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Top 10 Millennial Travel Trends 2020 To Look Out For

Top 10 Millennial Travel Trends 2020 To Look Out For

As the world is gearing up for a new decade, a whole new generation of travelers and millennial travel trends are coming of age. For them, travel is no longer limited to merely fun and enjoyment. Gen Y is not merely creating Millennial Fashion trends or traveling to exotic international tour destinations rather they are trying to seek a purpose and meaning behind all the places they visit, and all the cultures they interact with.

The millennial travel trends are all about stretching the boundaries of knowledge and communicating with the real world while making sustainable choices at the same time. Millennials are choosing experience over luxury & opulence. For them, Travel is not just about exploring the place & sightseeing rather they see it as a means of increasing their knowledge & insight about that place.

Who are Millennials & how are they influencing the travel industry?

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Before we dive into the Millennial Travel Trends, let’s first understand who are Millennials & why are they important? Millennials or Generation Y are people born between 1981-1996. These people are tech-savvy, well connected & independent.

The world has seen more startups & young self-made millionaire then ever before. They influence the market, products & strategies as they are the ultimate consumers.

People are traveling more than ever before. They are not afraid to try new things or go to lesser-known places. Millennials do not reply to the set rules or itineraries. No wonder, we see so many examples of people leaving their regular Jobs & becoming full-time Travelers.

Nomadic Matt is a full-time traveler & successful Travel blogger who left his full-time job to pursue a career in Travel. Travel is not confined to taking a break from your routine but to make it learning & memorable experience.


10 Hottest Millennial Travel Trends 2020

Millennial Travel Trends 2020

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The travel & leisure industry is changing at a phenomenal speed. According to a survey, 10.4% of the world’s GDP & 7% of the total export comes from the Tourism Industry.  In 2018, the global tourism expenditure was $ 1.7 Trillion. It is only increasing year by year.

With the influx of new technologies & ease of travel, the consumers or travelers demand to have off beats experience. These are the most common factors millennials look out for when they plan a trip.

  • Activity-based Trip– Guided tours are passé. A holiday is now an action-packed period with each day something new to look forward to or try.
  • Cultural Tourism- Travel like a local has taken a new meaning. You not only travel but understand the deep culture & heritage of the place you are visiting.
  • Health tourism- Perfect for overworked, over technologized people. It is like a complete detox.
  • Connecting with people– Connection is main, connecting with your surroundings, with your life & with people. It is a must if you want to keep the balance.

It is a complete package of entertainment, health, lifestyle & awareness. Without much ado, let’s check out some of the millennial travel trends to look out for in 2020.


Sustainable travel  

5 Ethical Travel Tips With The Environment In Mind

Lately, this has become one of the foremost millennial travel trends. Being a conscious millennial traveler enables you to reduce the carbon footprint while traveling remarkably. We have previously discussed Ethical Travel Tips  & how we can be less damaging & aid in the conservation & preservation of Nature.

The environment is in dire need of conservation, and sustainable travel is one of the best ways to do that. The travel industries nowadays are following the trend of eco-friendly tourism with great zest. Many apps are available these days that let you find accommodation in eco-friendly hotels. Sustainable and conscious traveling is another excellent way of giving back to the local communities.

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Vegan Hotels

Vegan Breakfast

Nowadays, a large group of people is making a conscious and deliberate choice of turning vegan and apparently for all the right reasons. According to a survey conducted by the Vegan Society,  if the world can go meat-free by 2050, it will drastically reduce greenhouse gases and would also save about eight million human lives. Therefore, the need for vegan hotels is going to accelerate.

Vegan hotels happen to be one of the significant millennial travel trends in 2020. The UK observed the opening of its first vegan hotel with absolutely no rooms for leather, wool, or silk products. The restaurant is entirely plant-based.


Memorable And Meaningful Experiences

books on beach

Many millennial travelers are opting for purpose-driven and memorable travel experiences, instead of indulging in the extravaganza. It is on its way to becoming one of the potential millennial travel trends.

Cutting expenses on buying retail goods and investing in visiting enthralling locations make a lot of sense. They are interested in building a relationship with the authentic local culture, environment, and sometimes learning a new language or skills too.

There are many who prefer to indulge in volunteering for a noble cause during the course of travel or participate in ecotourism, or simply disrupting comfort zones in various ways. It helps them to become better versions of themselves.


Minimalist Travel


Popularly known as Spartan holiday, this type of travel inevitably appears on the list of millennial travel trends 2020. Once in a while, it is crucial to take a break and retreat into the lap of Mother Nature.

The Spartan holidays are known for blending the ideas of minimalist living and digital detoxification. It lets you shed the physical, emotional, and mental baggage as you can connect with the nature around you and ultimately with the self.

Many millennial travelers are catching up with this trend, and it will only increase in the new decade. Many forest micro hotels that help you unwind and enjoy moments of utmost peace and tranquility. Companies such as Unyoked and Vipp Shelter excel in providing holiday home rentals, away from the modern and contemporary world.


Choosing Airstreams


This one is among the most trending and fancy millennial travel trends. Airstream is an American brand that makes travel trailers and is known for its distinguished round coachworks. People nowadays often like to trade luxurious oceanfront hotels for airstreams. Moreover, these airstreams are usually found tucked away in the wilderness, amidst exquisite beauty of nature. It hits all the chords of nostalgia and lets you have a taste of camping with all the right vibes that you are looking for.

With airstreams becoming increasingly popular among millennial travelers, who like to have an offbeat experience, it is easier to rent them. Autocamp is one of the leading US companies in this respect. They have locations in Santa Barbara, Yosemite, and Sonoma.


Nomadic Hotels

beach chairs Parasoll

These types of hotels are fairly on their way of becoming a thing among millennial travelers. Nomadic hotels have made their way into the list of millennial travel trends 2020 and rightly so. After every six months, the nomadic hotels shift to an altogether different location and temporarily change the luxurious private rooms into a bunch of benches, sinks, and bars where the guests can dine and sleep under the stars.

These hotels are scheduled to take over two locations in Japan, between April to November 2020- a traditional house in Ine and a temple in Kyosan.


Flight Shame


Top 10 Millennial Travel Trends 2020 To Look Out For

Flight shame happens to be one of the most significant millennial travel trends in 2020. Inspired by the young Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, the concept of flight shame propels young and responsible millennial travelers to think about how often they fly and where to.

Consequently, the new decade hopes to witness many travelers turning to trains, instead of flights. Some of the best airlines, such as KLM, are requesting passengers to fly less. Therefore, as millennial travelers are known particularly for making meaningful and responsible trips, flight shame is sure to rise in popularity.


No Communication Travels

Top 10 Millennial Travel Trends 2020 To Look Out For

The new generations of millennial travelers are looking to have zero communication travel. It allows them to delve deeper into themselves and immerse themselves fully into the culture they interact with. Hence, no communication travel has become one of the millennial travel trends in 2020.

More and more millennials are opting to go for a communication free vacation. According to one of the surveys conducted by Booking.com,  about 70% of women are planning to have a trip next year where they can disconnect themselves from all sorts of communication. That means no social media, no Facebook, or Instagram. This will help them to build an intimate connection with the place & people, rather than to spend time on-screen timing or screenshots.

Flash Tours

millennial travelers

The new decade is all set to bring this fantastic millennial travel trend known as flash tours. These tours work perfectly if you are running short on time in a destination. Some spots often take up about a day or a half. If you do not have time to waste, these 90 minutes or fewer flash tours will come to your rescue.

The idea is to provide an abridged tour of a place, avoiding never-ending queues. More and more flash tours will take place in the coming year, starting with sites like The Louvre in Paris and a couple of galleries in Florence.



Home tels

With Airbnbs becoming increasingly popular among travelers, the Home-tels have started ceasing attention too. Home-tels have secured its place in the list of millennial travel trends 2020 with all the amenities that they provide.

As the name already suggests, it is more of a hybrid of a hotel and home where you get all the comforts of a hotel while having a local feel at the same time. Some of the companies, such as Veeve and Domio, are known for the best services. They will go to the length of picking you up from the airport and also filling the fridge with your favorite snacks.


Final Words

Hence, with the dawn of the new decade, millennial travelers are becoming increasingly aware of what they are leaving behind for the different communities and the environment. Some of them are even swapping over-crowded destinations for comparatively less familiar destinations.

The millennial travel trends of 2020 are all set to embrace a more promising and eco-friendly travel itinerary. Let us know which of the above-mentioned trends are you going to follow? Happy Traveling!


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