Millennial Costume: Inside the Millennial Fashion Mind

When it comes to dictating trends, millennials are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Millennial fashion is more of a personal style than flaunting brands!

It is true that not all millennials are the same in terms of success. Some of them have achieved incredible, through-the-roof professional success, with only a few listed in Business Insider.

T and the list don’t even include younger millennials such as Kendal Jenner, Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid who have taken the world by storm.  Nevertheless, all together they are the voice of the future in many aspects – fashion being just one of them.

Thanks to the rise of social media, these youngsters have become powerful influencers with a strong voice that the industry could not help but listen to.

With them being such a versatile bunch, it is not easy to penetrate their minds and put them in a box, which is kind of their goal.

Some of the rules of Millennial Fashion and Setting Trends

While previous generations with large disposable incomes did not shy away from flaunting it with clothing and accessories with more than noticeable brand logos. This power-generation has cast this trend aside like yesterday’s newspapers.

This is all due to the fact that millennials are more concerned with expressing and nurturing a personal style, rather than ‘dropping brand names’.

Aside from that, the general consensus is that they refuse to serve as walking advertisements.  They have been known to post tutorials on how to remove logos from clothing and accessories. And, when these influencers talk, the fashion industry listens!

According to Independent, major retailers such as Abercrombie and Fitch have banned “A&F on sweatshirts and hoodies once ubiquitous in schools and on college campuses in the US.

The bag manufacturers Coach and Michael Kors have changed up their designs as sales of logo-heaving products dipped”. Talk about influence…

Millennial Costume: Inside the Millennial Fashion Mind

Setting Priorities

With everything we’ve previously mentioned, millennials still very much care about quality and will not hold back from spending some serious cash on a well-made item. However, they know how to set their priorities.

When it comes to millennial costumes, most young generations play it smart. Although they will not be stingy when it comes to investing in quality items such as footwear, outerwear, bags, sometimes even jeans.

They will also not shy away from pairing these pricey items with cheaper ones such as shirts, hoodies, and other garments.

Millennial Costume: Inside the Millennial Fashion Mind

Embracing Athleisure: Millennial Fashion Mantra


According to RebelsMarket,  one of the top fashion priorities is athleisure. However, this does not entail gym clothes and large T-shirts. It is rather concentrated on a new form of this trend which is actually an infusion of athletic, and garments of other styles.

Bold combinations and mixtures such as these are designed to be comfortable, yet stylish and appropriate for most social and business occasions. T

he reason behind it is rooted in the fact that millennials, in general, have a face-paced lifestyle. They wish to be able to switch from working, shopping, studying to going out.

Who wants to worry about having to change into different clothes for every different situation? Not Gen Y for sure! The millennial costume should be chic & hassle free.

Millennial Costume: Inside the Millennial Fashion Mind


Social Media is the Guiding Star


People do not only use social media for the purpose of sharing their thoughts, special moments and opinions.

With the rise of Instagram,  people are turning to social media not only to express themselves. Millennials, in particular, turn to them looking for fashion news and inspiration.

Now, instead of asking a friend for fashion advice and whether something looks flattering on you in the changing room, people turn to fashion blogs, Instagram and Pinterest.

They get endless advice on what to wear, which style to adopt and what lifestyle to pursue.

Millennial Costume: Inside the Millennial Fashion Mind

The Future is Gender-Neutral

With every new millennial costume collection, whether by high-end or fast-fashion retailers, the gender lines only seem to get blurrier. Now more people are refusing to be gender-defined.

It is no wonder these lifestyle choices are reflected in fashion. Women nowadays wear suits, oversized and baggy clothes, boyfriend jeans. And men are not afraid of embracing bags, skinny jeans and generally more form-fitting clothes.

Millennial Costume: Inside the Millennial Fashion Mind

Social Consciousness is the New Sexy


The members of the new generation are increasingly becoming vegetarians, vegans and generally eco-aware. This, of course, extends to fashion as well. Most new generations are choosing to wear clothes that are manufactured by brands that foster fair trade and ethical practices. So, yes, it seems that millennials are changing the world as well, one garment at a time.



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