My Vote,My Right, My Future

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My Vote,My Right, My Future


My Vote, My Right, My Future

Yesterday I got a call, 

Not from friend, Not from foe.

It was a feeble voice,

A lady said she was feeling Low.

I asked her ” Who is she?”

And tell me where she resides.

She paused and gave a sigh,

Don’t search around, Just look inside.


I am a woman She said,

You have known forever & very well.

Once I was called a golden bird,

But now living through a hell.

With every word my soul cringed

The voice stung strong & hard.

It was my motherland calling,

Her cries pierced through my heart.


I feel naked & bruised, she said,

My wounds are open & aching.

I might have a billion kids,

But I am so fragile & shaking .

Victim Of negligence & ignorance,

Suppressed & oppressed said wailing mother


I am left to lumber & breath,

My blood is my enemy, alas, no one other.

Now that I am old & abandoned,

Smell foul, shriek, You are ashamed.

You never stood up for me,

You have no right to complain or blame.


One day when I shall perish,

Eyes dried and tears stopped falling

Your cell phone would beep for once

Hello, It’s your mother calling.


Do These lines evoke any emotions in you?

Have you fulfilled your duties as a citizen of this country?

Do you consider voting a chore or obligation?

Are you a Non- voter?

Why people don’t like to vote in this subcontinent or any other part of the world for that matter?

Why have people given up all hopes in political system & governance?


India's Calling


Why your vote is important?


These are a few thoughts to ponder. What is exactly deterring people from voting or taking part in politics?

The best way to find out the reason was to talk to people around us, Family, friends, neighbors & some strangers.  People came up with pretty interesting excuses not to vote.


India's CallingTalked to Gaurav Srivastava, advocate at Rajasthan High Court.

The reason he hasn’t regularly voted or doesn’t vote at all is simply due to his lack of faith in any political party.

In his words, ” Sab party Ek jaisi hai. Kisi ko bhi vote Karo. Koi fayada nahi hai” (All political parties are same. It’s doesn’t make any difference if you choose one over another).

This is more or less the case with the majority of Indian youth between the ages group of 18- 30 years. They don’t see a future in the present political system.

When asked if they find a suitable political party or competent candidate, would they Vote. The answer was a big ‘YES’.


He said, he would  use his network to encourage the maximum number of people to vote. Ask them personally, Message them through mobile apps or on social networking sites. He said he would go all out to support the “right” candidate.


Where to find this Competent Candidate is again a big question. No one has an answer to that. Dead-end. Do leaders come from a different planet or are they made up of some superhuman stuff? Not. They are among us, Hidden, Waiting to come out & make a difference.


There are other’s who religiously vote in every election thinking that the promises made during the campaign. They hope for better roads, schools, electricity, public transportation & most importantly Employment for themselves for their family members.


India's Calling

One such guy is Ravi Kumbhar from Mumbai, working as a manager in a clothing firm.   He has been voting since he has turned 18,

       ” He is optimistic  and motivates his friends to vote as well. He & his group of friend plan beforehand & go together to vote. I think Its an excellent way to keep oneself & other’s motivated. “      


What about the Women Vote?


What about the Women Voters.? They constitute 49% of the total votes  in this country

What’s their take on the political system & How actively do they take part in the election process?

I asked a couple of girls & ladies what they feel about elections & voting procedures. They came up with pretty interesting answers. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. A married lady (Name withheld) ” I vote on my husband’s insistence. Whatever he says I do.”

2. If we are going into the stands for hours in a queue to vote who is going to look after our home, kids, etc. Etc.

3. What Am I going to get by voting??

4. Nobody takes us to the polling booth. How do I go & vote

5. A college student, ” I rather hang out with my friends than vote for some useless money monger”

6. Don’t have a voter card?

7. The polling booth is too far!

8. All of them are worthless. Don’t want to waste my vote!

The views expressed in this post are personal views of interviewees )


Excuses were many but determination NONE.

Let’s not lose hope. Exceptions are there. Some people take their social responsibilities very seriously & inspire many to follow their footsteps. One such illustrious example is Mrs. & Mr. Sudhir Mathur. They have been using their right to vote for more than four decades. In every election, they take out time from their busy schedules to go to allotted polling booth & cast their VOTE.


India's Calling                India's Calling

( Mr. Sudhir Mathur )                                    (Mrs. Bina Mathur )




” They make it a point to inform all their relatives, friends & neighbors about their plans and encourage them to vote as well. They call their peers, discuss elections, various political parties & their agendas.

Without any bias or prompting vote for the candidate who they think deserves to win. They also coax their kids to take a day off & cast their votes. This has been a regular practice in their household for a long time.”

These are real and diverse people with strong opinions, predicaments, beliefs, doubts and above all a brain to think & a heart that is filled with emotions for their motherland.

They might sometimes ignore their duties due to various reasons, but there they never fail to acknowledge what this country means to them.

” India is an emerging world power.  As per UNICEF’s report, the country’s adolescents constituted 20 percent of the world’s 1.2 billion adolescents. Zee News ) . If Our youth chose to take up a cause & strive to bring about a change, nobody can stop them. It is achievable provided we stop treating election & voting as some chore or duty. It is a weapon of change, it’s a powerful tool. It’s one of the fundamental rights that no one can take away from you. ”

With the advancement of technology, we have several means to spread awareness and message. We might share a thousand things in a day, but when it comes to sharing something useful & worthy we cower & walk away.

With social mobile apps, we can easily spread the word. Its General election time and it’s our duty & right to cast our vote. We are the future of this country & we get to decide who governs our nation & our future.


Final Words

Friends, If we don’t have time to ‘Vote’, it is like saying we don’t have time to eat or sleep as we are too busy in our lives.  Don’t make a mistake of wasting your vote. By not voting for the right candidate you are automatically voting against him. Get up & take the responsibility, cast your vote & spread the word through mobile apps and social networking sites. It’s worth your time & effort.



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