Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong


Weekends in South Korea are so much fun. There are so many places to visit & loads of activities to do. You are never short of ideas. This time around we placed to planned to explore the beautiful city of Tongyeong. From Gohyeon bus terminal, we took an intercity bus to Tongyeong, the land of Sea.

There are many tourist attractions in Tongyeong. Having to spend just a day in the city, we decided to go for Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car.Mt. Mireuksan is considered one of the best 100 mountains of Korea.   You can easily spend a full day there hiking & sightseeing Those who are not keen on hiking, like us how could we with kids? can take up the cable car. The place offers breath -taking view of the sea & dense forest, ancient temples. The wildflowers add to the beauty of the place. It is said that in clear weather visitors can see the Tsushima Island (in Japan)


Travel Tip: Check the weather forecast for making your plans. A foggy weather or rain can ruin the whole experience.


Hallyeo National Marine Park View Ropeway

It is the main tourist attraction of Tongyeong. It is the longest cable car in Korea covering a distance of 2kms. There are 47 cable cars each with a sitting capacity of 8 persons.


Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong

Tha place looks beautiful with beautiful  flowers blooming all around

Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong


Cost of the ticket 

One-way ticket – W  5,500 per Adult

Round trip ticket – W 9,000 per Adult

It ride takes around 10 minutes. The last cable car leaves at 7.00 in the evening so make sure to reach the station before time.


Spectacular view from the cable car

Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong


Travel Tip: Always carry your own food. You will not get anything up there apart from coffee & Korean food ( don’t bother if you are fond of Korean food :) )



The cable car leaves you at the observatory. The view point is at the top floor. There are telescopes installed. You can use them for W 500. But be really quick as the time period for each session is just 1-minute :D.


Check out the view

Mireuksan Mountain Tongyeong

There is a little cafe on the first floor serving coffee & snacks. Some stalls of Korean snacks are also present in case you want to sample Korean food. A little waterfall is built at the corner. Fresh water comes from the mountain. At the base of the fall, there are two statues installed holding a basket over their heads. Visitor throw coins for good fortune.

Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong

We don’t believe it yet we tried it nevertheless. It’s fun after all :)

Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong

From here the summit of Mt. Mireuksan starts. It is a 15-20 walk through wooden stairs. It might appear easy, but it’s not trust me :D

Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong


Travel Tip – The summit is quite challenging. Those who are not physically fit, sick &  elderly people must consider before going for it.

Enjoy your view, experience the beautiful surrounding & make loads of memories.


This is my favorite picture from the trip. Look at the background, isn’t it spectacular.





Travel Tip: Apply loads of sunscreen not less than SPF 50. Sun is really strong up there.

My kids were super excited when they encountered a swarm of butterflies. They were jumping & dancing with excitement. What better company than nature.

Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong


I leave you with few more pictures from our adventure trip. Hope you will plan a trip to this paradise soon :)

Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong

A witness of bygone era standing tall

Mireuksan Mountain & Hallyeo Cable Car Tongyeong

Trying to be a part of the beautiful surrounding :)




Bongpyeong-dong, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do


How to get there 

It is well connected with the bus from all the cities. You will have to reach the Tongyeong bus terminal. From the terminal, you can either take up another bus or hire a taxi. Take the local city bus no. 20 or 21. You have to get off at Bongpyeong-dong Yonghwasa.  We preferred a taxi as it drops you straight at the entry point. With kids, it’s better to avoid excessive walking. They get tired & you will have to carry them along with other luggage you are already carrying :D.


Facilities available 

1. Cable car

2. Cafe serving coffee & snacks ( most of them are sweet )

3. Washrooms

4. Beverage vending machine


For more exciting places to visit & travel tip visit Travel & Tips . I am sure you will  like it :). Don’t forget to share the post & leave your comment. I love little conversation with you :)

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