Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate love. You will see brands gearing up for the V-day, stocking up merchandise, organizing contests. Cafes turn into virtual Love dens. Everything is Pink & Red. Love is in the air, on Tv, Radio, Shops & pretty much everywhere. What if you are single & in no mood to mingle? Being single on Valentine’s Day could be cruel…umm…well at least, irritating. So how to get yourself out of this humdrum?

We give you 5 fun ideas to celebrate A Single Valentine’s day


1. Hit The Road

What better way to escape the melee than to explore a new place. Travel to a lesser known place, enjoy oneness with the wilderness, get inspired. Travel makes you happy, it makes you modest. You cherish every moment of life more than ever.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

5 Fun Ideas To Celebrate A Single Valentine's Day

2. Hang Out With Your ‘Single’  Buddies

Spending the day with your BFFs is the best way to celebrate a single valentine’s day. Your buddies know you inside out. They won’t bug you with stupid things like ‘Hey you don’t have a date?’  or  ‘ May you find love this valentine’.  Real friends don’t do this. So meet up at your favorite joint, eat, drink & laugh your day out. Sulking & dodging are for weak hearted, not YOU :D.

5 Fun Ideas To Celebrate A Single Valentine's Day



3.Send Someone a Gift & Make the day Special

Valentine’s day is about spreading love, not necessarily romantic love ( which is the general misconception). You may treat or greet any person who is special for you. Could be your friend, family or a colleague. Why not make the day special for someone? Send a nice gift, card or a heartfelt message. If you want to play it a bit, keep it anonymous ;). Reveal it by the end of the day. The happiness & joy of the person receiving your gift would make the day extraordinary!

5 Fun Ideas To Celebrate A Single Valentine's Day


4.Try Something Daring

A mushy date is not the only way to make the valentine’s day special. Why trend the beaten path? You are different, so are your choices. Do something that you wanted to do for the longest time. Even better, plan an activity that scares you the most. Feel the rush, overcome your fears. While the rest of the world would be taking selfies with puckered faces, you will make a memory of a lifetime. Isn’t it worth it? 🙂

5 Fun Ideas To Celebrate A Single Valentine's Day



5.Spoil Yourself Silly

Self-love is the best form of love. How possibly could you love others, when you can’t love yourself? Make ‘I love Myself‘ your motto this valentine. Indulge yourself, pamper yourself. Do what you love the most. Buy yourself a luxury accessory, get a funky haircut, unwind at a spa, buy the guitar you always wanted, or simply watch movies or soccer game uninterrupted. The Bottom line is to cherish yourself 🙂

5 Fun Ideas To Celebrate A Single Valentine's Day

These are our fun ideas to celebrate a single Valentine’s day. What’s your plan? Do share it in the comment section below. Happy Single Valentine’s Day! 🙂


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