct.

  1. Walk barefoot on grass, sand or any other natural surface for at least 30 minutes a day.
  2. Invest in Grounding products like earthing mats
  3. Cement, asphalt or hardwood won’t give you the benefits.
  4. Opt for minimalist footwear
  5. Avoid coming in contact with wood, plastic, synthetic surfaces that hinders the flow of electrons.
  6. Start slowing by incorporating barefoot walk into your daily workout. Listen to your body how is it reacting to the new change. While traveling look for options that helps you to stay close to nature. Include daily activities that connect you to earth.

We all know the importance of Sunlight ( Vitamin D), benefits of Vitamin E & other vital nutrients in our bodies. The medical science has overlooked another essential nutrient, Vitamin G- that’s from the earth.


What happens when the body is insulated from the earth?

You may ask what happens when you insulate your body from the earth. You don’t see any hazard, but when one examines closer, it has caused an N number of problems in our bodies. Nowadays, most of our footwears have synthetic soles. We prefer hardwood flooring, barely touch sand, dirt or grass. By using the nonconductive material we automatically insulate our bodies and stop the flow of electrons.

Most of the diseases today are lifestyle generated. When the body comes in contact with earth, the free radicals, and metabolic by-products are absorbed by the free electrons of the planet. Thus neutralize our bodies. Even the modern science agree with the fact that free radicals cause most of the illness. Natural healing, grounding or earthing is an excellent method to keep the body balanced.

In conclusion, walking barefoot is not all at once activity. One must give time to the body to reconnect with the environment.  Unlearn the things that have disconnected us from nature. Any positive change has a ripple effect. It will lead to other benefits. We must strengthen the bond with our surroundings because we are a part of nature.


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