From Darkness to Light is a documentary about Bal Prakash a free residential school located in a small village in Rajasthan, India. Around 31% children in India suffer from poverty and some form of deprivation. Kusum Paliwal, a retired govt teacher for underprivileged children,  started the school in 1996. It helps a noble social cause of educating children from poor families.
 Since last 20years this school has been running successfully with the help of noble members of the society. It has till now provided shelter to more than two thousand children. It is noteworthy is that they are of different religion caste and creed.

From Darkness to Light – a documentary about bringing light into the dark lives of underprivileged children

From Darkness to Light - A Documentary

Why ‘From darkness to light- A documentary’ needs to be seen?

 According to a study, a majority of people suffering from depression or difficulty to cope up with life have a history of childhood trauma. Trauma comes in many forms not just physical or monetary. But also lack in love, care and attention in the family or in care homes can cause severe damage to a person’s psyche.

It is not just about poverty

The story goes further than lack of literacy or skill which many of us already talk about. A beautiful childhood makes a beautiful person but a difficult childhood puts them on the verge of becoming anti-social elements or weak.
We talk about reducing rapes in India. Make a better India. But this dream can never be accomplished without creating a better childhood for our children.
I believe these children are not a subject of charity or favor. They are our responsibility. Just like the children in the family are the responsibility of parents.
About the school
The school is located just next to Ajmer City, nestled around the Aravali mountain ranges. The land was dry when it started but today it is lush and green. Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of children and guidance of teachers and other contributors.
Life at Bal Prakash
The children here get proper food and nutrition. Most of vegetable and wheat is grown in the farms located in the school itself. Hence It is one hundred percent organic food! No pesticides are ever used.
There are regular classes where teachers them to read and write. Many students have gone on to complete their studies. More noteworthy is that some have even completed their graduate degree while staying here!
Do watch this documentary. if you connect with the cause, do share ‘From Darkness to Light documentary’
Volunteer opportunities
In addition, the school is looking for English and computer teachers. You may contact the school via phone numbers available on their website You can spend some quality time on the farms along with these beautiful children.
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