Månafossen & Friluftsgarden Mån- Best Hike in Dirdal

Månafossen or the Moon Waterfall is one of the largest & most popular falls in Norway. It is located in Gjesdal Municipality in Rogaland. With a drop of 92 meters, it roars down with great vigor & grace.

Månafossen is just not about the waterfall but the incredible nature surrounding it. The faraway snowy mountains that appear harsh & rugged from afar look absolutely inviting from up close.

Its close proximity to Stavanger city makes it an ideal weekend getaway. Besides hiking, you can plan an array of activities here. Kayaking, camping, trekking, rock climbing, fishing ares some of the other leisure activities that you can do here.

Månafossen- The Moon Waterfall

Månafossen Waterfall viewpoint

People love the outdoors & especially hiking. You will always see groups or individuals explore the Norwegian mountains. It could be a little daunting for a novice like me but seasoned hikers & locals enjoy the beautiful outdoors all year long.

We were planning to visit the fall for the longest time. In fact, we were just waiting for the spring to start so that we could check out this picturesque waterfall.

Not going there in winter was a good idea. We would’ve been disappointed otherwise. The best time is when the snow melts away & you don’t have to deal with the slippery hike.

As soon as the summer starts, the conditions become pretty good for hiking. It will be still cold & tough sometimes but you will be spared of the additional hassles. 

There are many viewpoints offering spectacular scenery. I will advice you to carry a light weight camera to capture the beauty. ( However, I carried both my dslr & Gopro Hero 9 & the results were pretty decent)

Pro Tip: Take plenty of water & food to last throughout the day. There is no convenience store anywhere near in 5km area.

Trip To Månafossen

Månafossen tour

In the first attempt, we took our kids with us. The trail was too slippery & steep. We saw a couple of adults slipping & struggling especially while coming down.

Hence we took the kids back to the parking lot. They were disappointed but sometimes you need to step back in order to ensure your safety & well being.

Although it was not a difficult hike by any means the weather conditions played the spoilsport.

We waited in the parking lot still mulling over the thought of whether or not to go back. Meanwhile, a few families & group went up. The locals are accustomed to these conditions & well adjusted to any adversities if they may arise.

After was around 1 PM that we decided to go back to sans kids. We munched on snacks, had a cup of coffee & sandwiches.

Usually, the hike shouldn’t take more than 25-30 minutes but we were extra careful hence it took us around 45 minutes to reach the Fossen.

Once you reach the view point, the cascading fall will take your breath away. Thankfully, it was not very crowded that day. We managed to have a good look the fall & admire its beauty.

There is no railing or safety feature. There is a steep drop of 100 meters so please be careful while going towards the edge especially if you are traveling with the kids.

You can sit, enjoy a quick snack or a cuppa here or continue your hike if you please. The track is pretty straight forward. You won’t need any guide or markings as such.

From Eikeskog to Månafossen- 1 hr Return trip
From Eikeskog to Mån- 2 hr Return Trip

Moments at Månafossen

Månafossen images

I strongly recommend spending some time around in this area. Enjoy the rustic wilderness, the ice-cold water ( if you are brave enough, take a dip. I saw a couple of people doing it but could hardly convince myself to splash the water), soft & melodious sound of the brook & imposing mountains.

We went there in the second week of April. The weather was crisp & clear but cold. Most of the visitors were still wearing thick winter coats barring some who were brave enough to venture out in thin outdoor wear.

There are some flat rocks places at some places. You could use them as a table setting, perfect rustic food experience. If you have fishing equipment, you might catch a fresh Mountain Trout.

There are plenty of options to camp around the area. If you want to experience Norway in true sense, camping should be on the top of your TO-DO list.

You can find all the required essentials for trekking, hiking & camping at various Sports outlet throughout the country. Some of the notable sports equipment stores are Sports outlet, XXL, Fjellsport to name a few.

If you don’t wish to buy them, you can easily rent it out or buy preowned item at affordable rates on Finn.no

You can find many more videos, Instagram Reels & information on my Instagram account – @garimanag 

Hiking Difficulty

Månafossen hike

Whenever you are planning with your family or people in different age groups, it is advisable to check the hiking situation.

Månafossen is considered Medium. It is hardly 500 meters upwards but in most of the places, it is pretty steep & challenging.

Staircases & metal chains are installed to facilitate hike yet for young kids or senior citizens it could be a bit challenging ( unless you are a local then it is just a cakewalk for you).

During Spring & Summer, the hike is comparatively easier as there is enough traction for a foothold. Still, you need a good pair of hiking shoes to venture out in mountain mountains.

Månafossen Location

Månafossen location

The waterfall is located rather in a remote location. However, you don\t have to struggle to reach here. GPS will take you straight to the parking lot & from there it’s a hike up.

Frafjord bat & camping site is not very far from here. When you travel from Stavanger, you need to make a left turn instead of continuing for fossen. It is a good stop over.

If you have enough time in hand, you may book one of the cabins there & enjoy proper Norwegian Camping.

Månafossen Parking

Månafossen parkingThere is an open parking space at Månafossen. You may pay the parking fee using the app ‘Easy Park’. There is no height restriction hence you may bring in your Rv’s or even bigger vehicles like buses ( for group travel).

There is no ticket vending machine therefore you must either use the Easy Park app or a similar app to pay for the parking.

Parking Charges: Kr 40

Månafossen Address

Address: Månafossen, 4335 Dirdal

Coordinates: 58°51′27″N 06°23′01″E

Parting Words

Norway Waterfalls has a captivating charm as they are surrounded by unmatched natural beauty. Månafossen is such a delightful place, a good hike & easily accessible throughout the year.

The trip was suppose to be til Mån but the conditions were not so favorable. We dropped the idea & returned back from the fossen itself. But we will surely make a trip pretty soon to complete the tour. The place is totally worth it!

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