Product Review : Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator

All the mothers must have experienced the discomfort of their kids who suffer from cold & nasal congestion. I have spend many sleepless nights with both my kids whenever they caught cold. More than my discomfort, I was always worried about the uneasiness my children experienced. I have used all sorts of remedies from hot compression, to herbal oil message, Vicks & other stuff. Yet none of them gave the instant relief.

The condition becomes worse with infants & toddlers. They constantly cry, don’t take feed, face difficulty in breathing & can’t sleep at all. I have used few nasal aspirators in the past but was always skeptical about the material & hygiene issues.

About NasoBuddy

Nasobuddy is a nasal aspirator that has unique design quite different from the other products that are available in the market. Its design concept is similar to that of Swedish Nosefrida Snotsucker. But Nasobuddy’s tip size and body ratio has been adapted for Indian babies and mothers.  Nasobuddy is made of non-allergenic, latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free polypropylene. It is manufactured in Eco friendly clean environment. So you can rest assure that you are using a quality product for kids. It can safely be used for kids 0-5 years.

About the company 

Before using any baby product, I make sure to read a bit about the manufacturing company. As a mother, I have to be caution with everything I use for my babies. Nasobuddy is a product of  One 7 health care which is a Subsidiary of the Arasan group of Industries. It was established  in the year 2014. All the product manufacturing are outsourced to contract manufacturers. Nasobuddy is manufactured at Precision Moulds and dies(PMD) U.P


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Difference Between NasoBussy & Other Nasal Aspirators

I have used bulb aspirator for my kids. Comparing Nasobuddy with the other aspirators available in the market for the reference. Here are my observations


Other Aspirators

 1. It provides better control to the user ( mother). She can decide how much force is required to suck out the mucus. There is no control mechanism as such. 
 2. More hygienic.The design enables a proper clean up after usage The closed design is not very user friendly & less hygienic 
 3. Replaceable filter.  The whole unit need to be replaced
 4. Doesn’t need to be sterilized unless it is being used by more than one infant. Need to be sterilized before every use.
 5. It is made up of safe material may or may be made of safe material. Sometimes it is not even mentioned.
 6. It is stronger & better than the other aspirators The product is not long lasting.

How To Use NasoBuddy

The usage is pretty simple too. The product comes with a user instruction. You can assemble the parts . But the nozzle at the infants nasal opening & gently suck out the snoot.

Although you must keep the following points in mind before using the Nasobuddy

1. Before using Nasobuddy, a few drops of pediatric saline solution in each nostril will help loosen mucus

2. Best to use it three times a day , right before feeding the baby.


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Here is a picture instructions for use 

Product Review : Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator


Check the video tutorial for a quick demo


For more information you can visit the official website of Nasobuddy here One7HealthCare.

You may buy the product online on & Snapdeal 

Cost :- Rs 399/-


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