Buying Formal Men’s Watches: The Complete Guide

Wristwatch for men has become an imminent part of styling. Especially for the newer generation who is part of the corporate world. In the Corporate world, Formal Men’s watches are a huge status & style symbol.

Gone are the days when shoes determined a person’s character, businessmen today judging their counterparts by the watches they wear!

In the 1950s when Fleming introduced James Bond to the world, he had no idea that Bond’s flamboyant style would attract women as well as men towards him. The character has inspired the millennial fashion too.

Later when Bond films came into being, Daniel Craig started attracting the attention of masses with his elegant Rolex watches. We, the masses began idolizing Bond since the very first Bond film.

It’s probably this idolization of Bond and his style that with the turn of the 21st century. But the Questions still stands, How to find perfect Formal Men’s Watches?

So to eliminate confusion, we have a list of key pointers that will help you choose the perfect one from formal men’s watches



The ideal size for formal Men’s Watches


If you think the loose end, dangling watches are cool, trust us they are not. An ideal timepiece must fit right in the middle of your wrist.

You need to be aware of the size of the face which is measured in millimeters. Ideally, men’s watch ranges between 34mm-50mm, so choose accordingly.

Whether it’s a Quartz watch or a Skeleton watch the right kind of watch must be the right size for your wrist.

The Complete Guide To Buying Formal Men's Watches

Rap with the strap


The strap of your watch speaks louder than its functionality. It doesn’t mean that you ignore the mechanics involved.But you must pay higher attention to the type of strap used.

Straps are available in various ranges, varying on the material used like leather straps, NATO straps, metal straps, et al.

And, if your life revolves around round-table meetings and client handling, you definitely need a watch that gives a depth to your persona.

If a choice is there between vibrant shades and truer tones, don’t be swayed and choose the latter.

The Complete Guide To Buying Formal Men's Watches


(Ef) face the FACE


The face of the watch is as important as any person’s face. A human face describes the demeanor of that particular person. And so does the face of your watch, since it decides the persona of the owner.

For instance, a gold-plated watch might seem too showy, on the other hand, an analog watch would reverberate class.

The second factor is the size, as mentioned above. If you have a nice built then a large face would look extremely appealing. Decide on the size on the basis of your built.

So our suggestion would be to never efface the face.


Water Resistance in Formal Men’s Watches


Though mechanical military formal men’s watches come with water resistance. But some day-wear formal men’s watches are not featured with water resistive quality.

The feature is essential to protect your expensive watch from an undue accident. You never know if someday you get stuck in an unseasoned rainfall or accidentally shower water on your watch.

You definitely need an accident prone watch especially when you have invested a sum on your dear machine.


Do keep a note on horology


Horology which is the ‘science of measuring time’ might sound too complicated a factor to consider while buying a men’s watch. But it isn’t rocket science, trust us.

In the making of modern men’s watches, manufacturers have been paying better attention in using the most advanced technology to deliver the customer their best.

Speaking of best, quartz watches are one of the best watches available today. Quartz watches, as we know, use an electronic oscillator that works with the help of quartz crystal.

With its precise frequency, it measures the magnitude precisely and showcases the exact time.

In comparison with mechanical watches, quartz watches are a more accurate choice. If you land up with a chronograph display watch, it would be a better choice.


Finalize on the 2 L’s


A proficient timepiece must satisfy 2 L’s i.e. Luxury and Lifestyle. The watch must compliment your lifestyle and it must look luxurious.

Oft times we consider the price of the watch over our lifestyle. An expensive watch does not necessarily go on every occasion.

On the other hand, a moderately priced watch might not suit your work life. So, choose a watch that addresses your lifestyle needs.

Secondly, a nice sleek formal watch must ooze luxury. What is the point of buying an opulent timepiece if it does not create envy?

Watches are as valuable as any other art piece. They must be chosen wisely. Of course, a better watch would ask for a better price.

But in any case, our advice would be to choose quality over price when choosing among formal watches for men, since a flamboyant timepiece is a one-time investment. Don’t you agree?


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