Magical Moments: Captured During Gangnueng Trip

Gangnueng is a beautiful city in Gangwon-do province of South Korea. It has many tourist attractions including the  internationally famous Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht. ( I am going to feature the same soon on my blog. SO  stay tuned :) ). This city is at the east cost end of South Korea. From the place I was travelling, it was like travelling to the other end of South Korea. A fantastic 8 hrs road trip led me to this magnificent city, Gangnueng.

Gangnueng, which is also known as the ‘Pine City’, is special as it has access to a beautiful lake as well as sea. You will see one of the best sunrise & sunsets here.

Some magical moments captured during Gangnueng Trip…

Being a traveller, capturing moments comes naturally to me. I am clicking non-stop whenever I am out & about. The beauty of nature is limitless. You can go on looking at its attractions & every single day it will surprise with a new one!

Magical Moments: Captured During Gangnueng Trip

‘Time is free but it’s priceless’

This shot was captured at the ‘Time Museum’ . The steering wheel signifies the time. Time which is the most important element of any one’s life. Yet the most misused one !

Magical Moments: Captured During Gangnueng Trip

Seconds after the sunset!

I love sunrise & sunsets. The surrounding changes drastically during dusk & dawn. I am an early riser. If I am near a beach, I will surely hit the shore to catch these magical moments.

Magical Moments: Captured During Gangnueng Trip

Waves reaching the shore ♥

Waves hitting the shore with enthusiasm as if trying to embrace it. A sight to behold…

Magical Moments: Captured During Gangnueng Trip

‘Standing alone’

I loved the contrast in this frame. The subtle grey tone of rocks, depth of blue sea in sharp contrast with the fierce red color of the light tower.

Magical Moments: Captured During Gangnueng Trip

Bird’s-Eye view of Jeongdongjin beach from the Sky lounge of Sun Cruise resort & yacht.  The crystal clear water & soft sand are so inviting. All you need is a long vacation, nice boat with a good music system for a time of your life. Music & sea, sounds like heaven already. All sea lovers like me can vouch for that :)


Magical Moments: Captured During Gangnueng Trip

‘Life is great by the sea’

If your soul belongs to sea, it won’t belong to anywhere else. Sea owns you for life. It soothes , nurtures & nourishes you.


Magical Moments: Captured During Gangnueng Trip

‘Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations’

If you a true traveler, you always look forward to the journey rather than the destination. The challenges during the journey add to the whole experience :)

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