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Oh Womaniya ! You must extinct

We don’t need you. We don’t protect you. We have oppressed you. Since ages, we have suppressed you.We hardly acknowledged the sacrifices you have made for us. Maybe on an occasion or two. But is that sufficient for you to carry on your life? Isn’t the message loud & clear. We don’t require you anymore. Oh, Womaniya ! you must extinct.

Your unruly behavior, illogical demands, you cry for equality & longing for respect & romance. Can’t you see we don’t have anything to give you. Isn’t it clearly visible? We gang up to beat a small child who stole a piece of bread but when a nutcase rough you up in full public view, no one stands up for you. Oh, Womaniya ! you must extinct.

Oh Womaniya ! You must extinct
( A woman conductor molested in the bus full of passengers for nearly half an hour & no one intervened.Click  here for detailed news  )

Did a single male  get up to hold the hands that reached out to tear your clothes? What were you thinking? Were you waiting for your Krishna? Clear you mind & throw away your misconceptions. No one is there to rescue you. You are on your own. Don’t expect us to respond. Oh, Womaniya! You must extinct.

We kill you in the womb.We rule you, we manipulate you, we do whatever we want.This is the law we made, you either obey or be prepared to face the burnt. Are you listening, we brutalize you as you tantalize us with your clothes, gestures, and your modern ways. Who told you to step out of the walled confines? You were allowed to breath, survive there. You stepped out, it was your fault. Now what happens to you is none of our concern. You get raped, molested or murdered.It’s your fate. Oh, Womaniya ! you must extinct.

Oh Womaniya ! You must extinct


You neither have a home to call yours or even a name. Even your kids are not yours despite you bearing all the pain.  You are sent from one house to other, made to change your identity, bend your likes & habits to except the new hierarchy. You bring gifts, money & love & think you can make the house yours. It’s a myth you live your whole life. Accept it, none of the homes is yours.Oh, Womaniya ! you must extinct.

Hearing patiently the voices coming from a father, a brother, a husband, a neighbor & a random group of unknown men, Womaniya, at last, opens her mouth to say a few words. ………

” I understand  I made many terrible mistakes Did not adhere to rules & laws . I thought I was a living being with a brain & heart of my own.  I think you all are right . I must extinct. But just give me one last day . I shall learn to live like a man. A life so righteous & glorified. I want to learn the way you live , no remorse & make no mistakes. “

Men laughed & said ‘ we grant you your last wish ‘. Live like us for one day. You shall see what it is to LIVE.

Womaniya went to her father’s house. She took out a pistol & shot her father in between the eyes. Everyone screamed ” Are you made? What have you done ?”.

Womaniya ” I bring disgrace by marrying a man of my choice. He brought disgrace by leeching over the females as young as her daughter. He had many affairs, hardly fulfilled his duties & so many times mercilessly beat his wife. Isn’t illicit relations a disgrace to the family? ”

Womaniya turned to her brother who molested & teased many girls.She targeted him & said ” We have saved you enough for the hideous acts you have done so far. It is not the girls, it is you who needs to be locked in four walls. You have no right to punish a woman by savaging her.You are no GOD.You are a disgrace. And like a man I hereby have a right to eliminate the person who brings disgrace on family’s name.”  Another shot & justice was served.

Womaniya was on a mission to live like a man. She headed straight to the house she thought was hers. She went ahead put her feet on the table. Watched around & yelled for a glass of water. A  woman came over & asked what was the fuss all about.Womaniya said, ” I have come home after a long day. I am so tired. Get me a cup of tea & watch out don’t burn yourself while working with fire. Fire is no more my enemy who engulfs me as & when desired. There is a chance that it could be you this time.Just don’t play with fire.”

The house smelled foul & the whole system went haywire. Husband returned in the evening & was burning in anger. “What the hell is this? Why this mayhem in the house? Was this not suppose to be clean & smelling of  flowers?

Womaniya got up from the couch & said ” Why you are ordering me? This is not even my house. I don’t do charity & work at a stranger’s house. You neither pay me nor consider me a part. Stop using me for your advantage & spare me the hard work. ”

She turned towards the two women in the family & took out her pistol. ” You made me kill my daughters in my womb.The tender life was destroyed cruelly even before taking a breath.Why are you alive when you too are women . You must die first & respect the law of the land.” Two shots & two lives were taken.Not in the womb but more or less for the same reason.They were women, killed girls, had no right to live. Womaniya decided their fate. She was living like a man.

“Enough it’s enough. You are crossing your limit. I got to teach you a lesson.Right now just wait.”

Before he could think a sharp object hit his face.It was not a steel rod, it was Womaniya’s hand. ” My dear I am so sorry I slapped you.I was so angry & mad. I apologize for what I did & hope it didn’t hurt. And one thing more don’t you dare to raise your voice or hand on me. I no more bear the responsibility of family’s name & respect. I will give you 10 for one because I am living like a man.”

He was stunned & stoned. Never expected this in his wildest dreams.Is this how I usually behave? It so inhumane, he was thinking.His train of thoughts was interrupted by a familiar cry. It was his younger brother’s. ” What happen why are you crying? And all this blood? What happened to you? ”

The brother said, ” I was raped by a gang of womaniyas.They said my tight clothes &  unbuttoned shirt invited the trouble.They dragged me, kicked & punched me. Savaged me one by one.I was crying for help & mercy, but there was no one to respond. ”

Womaniya barged in & said ” Kill this man. He must rot in hell. Our family name is destroyed forever.You traitor go and hang yourself.You have no right to breath the same air.” Just a shot & his all pain was gone. He got what he deserved.After all he was a blotch on the family’s name.

Womaniya turned to her husband & said ,” I have done enough sins for a day.There is no fun living like a man. I leave you not because I care .I leave you to watch your world falling apart & how you put back the pieces together. Be happy now that the whole world is yours. Live as you like , just no womaniya to hold & control.”

It was total chaos in the whole world .The kids were crying, the houses were destroyed. There was no love or tenderness just egos clashing everywhere. All womaniyas were living like a man , not soaking in the tremors , or holding the family together , no one was there to caress or care .It was like a scene straight from a war . Rivers & rain were also feminine.They too refused to comply .The world was left with gigantic ocean that had gallons of water but not a drop of usable water to satisfy. The earth was shrinking & the sky was worried . He said ” What are you doing. You are destroying the universe.We two are balancing forces & can’t survive without each other.”

The Mother Earth , a womaniya , smiled & said ” It had to happen . I have sacrificed enough & waited for too long. You have proved your superiority & power . I agree . You should be happy my last day has come to an end . I am fulfilling your desire & you said “Oh Womaniya , you must extinct.”


She smiled & disappeared for ever .Living the endless sky all alone to prove his superiority over the whole universe ,if left any .




  1. It is shame that women have been oppressed to such large extent right from history to the current date and it is a bigger one to realize that the trend seems to continue. It is very appalling to see the newspapers and the continued oppression throughout. Sometimes it seems as though there is one sector of the society which keeps on going oblivious of so many factors around 🙁

    • Our minds & society are now immune to the crimes against women. We read , we criticize & get on with our daily chores in next five minutes. The impact of such crimes has considerably reduced due to frequent occurrence & no-action stance of our system. Its merely a piece of repeated news that we tend to read & forget. Its saddening but also the whole truth.

    • We are living in a volatile & dangerous world . Each day is a struggle to be safe & survive. I don’t know whether to be happy that we two share exactly the same sentiments or to be saddened by the fact that we have to write such articles time & again.Thank you very much for reading my post & leaving your comment.

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