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Keeping Kids Healthy During Monsoon Season

Keeping Kids Healthy During Monsoon Season


Rain is fun. Actually, it’s my favorite season of all. I love the sound of water falling on surfaces, the cold breeze, everything looks so clean & alive. The charm of rainy is undefeated. I can sit & enjoy its smell, feel & beauty forever! However, it also brings many monsoon disease & infections with it. It concerns me as a mom. Monsoon, as enjoyable as it may seem, is actually quite challenging health wise. There are risks of infections & diseases. Keeping kids healthy during the monsoon season is a challenge.

Common monsoon disease can affect adults & kids alike.  Here are some useful tips for keeping kids healthy during monsoon season, for all the parents who love this season & their kids too :)

DO’s to keep kids healthy during monsoon season

  1. Eating habits
  • Give well cooked & nutritious food to kids. It helps them to fight the infections & have a healthy body
  • Include food reach in vitamin C. It helps to increase the body’s immunity.
  • I prefer to give boiled water to my kids. You can also give filtered water.

Encourage kids to be well hydrated throughout the day. Give them plenty of fluids.

2. Personal hygiene

  • Encourage kids to wash their hands frequently with an anti-bacterial soap/hand wash. You can also provide them with hand sanitizer.
  • Invest in ‘Quick dry’ clothing. Wet clothes can cause skin rash & fungal infections. Keeping body dry is important during monsoon season to avoid health problems.
  • Special care must be taken to dry the inner wear dry. They are mostly made of cotton material. Damp innerwear can cause irritation of the skin.

3. Know your surrounding

  • Keeping the surrounding dry is important. A house can make your child sick in ways you might not be aware of.
  • Use of ‘Kid’s safe mosquito repellent’ is a must. Mums can use mosquito nets & canopies too.
  • Use appropriate footwear during monsoon. Nowadays there are so many varieties of monsoon footwear available in the market. They are comfortable, nonslippery & keep the foot safe.

DON’Ts to keep kids healthy during monsoon season

  • Avoid eating raw food like salads, cut fruits, sushi or any other kind of uncooked product. They can easily be infected & cause discomfort & diseases.
  • Avoid juices. For the same reason as not eating the raw veggies & fruits. Instead, go for delicious soups. They are healthy & pretty safer.
  • No outside food ( or maybe not often). Food items can be easily contaminated.

It is in your kid’s best interest to avoid outside food. If you must eat out, try to eat freshly cooked food .

  • Cut down on Junk. Pizza, fried snacks, sugary munchies are not good especially during monsoon season. Our digestive system is weak during the rainy season. It is best to avoid such food.
  • Tell the kids to avoid sharing clothing, food & other items with others especially those who are infected.
  • Avoid going near stagnant water sources. These are a hotbed for mosquito breeding.

Take Away…

Monsoon is loved by adults & kids alike. With little care & caution, our kids can enjoy this beautiful season. I tried to add as many things in the post as I could think of. If you have any other amazing tip or suggestion, do share with us all. Happy parenting.


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