I am a mother of two wonderful kids. Their safety, health, and comfort have been my top most priority. I have been really selective when it comes to the products I use for them. The same thing goes with the choice of diapers. Pampers has been one of the brands that I trusted with my kids. I used it for both my kids during their growing stages.

Times have changed, so has parenting styles. We are constantly on the run. Whether you are a working mother or a Home Maker, you are always on the clock. Taking care of your babies and providing them the comfort is your utmost priority. So when I heard about  #nextgenpampers, I was actually quite curious to know what they have brought to the table this time around.


What is NextGen Pampers?


You might wonder what is Nextgen Pampers? We hear of nextgen computers, phones or any other gadget or automobile for that matter. Why diapers? Well, Pampers has been reinventing, researching and innovating its products from time to time to provide maximum comfort, hygiene, and care to babies. Nextgen Pampers is one such step to improve their already popular product.


How do I choose a diaper for my baby?


Many might think that choosing a diaper is a no-brainer. Right? Pick up a size, or some brand offers a good price, and you are sorted. On the contrary, it does take a bit of a research. There are a number of brands available in the market. Here are few pointers to consider while choosing a diaper.

  1. Size– Diapers, just like clothing, must fit perfectly to provide comfort to the baby. A wrong size. Tight or loose, will cause leaks, rashes, and discomfort. One of the most important factors here is that the waistband and corners of the diaper need to be extremely soft and flexible so it is gentle on the baby’s skin
  2. Style – There are many styles available. Like disposable, disposable underwear, pant style, pre-folded diapers, etc. You must select what your baby is most comfortable in. But I prefer the pant style diaper as it is extremely easy to put on the baby and has almost no chance of it slipping.
  3. Material– It matters a lot. Some of the diapers materials might cause discomfort. You May take suggestions from your family & friend or consult a doctor about the same.  But always prefer a diaper that is made of breathable material as doesn’t let moisture settle on the skin


How is Nextgen Pampers different?

We have a pretty active toddler at home. She is literally unstoppable. Her days are full of activities, playing around, dancing, pretending to be a princess, doctor and sometimes even a scary monster.  For such an active baby, you need a diaper that is full-proof (an invented term).

We tried Nextgen pampers for her. She wore it in the morning after taking a bath. The diaper fit the sides perfectly. And she seemed comfortable in them. Our concern was will it be as comfortable after 1-2 pees?

After a while, she went out with her grandparents which is her daily ritual. They go to a nearby garden to play. She ran, played on swings, jumped around and came back after good 2 hours. Time to check! She was still comfortable in them. She must have urinated 1-2 times in those 2 hours as she always drinks juice or water while playing. The diaper was still intact, no sagging or uneven weight at the front or back. She seemed alright.Such a surprise and relieve that was!


One important routine that we always follow is to make sure that the diaper is changed after 3-4 hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s used/soiled or not. This is a pretty important part if you are regularly using diapers for your baby. It keeps the baby fresh, clean and definitely its good from the hygiene point of view.

Hence, the diaper was changed. The inside of the diaper was perfectly dry. The diaper looked even and not heavy at all. My niece, not even once pulled it down out of discomfort. There were no marks on her skin ( yes, many diapers leave marks on the skin when they become heavy).

We used the Pampers Baby Dry Diapers through the night too and it worked perfectly. No leaks, no distortion and uneven weight on sides. She slept pretty well and dry!


Exciting new features of Nextgen Pampers

It is interesting to know that the new 3x channel technology of Next gen pampers is quite innovative and useful. The even distribution of liquid, lightweight and superabsorbent material makes for a quality diaper. The diaper looks thinner and more compact compared to other regular diapers, Well, after all, they do have the ‘Thinnest diaper core’ in history. But trust me, it is super-efficient when compared to the regular ones.

You know if you have made a good choice when you see your kid comfortable and happy at the end of the day.


The verdict


Nextgen Pampers Baby Dry pants is surely a step further. The new technology has definitely improved the comfort level. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the comfort of the babies. We all need products that ensure a good care for our babies and this sure seems like one.

Have you used the Nextgen pampers yet? If yes, do share your experience and opinion. We all can learn from each other, isn’t it! Happy parenting.



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