K-Travel Bus: Best & Safest Way To Explore South Korea

I asked a lot of my friends, real-life & online friends, What do they miss the most during the pandemic? The unanimous answer was ‘Traveling’. That’s right! We all are missing the freedom to explore new places, meet people & create wonderful memories.

South Korea is one of the Safest & gorgeous Countries in the world. I have traveled extensively as well as lived in this magnificent country for 5 years. Hence, I can’t stress enough how safe it is for foreigners, solo travelers & female travelers.

In the present situation, COVID our safety issues have changed. We are more concerned about our health & wellness than ever before. Everyone is trying to get back to normalcy while keeping it safe for themselves & the people around them.

K-Travel bus provides a perfect solution to travel in a safe environment with the best facilities. whether you are an adventure seeker, music lover, art aficionado, or a vagabond, there is something for everyone in South Korea. And K-travel Bus is a one-stop solution for every traveler in South Korea.

K-Travel Bus

K-Travel bus is organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government. The main purpose of these tour packages is to provide a comfortable & unique experience to non-Korean travelers. 

The best part of the tour is that you are accompanied by a tour leader/guide who helps you throughout the tour. He/she will provide interesting facts & information about the glorious history & exciting new developments in each city.

People identify South Korea mostly with K-POP or its tech companies. Through K-Travel Bus, the tourism board is trying to bring forward other fascinating aspects of South Korea. It has much more to offer in terms of travel, art & culture not just its world-class city – Seoul.

Travelers will be amazed to see South Korea from a whole new perspective. People, throughout the world, have fallen in love with K-Pop, Korean beauty products & Technology. It is time to see the other features of this enchanting country.

K-travel Bus is designed to offer various cultural experiences at tourism destinations across the nation to provide foreign travelers with opportunities to see other parts of the nation beyond Seoul, I hope this will help revitalize local tourism and the economy and encourage foreigners to visit Korea again. ~ Park Sam-ku, the chief of the Visit Korea Committee, during a launching ceremony.

K-Travel Bus Tour Destinations

K-Travel Bus Tours

I have traveled through the length & breadth of South Korea. Every city has something unique to offer. If you are hunting for inspiration, just visit the museum or art gallery. You will be enriched by the abundance of art & creativity.

South Korea, as a travel destination, has a lot to offer. It has a remarkable history, astonishing natural places ( Like Lava caves in Jeju Island), gorgeous natural landscape & welcoming people.

The four seasons, Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter, are so vivid. They completely transform the landscape. The places become unrecognizable after each season. it looks as if an artist has created multiple images of a place each with a different set of colors & emotions.

I visited ‘Nami Island’ during Autumn (the best season to visit the place). It was like a wonderland & just after a few months, it was transformed into a botanica with choicest of flora & fauna. It changes even more drastically during winters.

K- Travel Bus leaves every Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday covering these 10 scenic routes. From snow-capped mountain & skiing slopes, picturesque beaches, deep mystical valleys to the endless sea, South Korea is gifted with boundless beauty by Mother Nature. It is a treat for nature & adventure lovers.

Each bus will have maximum 8 guests as a preventative measure
against the COVID-19.

Why Choose K-Travel Bus?

22 Best Places to visit in South Korea (City Wise List)

As they say, K-travel Bus- Korea Local Travel Products for foreigners, stands true to its words. Out of many Must visit places in South Korea, these 10 routes are selected to give a wholesome experience of the art, culture & vibrant lifestyle of South Korea.

The hospitality of South Korea is one thing that you need to experience. People are very friendly & welcoming. Personally, I have seen/experienced it so many times when total strangers went out of their way to help us.

Another remarkable thing that I have seen in South Korea is that they are very punctual & extremely well organized. They have very high hygiene & cleanliness standard. Throughout my stay & traveling time, I have never seen a dirty hotel room or unhygienic food joint in South Korea.

Just like their hotel rooms & public spaces, the Korean public transportation system is very efficient. There are rarely any delays or disruptions. The buses & trains are well maintained. Even if you don’t own/hire a car, you can easily & comfortably travel throughout the country.

Here is why you must choose K-Travel Bus to explore Korea.

  1. Travel

K-Travel bus is just not your tour shuttle which will take you from point A to Point B. Rather it is designed to give you the best travel experience with local food & flavors, traditional heritage buildings, exotic filming locations, best shopping spots & much more.

Traveling by K-travel Bus ensures comfort & value for money. During Covid, they have taken extra precautions to keep you safe & follow all regulation strickly.

To maintain social distancing & hygiene, only  8 passengers are allowed on each bus. You can travel without any concerns.

2. Accommodation

K-travel tours provide excellent accommodation with its tour packages. You can just book your tour & forget about hunting for accommodation (comfortable rooms, centralized location & whatnot).

3. Meals

If you haven’t tasted the Must try South Korean Food, you are definitely missing out on a major gourmet treat.

During the tour, you can sample some popular South Korean food, traditional as well as famous street food. The tour covers breakfast, lunch & dinner. You have a variety of food items to choose from.

4. Interpretation

You get interpretation in three languages (English/Chinese/Japanese). Enjoy the journey with some interesting folklores, facts & stories in the language of your choice.

How to make a reservation with K-Travel Bus?


It is pretty easy to make a reservation with K-Travel Bus. You can do it online, on phone, or through email. Here are the three easy ways to make a K-Travel Bus reservation.

Online – Book online via Website (www.k-travelbus.com) and pay by credit card
Phone – Book through the phone (+82-2-365-1500)

Email – mail at (hanashuttle@hanatour.com) and pay on-site

FAQ About K-Travel Bus

Spring events in South Korea You Can't Miss

Here are some of the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ often asked about K-Travel Bus. If you need any further information about the current situation or have any other travel-related query, you may contact them by phone or through email. (details are given above)

1.What is included in my trip?

⇒The package includes a Tour Guide (English/Chinese/Japanese), Transportation,
Entrance Fees, Accommodation, Meals, and Traveler’s Insurance.

2. What is NOT included in my trip?

⇒The trip doesn’t include any personal expenses.

3. Is it ok for solo travelers to join the tour?

⇒ Yes. They can take the package. For more information check the website.

4. What is the approximate size of groups?

⇒The group size varies according to the tour package. Usually, it is 4-8 adults.

5. What is the cancellation/refund policy?

⇒According to the official website-

7 days before cancellation: 100% refund
Χ 6 days before ~ the day of cancellation: Non-refundable

6. Do you have any age restrictions?

⇒There is no age restriction mentioned on the official website.

7. Is accommodation included in the package?

⇒ Accommodation is included in the tour package.

8. Are there any activities included in the tour?

⇒ There are activities included in the tour packages specific to each tour.

9. Do I need Travel Insurance?

⇒Yes. Travel insurance is required & it is covered in the tour package.

10. What is the starting point of the K-travel Bus Tour?

⇒The bus departs from Seoul. ( Address & How to reach given above)

*Super Exciting Offer*

The 500 Lucky Ones on K Travel Bus. It can be you

The K-TRAVELBUS has a master plan. A
plan that is designed to bring travelling back to life. Yes, the good old way of

So, do you want to travel to one of the five locations below for a night and two days?
You can and the rules are super simple.

Tell us why you would like to travel and whom you would like to travel with.

That’s it.

The K-TRAVELBUS will select 500 winners and provide 30% discount on your trips.

Have a safe and sound trip.

The Five locations are Gangwon, Chungbuk, Jeonnam, Gyeongbuk, Gongju

*Terms & conditions apply

Final Words

Why is South Korea's Fall Foliage best in the world?

South Korea is not just a destination, its an experience! You must visit it to explore the rich tapestry of culture, art & heritage. While the folk village will fascinate you with its simplicity, the contemporary art museums, skyscrapers & fast-paced lifestyle of cities will leave you longing for more.

There are special measures taken to make sure that you travel in a safe environment without compromising comfort & relaxation.

The world is slowly getting back to normalcy. While it won’t immediately bounce back to the ‘Pre-Covid’ situation yet with proper safety measures in place we can hope to do our normal activities. It will help businesses & people to sustain in these difficult situations.

 K-Travel Bus by Korea Tourism ensures that you have a wholesome experience without any hassles. All your travel requirements are well-taken care of by it allowing you to enjoy your trip with your family & friends.

( *The information provided here is based on the details available on the website. It is subjected to change. Check the official site before making any booking or for further information)

For prices, tour details & booking, visit the official site here.

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