We all have grown up eating quick meals like cheese sandwiches, parathas &  instant noodles. Food has always been an important part of our culture. There are so many memories associated with special food items or should I say quick meals that we consume. One such item is Maggi noodles. Maggi instant noodles hold a special place in our childhood memories. It is still quite popular among the people of all ages.

How to find a balance between health & quick meals?

it is literally impossible to totally eliminate the quick meals from our dinner table with our fast-paced lives. Let’s admit it, during the ninth hour we often than not search our pantries for a quick meal. While we all agree that healthy eating is a way of life and must be followed by all However, at times due to time constraints or to give our taste buds a little treat, we do indulge in quick meals.

How to find a balance between health & quick meals?

Kids, in particular, are fond of those tasty treats. It is hard to keep them away from a donut or a hot bowl of noodles. We, as a parent, try our best to give them the best food and fulfill all nutritional requirements. So how do we keep a check on their food habits without compromising on health and taste? How to give our kids a well-balanced diet while not depriving them of the occasional treats? Let’ see what a diet actually mean.

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet should contain all the key nutritions in a single meal.Carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and Fat. It should provide approximate 50-60% of total calories in a day from carbohydrates, about 10-15% from proteins and 20-30% from fat. Eliminating any of the key nutrients will result in an unbalanced diet. The actual calorie requirement varies according to age, gender and activity level of the person. Even for kids, the calorie requirement is determined by these factors.

What do the experts say about a balanced diet?

There is no particular definition or standard of a balanced diet. It depends on your demography, culture, food habits and many other factors. It varies from person to person, activity level, and gender.  You must keep in mind these factors while deciding the diet of your child as a parent. 

Even fat is an essential part of one’s dietary requirement. Since you can’t entirely eliminate fat from your diet. Therefore, the body should get 20-30% of the total calories requirement from fat. The fact has been established by several diet experts and ICMR recommendation on Dietary Guidelines for Indians. One must consume around 50g of fat per day as per your activity and physiological status for a balanced diet.

What is the fat content in an instant noodle pack?

The instant Maggi noodles content 11-13g of fat per serving/per pack. This amount for 1/5th of the total fat required by your body on a daily basis. If you compare some other popular quick meals like chole bhature, pav bhaji, Pizza etc, they have greater fat content than the instant noodles.

The 5 step process of making the Maggie

The Maggie instant noodles go through 5 step cooking process before it goes for final packaging. Instant noodles need to have a good shelf life. Hence they go through a thorough cooking process to ensure a quality end product is delivered to the consumers.

  1. Steamed – It is the first procedure followed. The noodles are steamed to cook it uniformly.
  2. Baked – The second step is baking. They are baked so that they are cooked to perfection.
  3. Quick frying- A quick frying session of one and a half minute is done to ensure that the noodle does not retain any moisture. It prolongs their shelf life.
  4. Drying – The noodles are dried for any remaining moisture content
  5. Cooling- The product is cooled before the final packaging takes places.

So you see,  we can easily strike a balance between the taste and health when everything is done in moderation.

Here are some easy tips to make your Maggi noodle healthier

  1. Check the portion– You can always limit the portion of noodles. As we said earlier, the excess of anything is bad. Even the healthy food in excess can be harmful to the health.
  2. Be creative– Moms are a magician in the kitchen. You can cook the noodle with loads of their favorite veggies, make it a nice bowl of soup style noodle or toss it as a warm salad. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Limit the frequency– Not alone the noodles, any kind of fast food should be limited. You can make it a special treat or weekend special meal.

The golden rule

Food plays an extremely important part in a child’s overall development. As a parent, It is pertinent to strike a balance between the nutrition, health, and taste.  We can plan a balanced diet without depriving ourselves of anything with a little effort and proper understanding of the food nutritional facts. Therefore an occasional bowl of the Maggi noodle or any of the quick meals is fine as long as you balance it with other food elements. Smart choices in your food will help you to enjoy occasional treats without compromising on your kid’s health!


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  1. The information provide by you Garima is really helpfull for today’s generation because today everybody like this type of food and everyone is also health conscious and they will not be able to make balance between them but after reading this article i think that most of them make balance between them

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