HP Star wars Special Edition NoteBook: #AwakenYourForce

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

Getting Inspired from ‘ HP Star wars Special Edition Notebook’ for new year party

After the repetitive ‘Frozen’ &  ‘Barbie’ themed party, this time, my miss-smarty-pants wanted something more cool & thrilling. Something that her guy friends could enjoy as well. MSP ( Miss-smarty-pants) was adamant to throw an ‘Awesomest new year party’ & be the uncrowned queen. Her wish is my command. Do we mothers have any choice?

MSP: it is going to be so much fun!

Me: Yes. It is. On the go, I will also reveal few Hidden facts about Star Wars that no one in the whole universe knows…

MSP: Wide-eyed*** really!!!


[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2Y23KXIISA” width=”560″ height=”315″]



Let’s start with the Party Invitation Card!!!

My Inspiration: The Hp Star War Kylo Ren Wallpaper. The HP Star War inspired notebook comes with loaded with ‘Rare Star war content’. You will find as many as 1100 images pre-loaded on this notebook, a virtual treasure for star wars fans. From original illustrations used during the filming of this series to behind the scene images, Set designs to costumes, Storyboards to models, you have it all right here. You have the 40 years illustrious history of star wars. What more can you ask for? 

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

” You don’t know the power of the Dark Side”

Kylo Ren’s wallpaper holding his unconventional lightsaber caught my attention. I decided to design my invitation card keeping his lightsaber as the focal point. So here is my card in true ‘Star Wars’ style…

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

Star wars Themed “New Year Party Invitation Card”

HP Star Wars Special edition Notebook comes with ‘Aurebesh’ (the standard language in Star Wars ) fonts. ( I wish I had the Notebook right now. I would have printed the invitation in Aurebesh making it all the more authentic :) )

Do you know, had the same invitation been printed in Yoda language. it would have read ” To be present at Jedi training the Jedi council requests all the young padawans.” :D

” Time for the first revelation. Hold your breath & sit tight. Don’t tell anyone but Yoda is present right here…on this very planet..earth! Don’t believe me. See this…

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

What about the Decor!!!

My Inspiration: The mind bobbling back-lit keyboard

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

I transformed each of my room into a Star Wars planet/the moon keeping in mind their distinctive characters using color lights & art papers. The whole ambience looked so cool & star War-ic ( If that’s even a word :D ). I am sure the young Padawans wouldn’t want to go out of the galactic empire!

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

” Time for another fact…You know who was the real choice for L’oreal Paris Ad??? Our very own Chewbacca…..because He Is Worth It ;) “

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

Costumes & Food. Have you thought about that???

My Inspiration: Full HD anti-glare display showcasing thunderous characters from Star wars series.

Hp Star Wars Special Edition note book wall paper

Here cometh the storm troopers. The planning & prep is all done. Frankly, I need a whole army of storm troopers to organize this party. Guess it’s time to #AwakenYourForce & get into the Star Wars Zone!!!

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

And the food of course…

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForceFood Item images: Kandradventure 

” Here comes the final & most dreadful revelation…Do you know who is behind the mask of Darth Vader?? You won’t believe it….”

HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce

 While my daughter is still wrapping her head around the information I had overloaded her with, I am having butterflies in my stomach. I know, this is going to be one stellar new year party. All thanks to HP Star Wars special edition notebook for an incredible inspiration. I am over the moon or may be in the galaxy :D

Besides getting an inspiration for a party, What else can you do with the Hp Star Wars Special Edition Notebook?

1. Browse through huge collection of Star wars images as many as 1.100 images & art work. 

2. Customize wall papers ( customizable slide shows) & screen savers

3. Get notification by R2 D2 sounds..cool isn’t it?

4.  Send encrypted messages to friends using ‘ Aurebesh’ font available.

5. Love reading books. Browse through the e-books available on the notebook ( check out the coffee table book ” Making of the return of Jedi’ )

6. Or check the collection of Star wars trailers.

7. You have the free access to Marvel’s Star Wars Comic books

8. All users have free one year subscription of Fandor, an online movie streaming website having hand picked collection of  movie from around the world ( Available in US & Canada)


Be dazzled by Hp Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

You can get inspired by this amazing HP Star wars special edition Notebook in many ways. Not only it comes with rare star wars content but it has many more spectacular features that are going to dazzle you. Let’s see some of the key features…

1. 15″ screen with full HD display

2. It has 6th Generation core i5 processor. Core i7 Processor is available too

3. It has  B & O play dual speakers to give you the bold sound experience

4. And all this just at Rs 70,000/-

 HP Star wars Special Edition Note Book: #AwakenYourForce


All the product images are taken from Hp India official site


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