Kismat, Karma & A little ‘ Kheer ‘

Kismat, Karma & A little ' Kheer '

My story starts with my marriage, hey wait a little before that. I was a bubbly, dreamy bride to be. Weaving dreams, actually constructing my own parallel universe with my fragments of imagination. A ‘La Yashraj love story’ that always end with Happily ever after. I adored all rituals & customs that were shown in Bollywood movies. Those feather light crepe curtains that fluttered like a lady in a trance , fragrant flowers in every conceivable color, designer costumes, rich silk -satin upholstery, chuckling ladies, kids running around. I simply loved the whole idea of a wedding. Only twist in my perfect ‘script’ was that mine was a typical arranged marriage ….

Finally, the D-day approached. The reality was quite close to my imagination. I felt like a princess ready to be whisked away by my prince charming. The wedding went perfectly with all glitz & glamor. Finally, I arrived at my “Piya ka Ghar ‘ or my Husband’s home. As I was about to enter the main door I took a deep breath & looked around. ” So this is where I have to spend the rest of my life “. I was lost in my thoughts when someone asked me to step inside. In a jiffy, I put my left foot forward & entered the house.

Kismat, Karma & A little ' Kheer '


” What has she done?Left foot !! It’s a bad omen ”

I heard some whispers. My heart started racing at extraordinary speed. ” What the hell have I done. What was I thinking? What do I do now ?”

My Mother-in-law hushed them & escorted me to a room. She left me there without saying a word. I was completely clueless what to do now. For the next few hours, nobody came to my room. I sat there confused, puzzled & little frightened. After a good 3 hours, my Mother -in-law came back with a plate in her hand.

” Eat something & get some rest. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day .”

I simply smiled & nodded in reply. Since the time I stepped in the house, I didn’t see my husband. ” Where is he? Wasn’t he suppose to be by my side .”  I simply had no idea what was going on. I could only hear some noises coming from outside. I kept looking at the door for another half an hour in anticipation of my husband or anyone at least to give some company. But no one came.

” This is not how it should be. In movies, the bride is introduced to everyone. Hugged, praised & admired by all. Here I am sitting alone all by myself as if I don’t even exist. ” I was little disappointed but had no choice. I got rid of my heavy costumes & Jewellery & slipped in little comfortable attire. Suddenly someone knocked at the door. A little boy, my husband’s cousin, came inside.

” Bhabhi, There has been an accident. Our cousin brother & his family are badly injured. We are going to the hospital. I just came here to inform you .” He spoke in one single breath & stormed out of the room.

” Bummer, What’s wrong? Why all bad things have to happen on this day? ” I cursed my “Kismat“. Now ‘ those ‘ ladies will have another reason to dissect the situation & put the blame on the new bride. Everything was going wrong . I was utterly disappointed. My body was tired, but my eyes refused to shut down. Somehow I passed my first night in my in-laws house.

Next day, My mother-in-law came to my room. She instructed me to get ready  as I had to enter the kitchen for the first time & cook some sweet dish. My mother taught me few sweet dishes that I could make for this occasion. I went inside the kitchen & asked my Mother-in-law what to cook.

” Make ki kheer .”

” Make ki Kheer ?!@ ”

Kismat , karma & a little Kheer


I was clueless what does that mean. I never made that in my entire life. I stood there like a statue. I looked around. The ingredients were kept on the platform. I put the milk on the gas stove & thought for a second. I knew how to make a rice Kheer, it should be the same. So I followed the technique & after parboiling the milk I added Makana [a kind of dry fruit ] & sugar in the Milk. And guess what  ? it turned into a thick gooey mixture. I panicked. My mind stopped working. Since yesterday everything was going wrong, It must be my past Life ‘Karma ‘. I almost burst into tears.

Suddenly someone tapped my shoulder. I quickly turned around & there “HE” was standing with a smile on his face. ” Where were you? Where did you vanish? I so wanted you here with me. ”  I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. Just a tear rolled out of my eyes & he saw it.

” Listen I am so sorry. These 3-4 days have been so eventful that I didn’t have time to talk to you. I am so sorry. I will explain everything to you later but, first of all, take this tiffin. It has Make ki kheer. I got it made from my music. I know that you don’t know how to make it. Serve it & here is the recipe. Read it carefully in case someone ask about it. And don’t worry it’s your home. Nobody is going to judge you.Not at least me. You are my perfect wife. ”

Before I could say anything, he hurriedly handed me over the tiffin box & a piece of paper & a peck on my cheek. Next thing I knew was that he was gone.

Need I say this, it was my Platinum day of love, the love I always dreamt of. Call it my “Kismat ‘ or Karma ‘ or a magical touch of  “Kheer“, the reality was far better than any movie made in Bollywood or Hollywood.





This post is a part of the contest Platinum day of love 

Garima Nag
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  1. That was so sweet of your husband to save you from your predicament. When I entered my in-law’s house I had absolute zero cooking skills(I don’t have much culinary skills even now, though that’s a different matter ) but thankfully I was not asked to prepare anything. So my in-laws were saved ;)

  2. Hey Garima! Loved reading your story… we girls are so conditioned to fairytales and YashRaj movies :D really liked the way your husband was so thoughtful and helped you! Hope you have many more Platinum Days of Love! :)

  3. This is so Lovely and Romantic– “Peek in my Cheek”,I guess it was sweeter than the “Makane ki kheer”.. :D
    Good Luck For the Contest and I wish both of you Good Luck forever.. :D

  4. So cool Garima!
    You got your Platinum Day right after marriage! Wishing you many more such days ahead!

    In my native place culture, left feet first is the norm! It’s considered auspicious to put the left feet first! :)
    Same India, but different rules. Glad love is common!!!


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