Review : Hotel Denim Seoul

Review : Hotel Denim Seoul

Seoul, The capital of South Korea, is a sprawling metropolis. We had a chance to explore this vibrant city recently. The first look at the city & I fell in love with it. It’s a true global hub for many cultures. You would love the pace & modernity as well as the close-to-the-nature approach. There are ample of places to visit in Seoul, enough to keep you busy for at least 7-8 days. Ours was a 4 days trip. Hence, we decided to visit Trick Eye Museum, Seoul Grand Park, Lotte World ( how can you miss it with two over-enthusiastic kids with you :D ).

We stayed at Gangnam area at Hotel Denim in Seoul. It is a wonderfully located hotel with modern interior & luxurious interiors. The staff is multilingual ( English, Chinese & Korean of course ). The onset of spring made the area around much more pleasant. There was beautiful bloom & subtle fragrance everywhere.

( TIP: Do a little research on places to go & how to reach there before coming. Otherwise, a good amount of time would be spent in R & D )

Things I really liked about this place

Review : Hotel Denim Seoul

1. We booked a ‘Business Double’ Room. It was clean, modern & sophisticated. No unnecessary artifacts or knick-knacks thrown around.

2. Ample space for arranging your luggage. A full fledged wardrobe comes in handy when you are travelling with kids.

3. Comfortable bed & clean interior makes for a perfect holiday setting. After a tiring day, you just want to jump into the bed & doze off. What a bliss ! :)

4. The location of the hotel is good. It is situated in the Gangnum area which the center of Seoul. The famous Gangnum street is close by. Take a stroll after dinner. Hmm.. it was so good

Review : Hotel Denim Seoul

5. Taxi stand is right outside the Hotel . Gangnum Metro station is close by in case you choose to commute in metro.

6. Luxurious & modern bath room. ( I have a knack for luxurious bathroom wherever I stay. It’s always on my must-check, must-have list )

7. Free WiFi … Check out the kids. Absolutely busy with mobile gaming :D

Review : Hotel Denim Seoul

( TIP: You must have your dinner before 10.00 pm. As the eateries won’t serve after 10. It’s strange isn’t it ) 


There were few hiccups that we faced during our stay at Hotel Denim. Here are few

1. We felt uncomfortable as we couldn’t control the temperature from our room. It was pre-set. Seoul gets hot & humid during the spring season. Ultimately we had to ask for a table fan :/

2. The dining area is only open for breakfast? For the rest of the meals, you will have to wander around.

3. There are not carpeting on the floor. Not comfortable to move around on the slippery & super shiny marble floor.


Overall it’s a good staying option. Comfortable, nice location, close to metro, budget friendly, near to metro station.  I won’t mind trying it again for our next visit to Seoul.

Now its Rating time

Location: 4/5

Room: 4.5 /5

Service: 3.5/5

I leave you with few more pictures to decide better :) 

Review : Hotel Denim Seoul


That’s how your room looks. Bathroom & bed ;)

Review : Hotel Denim Seoul

Hotel Denim’s Lobby

Review : Hotel Denim Seoul

My pose-happy daughter at Hotel Denim Lobby

Review : Hotel Denim Seoul

View from my room :)


Hotel Address 

Gaepo 1229-14, Gangnam,

Seoul, 135-964 Republic of Korea


Do drop in your views on the post in the comment section below. I love a little conversation :)



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