Houston Restaurants: Hibachi Grill and buffet

Hibachi grill and buffet is a heaven for seafood lovers. Primarily, it’s an all you-can-eat place in true American style. It’s famous among the locals and foreigners alike. The place is huge. At a time around 600 or more people can be seated in the restaurant. I usually don’t like cramped places where the setting is too close for comfort. Hibachi grill and buffet won’t disappoint you.

Houston Restaurants: Hibachi Grill and buffet

What to expect at Hibachi Grill and buffet?

Hibachi has a wide variety of offerings.They serve Chinese, Japanese and American food. It’s sumptuous seafood ( you must sample their crawfish) and sushi has dedicated customers who flock the place every weekend.

Houston Restaurants: Hibachi Grill and buffet

We can devour delicious dumplings/dim sims  stuffed with seasoned meats. All steaming hot and ready to be gulped down.

Houston Restaurants: Hibachi Grill and buffet

Most of the dishes served here have strong Japanese and oriental influence. Since they are catering to people from all nationalities, hibachi grill and buffet had added few american classics in the menu.

Houston Restaurants: Hibachi Grill and buffet


 Vegetarians Options at Hibachi Grill and Buffet

Not too many varieties though but you can still have a good meal and enjoy the ambiance. For vegetarians, Hibachi has salads, fried rice, noodles, ( you need to check with the staff in case you want to be sure that there is no meat)  tofu, fruits, a nice spread of dessert and Kim chi ( I have a soft corner for South Korean food, it’s yum)

Houston Restaurants: Hibachi Grill and buffet

If you thing you have already too much food to sample, think again. You can’t miss out on the lip smacking desserts spread right in front of you. Wait, did I mention they have ice creams and a chocolate fountain too!

Houston Restaurants: Hibachi Grill and buffet

There is a cooked-to-order counter as well where you can pick ingredients and have a customized meal. The staff is helping and as it is a self-service place you need not wait for hours for your food to arrive. Also, they have separate kids menu to suit your kid’s taste buds.

Houston Restaurants: Hibachi Grill and buffet


  1. The place surely worth a visit. However, avoid the weekends if you really want to have a nice dinning experience.
  2. They serve few dishes only on weekdays. In case, you want any specific dishes better check with them.

In conclusion, This place is a nice, convenient, serves a good variety and is reasonably priced. I will surely visit it again.


12183 Katy Fwy H, Houston, TX 77079



Monday to Thursday- 11am-10pm

Friday & Saturday- 11am-10.30pm




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