Knowledge is Greatest

Knowledge is Greatest !



If  given a chance where I would like to study & why ? A very lucrative thought indeed. I shuffled my contacts to get my facts right .I spoke to couple of my friends who are pursuing studies abroad & did a bit of research on my part.  It was amazing to know the sheer numbers of choices I had as a student irrespective of my field.

“Knowledge is power? No. Knowledge on its own is nothing, but the application of useful knowledge, now that is powerful.” ― Rob Liano

Great Britain or United Kingdom is a student’s heaven when it comes to Graduate or post-graduate programs. There are many university that rank among the best in the world, providing quality education, tailor-made modules in the field of your interest and courses are shorter comparing to rest of the countries in the world .

Knowledge is Great-est !


What does a student look for when He/She choose to study abroad.

A place where he / she can feel like home away from home. Think from student’s or parents perspective, anyone who is travelling hundreds of miles to pursue education would want a secure , warm & friendly atmosphere. United kingdom is a great country that is liberal , welcoming & beautiful amalgam of many cultures & traditions . It is a hub of international students. The lively atmosphere &  friendly neighborhood is a great draw for students across the globe. You get to interact with students from various country thus enrich your knowledge & life experience.


Knowledge is Greatest ! 

An institution that has the global reputation & recognition. Next comes the quality of education. The universities of UK are recognized world-wide . They rank among the top educational institutions of the world .When it comes  to education , a student wants nothing but the best . In UK , they have world-class educational system providing great opportunity to their student for extensive researches in various fields.You are taught by the best academicians & specialists with counselling & support through out your academic period . You can also avail assistance on employment related issues from various agencies.


Knowledge is Greatest !


Flexible educational System .The institutions in UK provide flexibility of choosing what you want to study  You can specialize in the subject of your interest . Thus it saves lots of your time & efforts . It is particularly beneficial for the students those who have specific requirement apart from regular curriculum .Also the duration of the courses are shorter in UK compared to any other country. That’s again a big positive point for students.


Knowledge is Greatest !   

Earn while you LearnStudents can easily work part-time & support your stay & education. It is especially beneficial for student who come from humble backgrounds & need few extra bucks to continue living in a foreign land. There is no dearth of opportunities in UK . You can choose from variety of jobs that suits your profile & schedule .

Knowledge is Greatest ! 

No Language barrier. The language skills plays a major part in your career. UK is a perfect place to brush up your language skills . You are in the country that invented English language ( the most popular & predominantly used language in the world ). You always learn better when you are surrounded by a language.Most of the population in the world knows English.So you are saved from learning a new language to survive in the country where you chose to study .


Knowledge is Greatest !


 Student supportUnited Kingdom provide excellent support to international students. Its aims to strengthen the experience of International student by providing various services like Pre arrival & Pre sessional Support, lifestyle skill , Induction & employment program.


Knowledge is Greatest !


Once you have chosen your desired course & destination, the next doubt that comes to your mind is “How to Go about it “. Internet is flooded with information & tall claims whose authenticity is always questionable. That’s when a worldwide accepted organisation like  BRITISH COUNCIL comes into picture .

British Council is a UK-based international organisation that has centers world over providing excellent educational opportunities and most reliable source of information. They are pioneer in academics & international brain exchange programs. They have built excellent work learn relationship with many countries globally. They call it “Work culture relations” which is quite apt.They provide exceptional opportunities , counselling & support through out your stay so as to make your life easy & your experience in Britain a pleasant one. They make you feel welcomed & at home at every step. Their support is just not restricted to class rooms . Rather they help you in every possible way at every step strengthening your life skills & experience.  


Knowledge is Greatest !

British council  is ” accepted globally , available locally”They are situated across 6 continents in more than 100 countries .They work in number of field including Education, Research, Employment , Sports ,Art ,  Society and many social & environmental issues. They conduct lectures, road show & many other activities to spread awareness & bring about change in society & world as a whole .

Knowledge is Greatest !

British council’s Work in Art ( Particularly Fashion Design in my case) . It works as a bride between the budding designers & fashion institutions. They conduct fashions shows , interactive workshops & seminars & provide much-needed platform to aspiring designers to showcase their talents. It has a department dedicated  to work in field of Architecture, Design & Fashion (ADF ) . You can get all the details by visiting their official website ( )



I would like to study Fashion designing at London college of Fashion. Since my childhood days i was always fascinated with fabrics, costumes & dressing up. Designing a garment is like filling colors in your monotonous life. Fashion designing is an art that beautify your basic necessity of clothing into an enriching experience.

” Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” – Vivienne Westwood


The reason I would like to study in London college Of Fashion are many .

  1. It is ranked among the top global provider of Fashion education. With a glorious history of 100 yrs , LCF is a top runner in the industry.
  2. LCF has an extensive & excellent curriculum covering all major areas related to Fashion.
  3. The campus is a state of art building providing ample of space for learning, creativity , interaction & socializing.
  4. The Curriculum is designed keeping in mind the modern sensibility & sustainability.
  5. LCF collaborates with various external partner to provide rich experience to its students, broaden their vision and expose them to latest happening in the industry
  6. They conduct events to raise money for scholarships & student support.
  7. LCF provide career management services to its students . They collaborate with various industry giant & provide great placement opportunities.
  8. London is one of the most fashion forward cities. Its is inspiring, has great history & full of inquisitive minds.


Knowledge is Greatest


My Dream Project – BHOR 

Studying in a reputed college opens up many doors for you. You could either use it to climb the ladder of success or  choose to return a part of your good fortune to the people who are less fortunate . I am drifting away from the topic but I am taking this opportunity to share my vision ( also my long cherished dream) .

Knowledge is Greatest !

I come from a small town that goes by name Sikar near Jaipur ( Rajasthan , India ) . The rate of literacy there is still not at par with most of the major cities in India. It is situated in Thar desert, full of atrocities & challenges. Few women are fortunate to receive proper education but rest are still living in primitive age. Doing household chores , producing babies , working in fields is all they do during majority of they lives .

“Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong.”~Albert Einstein

They are good artisans. Some of them work for local manufacture in garment or textile units . These manufacturer exploit them , pay them far less than what they actually deserve . These women either work from home or go to local factories to work. The working conditions in these factories are poor & salaries are meager.

Knowledge is Greatest !

BHOR , means dawn,It is my dream  to set up a small organisation that would help to showcase their work on bigger platform . I wish to promote this tribal art on international platform. Opening new avenues for sales & promotion. It would mean better standard of living for these hardworking women who are deprived of the basic necessities of life . Extra income means financial independence, more awareness, proper medical care and happier life.

” I am among the fortunate people who migrated to bigger cities and had an opportunity to realize my dreams.Now its my turn to return favor to my home land . And education is my greatest tool & weapon in my war against poverty , backwardness & exploitation.”

Knowledge is Greatest !


” No dream is too big and no dreamer is too small” . This quote has stuck in my mind since I read it. I might lack resources , finance & a proper platform but I am determined to bring a change. If not in practicality , I am doing my bit through writing & helping those around me in humbled way possible. I wish some day I realize my dream .That day would be the real BHOR (dawn ) of my life .



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  1. Garima, Really well-presented. You have listed all the points that make Britain the ideal choice. Apt images too :)
    I liked how you have related it to your native place.
    Knowledge can empower us to make changes & ensure progress.
    Best wishes :)

  2. Hi Garima !!

    Pretty exhaustive , detailed and elaborated post and i found your idea of BHOR very good. Putting knowledge to good use is what everyone should aspire for and with noble intentions like yours the path to acquire knowledge becomes smoother. All the best.



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