Do I Hate Men ?


Baggout BranglinaDo I Hate Men ?


A fellow blogger , who seems to be an avid reader of my blog  or so I presume , pointed out that I detest men . He said most of my blog posts talk about crime against women .And I hardly write about atrocities faced by men.  I usually don’t  procrastinate , this one  seeped deepinto my conscious .I have been thinking for few days . Was he right ? Am I being biased towards my  gender ? Have I hopped on the male bashing band wagon ? AM I A MISANDRIST ?

I wanted to find out the answers , not for the gentleman  I wanted to explore my own truth . The best way to unravel the hidden was to ask myself few questions & answer as honestly as possible .

What do I think of men ?

Men for me are just human beings who are different from me  physically , biologically & psychologically .This is the way we have been designed & created .  We just have different approach to individual circumstances . Is that wrong ? I don’t think so  .That the way we are meant to be .

Do they threaten me ( or existence of the female tribe ) ?

No , not at all . Since the day God created mankind we have co existed . We are a part of the greater cause , Creating life . Culture , society , social norms , status , biases et al have come much later . The whole survival drama is basically to bring two individual together so that they reproduce .And the wheel of life moves on .  Earlier when we were living in caves & eating raw meat , even at that time men went out to hunt & women stayed back to look after the ‘home’ & kids . Was that deliberate ? NO we picked  roles best suited to our nature & psych  . No one threatened any one or ruled over . It was an arrangement . A mutual arrangement !

Do I cherish relationships with men in my life ?

Of course ! I have wonderful relationships with  males  in my life . Be it be my father , brother , husband , son , friends or colleagues. I have had them in my life all along .  In fact they have been instrumental in developing my personality. I learnt a lot from them . They have always been respectful towards me . I look up to them & share a great rapport.


So where does the problem starts ? Gender war ( for the name sake ) ?

Problem between the two gender starts when

  1. A woman is treated differently solely on the basis of her gender . Is that a criteria ? Holy-books says NO ! Majority believe so.
  2. A woman is touched without her permission . She has a right over her body , as a man has right over his manhood . Would any man like to be groped ? Than why do it with women ?  
  3. A woman is not considered at par with her male counter part . 
  4. A woman is considered an asset , liability , property or an object . 
  5. A woman is forced to obey without having a say . If th divine power wanted her to be mute , he/she would have made her so . She is given all senses similar to man which clearly means she has equal rights .

Does that make every man a sinner , a praying animal .NO . If you don’t do the above mentioned than you are off the grid .

How are men suppose to treat women ?

Answer is pretty simple ” treat them as the way you want to be treated “. In my personal opinion the top 10 things that can stabilize any relationship ARE

  1. Respect
  2. Respect
  3. Respect
  4. Respect
  5. Respect
  6. Respect
  7. Respect
  8. Respect
  9. Respect
  10. Respect

Everything else comes after that . Love , care , protection , warmth &  everything else loses its meaning if you are not respectful towards the other individual. It applies to one & all.

Women alone are not facing atrocities ,men are also being subjected to them . When a man himself has so many problems to deal with in his life ,why make the life of the other individual difficult ?

Not every woman is righteous , not every man a sinner . We all have our flaws .We all make mistakes . Only problem is women are victimized more thanks to age old social norms . The urge to dominate has taken over the basic human instinct , that is to care & love . Why dominate any one ? Why control anyone’s life choices ? If you are concerned , guide & suggest .Don’t impose .

No one hates any one . We are all fighting for our survival. The game of attack & counter attack would continue till eternity if we don’t stop it now . Agreed there is no such thing as perpetual love  but at least not make it ‘survival of the fittest ‘ . We can’t survive without each other . Why not just peacefully coexist !!

[ P.s – Back to the original questions ‘Do I hate men ‘ ? Hell no . In fact I Hate to Hate them ;) ]

Garima Nag
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