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Top 10 Most Scenic Expressways in India You Must Explore

Top 10 Most Scenic Expressways in India You Must Explore

India is a country full of diversity and the country has the highest class of roads namely The Expressways of India. The Golden Quadrilateral highway network is the largest highway project in India and it connects four main cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. Today, I would like to share interesting information about the most scenic expressways in India that you must explore.

I have taken quite a few road trips in India. They were mostly family trips. My father was an avid traveler too. He loved hitting the road always almost Impromptus. We used to stuff the trunk of the car with necessary stuff & go on long trips. We have traveled from Rajasthan to the neighboring states of MP, Gujrat, UP, Maharashtra, Haryana, etc on multiple occasions. These memories are the best & earliest memories as a traveler.

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The best road trips in India don’t necessarily mean scenic beauty alone rather it is a complete cultural experience. Along the way, you get to experience the life, culture, language & food of that region. A mere distance of 100 km completely changes the language & food scene. I totally loved the diversity of our nation.

Most Scenic Expressways in India

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Expressways bring the accessibility to commute between major cities. Roads are the arteries of India and there has been substantial development of expressways in India in the past years. India is coming up with new expressways almost every year that are scenic and well-laid through meadows. You can experience various expressways passing through mountains, deserts, and plains.

Traveling through these scenic roads brings you closer to the regional culture which otherwise is hard to experience. I have tasted regional food, heard stories & meet with people so warm & hospitable that you completely forget about the journey ahead but want to stay there forever.

I remember during my road trip on Mumbai-Pune Highway we stopped on the way to explore Lonavala. We meet an old lady selling tea & snacks. It was around lunchtime. My son flatly refused to drink the formula & was crying profusely. The old ‘Maushi’ ( as we fondly address the old ladies in this region which means aunt) warmed milk for him & sang a lullaby while my son drank the milk. She even didn’t except the money for the milk saying that he is like her grandson.  These kind gestures melt your heart & memories are etched in your mind forever.

I am sure we all must’ve numerous stories to tell & share. From my experience, I can say that road trips are best when comes to exploring a place. Without further ado, I would like to share with your all Top 10 most scenic expressways in India that will make your travel experience amazing and stunning

Manali-Leh Expressway

Top 10 Most Scenic Expressways in India You Must Explore

This is one of the most scenic and beautiful expressways of India that will leave you speechless and will cast a spell on you. The greenery of the mountain & valleys complimented by the snow ( during winter) or crystal clear water of the river is a sight you won’t forget for the rest of your life. This road is, however, open for only 3-4 months ( June to Mid October) due to heavy snowfall during winter season Hence it is advisable to thoroughly check the weather report before planning a road trip. People get stranded on road due to bad weather, landslide or snow.

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Motor enthusiasts love the Leh-Manali route and it is one of the best and longest expressways in India. It starts from Manali Himachal Pradesh and extends for 490km to Lah in Jammu and Kashmir. If you are planning a road trip make sure to plan a proper itinerary & make bookings in advance. Staying with the locals ‘ homestay‘ is a great way to experience the hospitality & gorge on local home-made food.

There are toughest road terrains on the way and the road connects Manali with Zanskar Valley. This expressway is situated at an elevation of 4000m and you will pass through mountain towns of Sissu, Rohtang, Keylong, Sarchu and Darcha. Make it a point to stay at one of these lesser-known places while traveling on different expressways in India. You might find a hidden gem!

Places you can explore: Here are the places that you can explore on Manali Leh road trip

  • Manali
  • Rohtang La
  • Jispa
  • Solang Valley
  • Sissu
  • Deepak Taal
  • Baralacha La
  • Suraj Tal
  • Lachulung La
  • Moore Plains
  • Tso Kar
  • Tanglang La
  • Keylong

Important Travel Tips: Make your trip safe & pleasant by following these travel tips.

  • Always carry enough snacks & water. Be hydrated to avoid sickness.
  • Carry enough warm clothes to help you keep warm in these extreme terrains
  • Carry medication for altitude & motion sickness. Your body needs to adjust to high altitude conditions.
  • Avoid oily or heavy food. Try to eat light & limit your consumption of alcohol.
  • It is better to wake up early & go to bed early. It will help you to stay fresh & energetic

South End: Manali, HP
North End: Leh, J&K
Total length: 490 km



Mumbai-Pune Expressway

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This is the first-ever built expressway of India that connects Mumbai to Pune and it is a six-lane high-speed and concrete expressway in India that is 94.5km long. It is probably the most popular among travelers & roadies. A majority of people from Mumbai love to take this route during weekends to get away from the maddening crowd & noises of the metro. The Western Ghats is THE place for most of the Mumbaikars.

This expressway was initiated in 2002 and it has been the busiest highway in India till now. Through this expressway, people can commute between Mumbai and Pune within 2 hours. The road starts from Kalamboli in the west and ends at Dehu Road on the east end. It was constructed and is still maintained by the state government of Maharashtra.

Mumbai Pune Expressway passes through Sahyadri Mountain ranges and provides fantastic views of the highway. There are beautiful hill stations like Lonavala on the way. Stop by to gorge on some crisp & sweet ‘Chikki’ on the way. Pav-Bhaji, Missal Pav, Vada Pav are must-try snacks.  There are multiple restaurants & stalls serving fantastic food & snacks on the route.

Places you can explore: Lonavala

East End: Kalamboli, Mumbai
West End: Dehu Road, Pune
Total Length: 94.5 km.



 Himalayan Expressway

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This is a beautiful road that helps you feel serenity and solitude by helping you escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It doesn’t feel real. You will be tempted to make a stop at every turn & capture its beauty. Himalayan Expressway connects Zirakpur, Punjab to Parwanoo in HP. It is a 27.5km access-controlled highway that passes through the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

There are two flyovers and 11 bridges on the Himalayan expressway. There are several restaurants on the way, where you can enjoy lip-smacking delicious food like Maggi, Chana chaat, Dal-nan, and gol-gappe just to name a few. The fun part is on this trip alone you can taste the delectable food of three separate states Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh. Who can resist the temptation of ‘Sarso Ka saag with Makka Ka roti’ smeared with White butter? I am drolling already.

You can plan adventurous trips to Kasauli or Shimla through this highway. Depending on your travel plans, You might want to make a stop at these amazing places on the way.

South End: Zirakpur Punjab
North End: Parwanoo HP
Total Length: 27.5 km


Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway

Top 10 Most Scenic Expressways in India You Must Explore

The expressway connects two large cities of Gujarat namely Ahmedabad and Vadodara. It is also known as the Mahatma Gandhi expressway and is 93.1 km long. Initiated in 2003, the expressway was constructed by the State Government of Gujarat.

This highway was recently upgraded to a 6-lane expressway. There are numerous restaurants where you can taste authentic Gujarati cuisine and delicacies like Khandvi, Dhokla, Thepla, and Khakra.

Places you can explore: These are the places that you can explore on Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway.

  • Jai Ambe Mata Temple
  • Siddhi Vinayak Mandir
  • Duttatrey Temple
  • Jetalpur Swami Narayan Temple
  • Sam’s Pizza
  • Swad Restaurant
  • Jetalpur Masjid

North End: Ahmedabad
South End: Vadodara
Total Length: 93.1km


 Chennai-Pondicherry Expressway

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This is one of the most beautiful roads to travel by motorbike. There is a sparkling sea on one side and the entire highway is scenic and beautiful. ECR or East Coast Road is a scenic road that takes you through many beautiful places like Mahabalipuram, Marakanam, Cheyur.

This amazing road is a photographer’s delight and will leave the traveler thoroughly satisfied. This expressway is also known as the East Coast Road and it runs parallel to the Bay of Bengal. You can experience scenic ocean views and cool breeze on your face.

Places you can explore: It is one of the most picturesque expressways in India. Here are some of the places you can check out on the route.

  • Tiger Cave
  • Marundeeswarar Temple
  • ISKCON Temple Chennai
  • Thameem Ansari Darga
  • Alamparai Fort
  • Sholinganallur Prathyangira Devi Temple
  • Cholamandal Artists’ Village
  • Muttukadu boathouse
  • Mahabalipuram
  • Muthupet Lagoon

North End: Pondicherry
South End: Chennai
Total Length: 158km


Yamuna Expressway

Also known as the Taj Expressway, this highway is a 6-lane controlled-access expressway that connects Greater Noida with Agra, UP. there are long flyovers, several major bridges, and 7 interchanges along with elevated highways.

This is India’s longest expressway that is facilitated with SOS booths and CCTVs for safety and accident assistance along with mobile radars to monitor speed limits. There is one highway patrol at every 25kms.

Places you can explore: Yamuna Expressway is probably one of the most popular & visited expressways in India. It covers several places to visit in Delhi, Mathura & Agra. Here are some places that you would love to check out.

  • Taj Mahal
  • ISKCON Temple
  • Agra Fort
  • Government Museum, Mathura
  • Tomb of Akbar
  • Itmad-ud-daula
  • Red Fort
  • Jama Masjid
  • Humayun Tomb
  • Gurudwara Sis Ganj Ji

North End: Greater Noida
South End: Agra
Total Length: 233kms


Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo

Top 10 Most Scenic Expressways in India You Must Explore

North East has some of the best destinations in India for road trips and this expressway has scenic views while you travel from Guwahati to Assam in a thrilling ride over the difficult terrains of Himalayas. The enchanting beauty of the place will leave a longlasting memory that you will cherish forever. This is among the best expressways in India for an impromptu road trip.

Your journey will be enthralling and challenging through a 55km road stretch. During winters this dreamy landscape is full of scenic and spectacular views. During the spring & summertime, you will find yourself in the lush green pastures extending to the horizon. During winters, the scene changes dramatically when the whole area is covered by a thick blanket of snow making it look like a scene straight out of a fairytale.


Places you can explore: be ready to see some of the most spectacular scenes in this Reason. It is a heaven for travelers & Photographers alike.

  • Tsomgo Lake Ice Playground
  • Changu Lake
  • Sikkim Himalayan Zoological Park
  • Nathula
  • Ranka Monastery
  • Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple
  • Flower Exhibition Centre at Ridge Park
  • Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park
  • Thakurbari Temple at Gangtok
  • Gangtok Ropeway
  • Gonjang Monastery
  • Do-drul Chorten

North End: Sikkim
South End: Assam
Total Distance: 55km


Kolkata to Digha Expressway

Top 10 Most Scenic Expressways in India You Must Explore

Kolkata to Dinga is a 3 hrs journey by road. The amazing road journey is not to be missed as it is lined with green patches throughout. Digha is a great weekend getaway and most of the East Indians love to travel to Digha on the weekend. It is a coastal Paradise with gorgeous beaches & scenic places all around the town.

Digha has a prominent historical reference too. In 1780, Warren Hasting christened as ‘the Brighton of the East’. It has several places to explore like Chandeneswar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva & several beaches.

This expressway has a fantastic appeal as it takes you to a relaxation phase. The place is dotted with several eateries so you can relish great food at any time like Alu-Lucchi, jhal-muri, Macch-bhat, and puchkas.

Places you can explore: Check out the following places during your trip.

  • New Digha Beach
  • Marine Aquarium And Research Centre
  • Chandeneswar Temple
  • Talsasri Beach
  • lankeshwari temple
  • Snake Park
  • Amaravati Lake
  • Digha Planetarium
  • Lankeshwari Temple
North End: Kolkata

South End: Digha
Total distance: 183km



 Bangalore-Goa Expressway

Top 10 Most Scenic Expressways in India You Must Explore

This expressway is well-known among IT professionals as they enjoy a bike road trip through this highway. The road is calm, serene and alluring and the place is lined with numerous Dhabas that serve delicious food like sea-food, dosa, idli-sambhar, etc.

The road is amazingly built and it leads to the sandy beaches of Goa. You can also rent cabs that are easily available from Bangalore.

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Places you can explore: Make the most of this scenic expressway by exploring these amazing places.

  • Vani Vilasa Sagar Dam
  • Chitradurga Fort
  • Sahasra Linga
  • Dandeli ( Check out the waterfalls)

North End: Goa
South End: Bangalore
Total distance: 556 km


Kolkata-Puri Highway


Top 10 Most Scenic Expressways in India You Must Explore

This drive is full of surprises with pretty roads and green pastures.  This distance can be covered in about 10 hours and if you start at dawn, you can enjoy the sunset on the beach-side of Puri.

The road is amazingly built and you can enjoy the smooth and scenic drive to the holy city of Puri. Puri is a pious city that is home to the most revered Jagannath Temple. It is a wonderful holy city with amazing beaches and several religious shrines.

Iconic temples, ancient caves, captivating natural beauty awaits you on this journey from Kolkata to Puri.

Places you can explore: Kolkata to Puri trip will be a memorable one due to its various places of interest. It is not just for pilgrims or devotees. There is much more to explore here.

  • Konark Temple
  • Chilika Lake
  • Sri Jagannath Puri Temple
  • Puri Beach
  • Narendra Tank
  • Raghurajpur Artist Village

North End: Kolkata
South End: Puri
Total Distance: 498km


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Top 10 Most Scenic Expressways in India You Must Explore

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Final Words

I hope you liked the information about the best Expressways in India & would make a trip soon. Road Trips can help you rejuvenate and rejoice after days of stressful work and India has many expressways with scenic beauty that can leave you mesmerized. You can enjoy incredible views while driving down these Top 10 Expressways in India.

What is your dream Road trip in India? Do you prefer to go on Solo Trips, Family or with group of friends?  Tell us in the comment section below. Have great fun while holidaying with your loved ones.


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