Geoje Sea World: Best Attraction in Geoje 2021

Geoje Sea World is an aquarium & Marine Life park located in the Southern part of Geoje Island. You get to see a dolphin show, Swim & hug session with Dolphin & Beluga whale.

Geoje Sea World is one of the best options for a family outing. Every kid loves water & sea creatures, the dolphin being the most loved one.

Geoje Island’s proximity to Busan makes it a perfect weekend getaway. You can easily drive from Busan to Geoje which is just 55 mins. There are regular bus services between the two cities.

It is ranked among one of the best places to visit on Geoje Island. People visit this park especially during the summer season when the days are bright & sunny, and people don’t mind splashes of water created during the show.

A Trip To Geoje Sea World

A Trip to Geoje Sea World

Geoje Sea World attracts visitors of all ages. I could see a lot of families with young kids. Even some of them were with the grandparents as well. It is good to see the whole family coming together & enjoying a nice day.

If you compare the facility with Sea world in Busan, it is not as big yet not bad for a day trip. They have some varieties of fishes kept in aquarium. The information was in Korean which is a bummer.

You must also check out the Creepy Crawlies at the park. They have Snake, Lizards,  Chameleon, and Dart frog. You can touch these reptiles in presence of an instructor.

Pls note, the price of each of these programs varies. Check the official site of Geoje Sea World to check for the show timing & prices ( it might vary depending on the seasonal or festival discounts)

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Here is a listing of the Interactive programs available at Geoje Sea World.

1. Dolphin Show 

A Trip to Geoje Sea World

The dolphins are highly trained. If you have not seen a dolphin show before, this will surely keep you entertained for a good one hour. The synchronized dance performance by these wonderful creatures is surely going to make your day.

There is a small exhibition featuring sea life. You won’t find much variety here. Basically, it is to keep you occupied for some time till the show starts.

It is 20 minutes presentation with several small performances done by the trainers & dolphins. They perform synchronized dancing & swimming gigs. They have three different time slots for the Dolphin Presentation- 11:00, 14:00, and  16:30.

It is advisable to book the tickets in advance to avoid any inconvenience during weekends or public holidays. During weekdays, it is rather easier to buy the ticket on arrival.

One of the downsides of the show is that it is mostly in the Korean language. English Speaking people might be a little disappointed here. The presenter cracks some jokes during the presentation leaving the locals in split & you can’t help but sit and clap.

However, you have a couple of interaction opportunities during the show. The presenter chose someone from the audience randomly and make them a part of the gig. Kids love it.

2. Beluga Underwater Presentation

 Geoje Sea World

I was thrilled as a small kid when I witnessed a ginormous Beluga Whale swimming playfully in the huge pool. The walls are made of glass. Stand & admire the beauty of this lovely creature.

An instructor gets in the pool for the presentation. Beluga seemed pretty comfortable and started circling around him. It was so interesting to see them interacting in some sort of sign language. Beluga started to turn & twirl.

You may also watch these magnificent ocean creatures in nature settings. Long beach whale watching is one such opportunity to watch whales in their natural habitat. It is one of the fun things to do in Long Beach, California USA.

3. Dolphin Swim

A Trip to Geoje Sea World

The visitors above 120 cms of height can swim with the dolphins. It is one of the most popular interactive programs of Geoje Sea World. Young kids love to get close to these wonderful creatures.

Swimming with dolphins is like once in a lifetime opportunity. There aren’t many places where you get such opportunities. Try it if you want to make some memories.

If you have questions about Dolphins or other sea creatures, the trainer will be more than happy to answer your queries. They can speak fluent English & have immense knowledge about these beautiful sea animals

Travel Tip:- Pls check the availability of these programs. The show timing and availability is subjected to change due to Covid-19 restrictions.

4. Dolphin encounter

A Trip to Geoje Sea World

During the presentation, the host calls out to one or two persons for an interactive session with a dolphin. You get to touch them, make them whistle & dance with them.

It’s a wonderful experience. So don’t hesitate to put your hand up when the host calls for the volunteers. Not everyone gets a chance.

They are very friendly and comfortable being around humans. They playfully come near you. Feeding them is so satisfying. The young ones jump to grab maximum fishes. They are also the ones who are more playful and curious.

Can you help not falling in love with them? I loved them totally :)

5. Beluga Interaction

Geoje Sea World Beluga interaction

There is an interactive program called Beluga Hug & Kiss. You can get yourself a click with the White Beluga whale & get a copy (Soft copy & hard copy both are available). There are additional charges for the picture

Usually, people like to touch or kiss. Kids find it pretty exciting to go near this white beauty. If you don’t want to pay for the picture, you can still click a picture with beluga with your camera or cellphone.

Unlike the dolphin show, there is not open pool show of Beluga. There is one presentation with a diver in the huge tank/pool. Other than that you could just touch and click the picture.

The place has a gift shop & photo booth as well. There are some usual toys, souvenirs, and items related to the aquarium.

Travel Tip: Plan a day trip including other attraction located in the vicinity. The dolphin show is just for an hour. You will have plenty of time to visit other attraction located nearby.

Geoje Sea World Ticket Price

Geoje Sea World Dolphin Presentation

The price also depends on the program you opt for. If you wanna kiss/ hug or have a swim with the dolphins, you might need to shell out few extra bucks

General Ticket

Adult: W 29,000 – From Junior High / High School Student to adult

Child: W 24,000 – Children age 24 months to13 years old

Some additional Price Information are as under.

1 Adult and 2 children under the age of 24 months will be charged as 1 adult and 1 child.

2 Adults and 2 children under the age of 24 months will be charged as 2 adults.

Children under 24 months will be charged as children on all group admission.

You will be required to show your medical insurance card for age verification.

In case you’ve made an advance booking you could get up to a 90% refund if you cancel the tickets 2 days prior to the booking date, and up to 50% if you cancel before 1 day. However, there is no same-day refund.

Travel Tip: Check for the special offered to foreigner visitors & group discounts. You will save at least 20- 30% on the ticket price.

Attractions Near Geoje Sea World

Best Way to spend One day in Geoje

The total time that you can spend in Geoje Sea World should be around 2-3 hours including the show, interactions & aquarium visits. You have plenty of time to explore the rest of the island.

Even if you are in Geoje for a day, you could easily explore much nearby attractions. I have created a perfect handpicked itinerary Best Way to spend One day in Geoje. You will plenty of ideas to make the best of your time spent in Geoje.

For adventure & fitness lovers, I can’t recommend enough these 10 Most Beautiful Mountains in Geoje. They are mostly are of easy or middle hiking difficulty. Did I mention I view atop is simply spectacular?

Another good option for a weekend getaway is  Swan Paddle Boats Geoje. The surrounding scenery & gentle breeze will refresh you instantly.

There are many awesome beaches in Geoje. These are my picks for the best 5 beaches in Geoje.

Interested in beautiful Stone & Wood Sculptures, try Geoje Natural Art Land.

There are also many other places like Geoje Bamboo Theme Park, Geoje Water Park Ocean Bay (Highly Recommended), Historical Park Of Geoje POW Camp, Windy Hill Geoje, Mundong Waterfall.

Although It’s a small island yet there are so many options for recreation & places to see in Geoje.

Geoje Sea World Address

Geoje Sea World Co
15, Jisepohaean-ro,
Irun-myeon, Geoje-si
Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

Parting Words

Geoje Sea World Visit

Geoje Sea World is a delightful experience for kids & adults alike. It’s a decent place to spend a good hour or two on a lazy weekend. There are a couple of museums in the vicinity that you can check out.

You will this small little place if you don’t compare it with massive aquarium and top f line aqua shows in other countries. It is not huge or extraordinary but still manages to entertain its visitors for a couple of hours.

The trainers are knowledgeable and the staff pretty helpful. Most of them can speak good English and will willingly help you with anything you might need.

Overall it was a good experience for us. When in Geoje, don’t forget to explore the place. Let me know about your experience in the comment section below.

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