Given the time constraint and multitasking people get subjected to, it becomes very difficult to attend to the needs of the children at home. It is equally difficult to keep the kids busy without gadgets. Millions of parents often resort to gadgets and electronic products to keep their kids occupied. We must surely avoid this parenting mistake which has adverse effect on kid’s health. While it is easy to get your kids glued to TV shows and the internet, there can be side effects.

Excessive involvement with gadgets from a young age can have adverse effects on the kids, both mentally and physically, studies have indicated. It is prudent that you learn ways to keep the toddlers engaged without using technology and gadgets. It will also help you to bond with your child better.  

How to Keep Your Kids Busy Without Gadgets?

Best ways to keep kids busy without gadgets and appliances

Based on your situation and penchant of your kids, you can resort to numerous measures to keep the youngsters engaged for long. Below listed are a few healthy habits you can encourage them to develop. By indulging in these activities, your kids will get rid of gadget addiction and related adverse effects in long run.

  • Gardening to the rescue– It is a good way to keep kids engaged in activities where gadgets are not required. They will also get up close with Mother Nature in the process. Based on situations, and availability of land, encourage the kids to set up a small garden at the backyards or side of the house. This can be done on weekends or when they are free. Its not only a good activity for kids but also a great stress buster for adults. You can show them the basics of planting saplings, caring for growing tress and so on. Once they find their panted seeds growing into trees and flowers blossoming, they will get hooked to gardening!

” studies show that kids exposed to gadgets at early age are being exposed to health risks.

  • Cooking aids– While you should not let a kid in the house deal with ovens and sharp kitchen tools, there is no harm if you can involve them in cooking process, sometimes. This can be done when you cook up special meals on festive occasions or when guests are expected to come. Encourage the kids to help you out in making dough for baking cakes and cookies, preparing smoothies and similar activities.

Recycling is the way to go

  • Recycling things to spruce up home– In many households, things like broken furniture, unused clothes and similar stuffs lay in neglect for a long time. This make the household look cluttered and aesthetically unimpressive- to say the least. It would be a good idea if you show your kids ways to reuse such unused items at the home. There is no fixed norm and you can be creative while recycling such items. Using old buckets to make litter bins and using broken furniture to make items like flower vase or pen stands are some examples.

Indulge in creative activities

  • A day out at zoo– While living in cities, getting up and close with wildlife is difficult- unless you head to the zoo! It would be a great idea to take your toddlers to a botanical garden or zoo near the city, once in a while. Travel with kids could be stress free if you plan it before hand. Encourage them to identify animals and birds and introduce them to hitherto unseen wildlife species at the zoo. Ask them to take snaps of the animals and post in Facebook-which they will surely love.


  • Indulging in clay art– It is easy to gift your kids with fancy designer and stuffed toys. However, it would be far more enticing for them if you ask them to dabble with clay to make toys. Of course, you need to ensure they do not get hurt in the process. Ask them to make clay figurines of their favorite cartoon characters. You see after all its not impossible to keep kids busy without gadgets and appliances. 

Where it all leads to?

There are plenty of ways to keep your toddlers occupied without resorting to any gadget. However, you need to pick things that your kids are likely to get attracted to. Every kids has distinct liking. Some of them prefer indoor crafts while others may prefer outside activities more.  You will find it easier to choose means to keep kids busy without gadgets by analyzing their preferences.


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  1. Very doable solutions there, Garima. Social media has kind of hijacked our lives and in turn our kids too. If given a chance kids might develop a liking for outdoor activities. Parents need to be pro-actively involved with kids and introduce them to activities which they can adopt as their hobbies and passions and perhaps as profession later.

    • Very true Bushra, Social media is a necessary evil. It hard to shut it completely. Having said that we can very well find a balance. Especially for kids, it is important to control their screen time. As you said, parents need to be proactive and more involved with the kids.

  2. Thankfully my 6 years old twins grandchildren in US are not exposed to any gadgets. Rather they are engaged in Music class, Gymnastics, Swimming and art & coloring.

    • That’s so good to know. With some planning, we can keep the kids away from gadgets. I appreciate your suggestions!

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