Polar Park: View Northern Lights While You Cuddle Wolves

Whether you are a fan of ‘The Twilight Saga‘ or not, the very idea of watching northern lights while you cuddle wolves if going to excite you ( To say the least). A Polar Park in Norway lets you have this exhilarating experience!

Northern lights or Aurora lights are a huge natural phenomenon. Travelers around the world gather at these places to see northern lights. The Wolf Lodge takes the experience a notch higher by letting you interact with wolves.

View Northern Lights while you cuddle wolves


View Exotic Northern Lightens While You Cuddle Wolves
                                                                            Polar Park


The Polar Park in Norway offers one of a kind experiences to the lodgers. The Wildlife sanctuary is situated in Bardu Norway that has wolves raised by Humans. Its location is perfect for witnessing the aurora lights. It situated in the northernmost part of Norway near the arctic circle hence has frequent northern lights sighting.

Needless to say that it is one of the most memorable & unique experiences one can have. The landscape is exquisite, pristine white snow covering the whole area giving it a dreamy look.

Norway is usually known for Northern lights but Wolf encounter is an activity that many travelers are not much aware of.



Polar Park: Animal encounters in Norway

View Exotic Northern Lightens While You Cuddle Wolves

There aren’t many places in the world where you get to cuddle wolves. At most of the places, the wolf sighting is through a closed space through a glass wall. However, It is completely different here in Polar Park. Polar Park is the World’s northernmost Animal Park.

It is interesting to know that wolves are raised by humans. Therefore they are not scared by the human presence. The wolf visits are completely safe & exciting.  Visitors come here for hugging or cuddling the wolves.

The wolves like to get petted, run hands through their thick fur, put their paws on the visitor’s body & lick their faces. Guides & park staff are present for each wolf visit making sure that the visitors are safe.

The Park has many arctic animals including Bear, Moose, Ox, Fox, Reindeer in addition to wolves. Take a guided tour, explore the area around, capture lovely moments that you won’t forget for a long time.

Park Entrance: NOK 260 per person

Wolf Visit: NOK 3000 per person

Polar Park Tour: Nok 950 per adult


(* Prices are subject to changes. Pls check the site for more details)


 Wolf Lodge in Norway Pricing

View Exotic Northern Lightens While You Cuddle Wolves

Location: Bardu, Troms, Northern Norway ( 68°41’31.02″N 18°06’41.56″E)

Stay Options: The ‘Night with the Wolves‘ package is available for the visitors. You can stay in a cabin, watch the wolves wander around.

Please note there are only 15 stays available in a year. Make sure you book well in advance to have this out of the world experience!


Places to stay near Polar Park

View Exotic Northern Lightens While You Cuddle Wolves

Apart from staying in the Wolf Lodge, there are many options around for a pleasant stay.

You can check the staying option below


Things to know before you GO


  1. The minimum stage to stay at the Wolf Lodge is 10 years.
  2. The cabin accommodates only 6 persons at a time ( including 2 children)
  3. The prices are given on request.
  4. The Wolf visit/encounter is strictly for people above 18 years of age.
  5. You are not allowed to wear any clothing or accessories from animal origin during wolf visits.



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View Exotic Northern Lightens While You Cuddle WolvesView Exotic Northern Lightens While You Cuddle Wolves


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