My Instant Rasmalai

My Daughter ‘ Lavanya ‘  is a fussy eater . She pops up crazy demands every now & then .


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One day in the middle of the night she suddenly got up & wanted to have Rasmalai’ . Rasmalai @ 12 .00 : / .  I had no choice but to think something quick . Suddenly an idea struck my mind & voila ‘Rasmalai ‘ it is . Here is how i fulfilled my ‘ Little brat’s ‘ demand .




  1.  Take two white bread slices & toast them slightly in a little butter .
  2. Boil a cup of milk with one teaspoon of  custard powder & sugar as per taste . Let it cool down .
  3. Spread the toast on a plate .Pour your custard mix . Garnish with nuts or fruits of your choice . [ If you want you can top it with a scoop of your favorite ice-cream. It tastes divine :).
  4. Let it cool in freezer for just 10 minutes & serve with loads of love :)

Isn’t this  Instant Rasmalai recipe quick & easy


So after all this tedious exercise what do I get . Well when my little angel’s face light up & she says ” mom you are the best ” . That’s my Ultimate prize .


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  1. soooo sooo cute !!! and how sweetly you depicted on paper…awesome yaaar …simply lovin it :)
    and i m too gonna try this recipe at home :)


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