God,Man & Godman


That boy in stormy night


One fine day when the onion price was not skyrocketing, auto wallas didn’t shoo away short distance fares & policemen extended help to “common man’, God decided to visit his beautiful creation” Earth”. To avoid any unwanted attention, he disguised himself as a rich NRI. He roamed around some places & finally entered the Ashram of a famous godman. Curious to find out what was going on inside,  he headed straight to the main hall that was buzzing with activities. There was a long queue at the entrance. He stood there waiting for his turn. Some volunteers were distributing tokens to people. One of them came to him & asked his name, purpose of visit &  urgency of the ‘situation’. He couldn’t understand what it all meant. Volunteer, who was wearing a saffron color robe smiled at him.

” Is this your first visit”

” Yes”

” Well then, came with me .”

He took God to a corner & explained ” Listen, If you want to see “Guru Ji” quick then you will have to pay “little ” extra.

” Pay extra, for what .”

” For the Darshan.”

” Why are you charging for it .”

Irritated by the volley of questions, the volunteer spoke rudely.

” Listen, mate, if you want to meet “HIM” you will have to shell out some “Special Dakshina ” or else keep standing in the queue for the rest of the day .”

Meeting with the Godman

Fazed by his attitude, he decided to check out what was the deal inside. So he went for “special Darshan ” & shelled out a few hundred bucks. He was taken to a small room decorate with exotic flowers. The floor was covered with expensive carpet. There was a little raised platform at the other end of the room. It had a beautiful silver chair right at the center. A man with a long beard was seated on it. He was wearing a saffron “dhoti”  & many Rudraksha necklaces around his neck & arms. His eyes were closed. There were around 5 people sitting in front of him with folded hands.  The volunteer asked God to sit on the floor & fold his hands. After a while “Guruji ” ( Godman )  opened his eyes.

” No No, not possible. Your victory is not possible .”

” But Guruji, I have spent so much of money. If I don’t win this election my career would be over. Please do something .” A horrified man sitting in front of Godman squeaked.

” You have not paid attention to my warnings.Now you will have to bear the consequences.”

” Guruji, Please, I am at your mercy .”

” I told you to Pray with your heart & serve the GOD. Did you ?”

” I have, daily, without fail.”

” You didn’t understand.You are able.You must serve mankind. Donate something for the noble cause & get rid of your past sins. Your sins are forbidding you from achieving your goal. Goddess Laxmi is annoyed with you.

” Guruji. My mistake I didn’t PRAY from my heart. I will do the needful.Please bless me .”

” Jai MAA KALI ”

He left with two of his companions. God smiled. What kind of prayer was it. Since when I needed  Money & donation. I never asked for it. I just need love & devotion of my people.

Now only four were present in the room. God, Guruji, volunteer & one other visitor. The volunteer stepped ahead & whispered something into Guruji’s ear. He looked at GOD with affection & signaled him to come & sit right in front of him. He faced the other visitor & said pointing towards the GOD ” Look, he is one of my followers from America.”

God was surprised but remained quiet to let the drama unfold.

” What’s your problem ”

” Guruji, I am in huge losses. Everything went well until last year. But this year has been a curse on my life .”

” He too had a similar problem with his business. Do not worry. I will take care of it. ”

Guruji closed his eyes, murmured something inaudible & opened his eyes in haste .” What have you done. You have ruined your life .”

Horror seeped into the man’s eyes. ” What happen Guruji.”

” I told you not to buy the agricultural land. It was cursed. The soul of the dead farmer has put a curse on you. You will die soon, very soon.”

He almost falls flat on the ground & held  the Guruji’s feet.

” Save me. Save me Guruji. I don’t want to die .”

” I will. Now do what I say .”

God was curious .” Life & death are not in anyone’s control. Not even mine. I have said that many times through Holy books. Yet these people are acting so foolish.Lets see what Guruji does to save the man’s life. ” 

” Get rid of the land right away & donate gold equal to your weight. Drink this holy water daily & PRAY from your heart. Everything will be fine .”

” You are great Guruji  & so merciful. You saved my life. I am in debt to you .”

” Jai MAA KALI.”

 What a successful business it is. Scare the people in GOD”S name & extract money .”  God thought. Now he was the only visitor left. He decided to grill the Guru Ji a bit.

” Guruji, I am mighty impressed with your healing power & knowledge. I have few queries in my mind. If you allow I would like to ask few question.”

” Sure .” Guruji’s chest swelled with pride.

” Where is GOD? Is he even real .”

” Yes, he is everywhere. He is the creator, destroyer & preserver.”

” What is Karma.What is fate .”

” Karma is your action & fate is the result of your actions .”

” Can I control my fate. ”

” No one can control Fate. Life, Death, Happiness, sorrow, Success & failure.It’s all predestined. Haven’t you read any Vedic literature ever.”

” I have money.Loads of money. I am diagnosed with a deadly  disease. Doctor has said that I have only a few days left. Please do something .”

” Look, son, it is not possible. You must bear the consequence of your action.” Said the godman without flinching

” But I just saw you assuring life & Success to two visitors. You asked them to donate money, land & gold and blessed them with happiness, success & long life .”

God’s question made the godman somewhat uncomfortable. He quipped, ” It’s a matter of faith my son, They had immense faith in ME  &  My God. It was their destiny to live longer & successful life.”

” How did you know that.”

” Through my powers that I have attained through years of  “Yogic Kriya”.

” But Guruji Yogic Kriya helps you to control your body, not whole universe”

Now Godman was losing his temper. ” Son, You are not aware of my power. I can destroy your life. ”

” But you just said, My life depends on my Fate & fate depends on my Karma.How can you interfere in any of it .”

At this point, Guruji completely lost it. He called out for his volunteers. Around 8-10 of them came running inside. He ordered them to take the man outside to prayer room where all people have gathered. He addressed the gathering.

” My dear sons & daughters, Jai Maa Kali. Today I am going to introduce you to the person who doesn’t have faith in our culture, our Vedas, Our God & your Guruji. He says I am an Imposter. I have no powers whatsoever. My dears, I have been serving you all since ages without asking for anything in return. Maa has blessed me with special powers & I used it to help you all. Now it’s up to you to decide .”

No one spoke for  a few minutes, suddenly someone screamed ‘” This man is a fraud Guruji, punish him .”

Another voice came, ” He is defying our God. He should be thrashed.”

Suddenly everybody started screaming ” punish the traitor, punish him .”

Godman looked at the God. He came close to him & whispered in his ear.

” I know what you wanted to say. You are right. But what to do. Your God doesn’t come & solve anyone’s problem. In fact, he is not even visible. So these poor people come to me. I am the GOD’s agent. I am HIS only contact. Everything has to go through me. It’s better that you accept my power or my power would crush you .”

Before the situation could turn ugly, God found it better to leave the place & let the people alone with their So-called- faith. People were blindfolded. They didn’t PRAY for devotion but for  their NEED, GREED, FEARS & SOCIAL STIGMA. Everyone has a reason to pray.No one was a devotee in this melee. This crowd comprised of only God fearing people. And some smart crooks Like Guruji were taking advantage of the situation. God Knew the problem but chose to ignore it. Godman is the new God.


Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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God,Man & Godman

    One fine day when the onion price was not skyrocketing, auto wallas didn't shoo away short distance...

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  1. We have God-fearing people who fear God as they have committed some mistakes but not devotees. Good writing and a WOW post.

  2. very nice post dear,yes these days everyone pray to get something and believe in such so-called God agents,but in this way they divert their mind.Its better to find some practical solutions of problems rather than depending on such people,because I beleive that whatever happens,its happens because of our destiny and we cant change it,we can only try to make our lives better.

    I am following your blog on fb too
    hope u folow back if u like

  3. wonderful story drame – liked god as an nri (smile) – though i would have liked an anticlimax where god finally turned the fraud guruji into a real one by showing him what he was doing as against what he shoulod be doing – like performing a miracle which showed him that god had come to check him out and that he had inadvertently obtained Darshan

    • Hi Ravindrara, the situation is worse than we can imagine . This business of faith & fear amounts in thousands of crores . People are willingly wasting money, time & energy. “GOD’ help them .


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