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Police: NOT For The People Anymore

Police: NOT For The People Anymore

Police: NOT For The People Anymore

Our elders always advised us to stay miles away from Doctors, Lawyers & Policemen. As  a kid, I always wondered why this advice is thrown at us time & again. As I grew old, I completely understood what it meant? While I won’t include every lawyer, doctor or Policeman in this category but let’s be truthful, a majority of them ARE people to keep away from.

From our ‘dil walo ki dilli’ to ‘Amchi Mumbai’, they are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. In Mumbai, Police had raided hotel, rounded up couples & booked them under ‘ Public Indecency’. I am sure a majority of us didn’t know that a normal act of two consenting adults looking for some intimacy in a rented room amounts for public indecency. In Delhi, the police refuse to book a molester who tried to forcibly kiss a girl saying kissing is not a molestation!

Mumbai Police: No SEX without Police NOC

Our very able Police department keeps us safe from every evil. They work round a clock to ensure citizen’s safety. We are truly grateful. But once in a while they push their ‘Dabangg’ mode & start playing the superheroes. They bang the close doors, drag the couples out & save them from the ‘most formidable evil’ ( did anyone say Sex…shhh). A couple renting a hotel room is totally against Indian culture & ethics. So what if they are adults & can make their life choices? How dare they forget that in this country peeing or pooing publicly is not a crime but hugging, kissing or getting intimate with someone behind the closed doors is!

So people, before you head to spend some quality time with your partner, seek an NOC from the police department. Clearly mention your marital status, enclose a clear marriage picture with a legal marriage certificate. They might  ask for your ‘Purpose’ of visit,  or may be why you need to book a hotel room when you could have easily hit the sack at your  home? Women without marital symbols could be subjected to verbal or physical abuse. You  will be asked to contact your parents who could confirm that you have their consent to make love. AND in case, god forbid, you are an unmarried couple you will be treated as hardcore criminals. Be prepared to be manhandled, abused & slapped ( at least), loosen up your pockets & pay a fine to make your life choices. You have the right to vote, work, molest, pee in public but not to be with someone you love.

Delhi Police: Kissing a girl in Public is NOT Molestation

This is another gem from the Delhi police. Lunatic tries to kiss a girl in full public view & police says it doesn’t amount to molestation. The girl somehow got hold of the guy & kept him until the police arrived after good 40 minutes. She was asked to write an application describing what had happened with her. Shockingly, her application was rejected 3 times citing the reason that it was not clear enough. She was threatened  by the sub-Inspector Sanjiv Kumar saying that she had to appear before the court & call her parents and relatives. When the girl had questioned  why not the parents of the man were summoned? The sub-inspector said it was not needed! To add to her ordeal, her phone number was passed on to the molester’s parents  who later called her in the night. This is how police handle a molestation case. Treating the victim as a criminal & while criminals enjoy anonymity.

Police: NOT For The People Anymore


What kind of idiots are we? We cry molestation, abuse, crimes against women. We don’t know even the basic laws. If a girl & boy kiss each other in public that’s a crime, not a man trying to forcibly kissing a girl. We better brush up our social & legal knowledge. We should know what is allowed & what’s not?

Time & again women are warned. Why don’t they understand? You instigate men with your gestures, clothes, smile, hair, eating fast food, talking on the phone & going out after dark. When these poor men behave ‘naturally & normally’ by gawking or pouncing on you, you cry hoarse. Why would the police help you? they have thousands of others things to do like harassing people, shaming couples,  taking bribes. They have a better job than ensuring your safety. You want to be safe, better stay at home. You are not their responsibility & never been a priority!



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