Oman – Beauty Has An Address

Oman – Beauty Has An Address


” When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.” –Alexandra Stoddard

Oman, officially known as the Sultanate of Oman, is a one of the most picturesque places on earth. The diverse geography of this place offers a variety of options for the travelers. It has high mighty mountains ( Jebel Shams or the Mountain of the Sun ) to pristine beaches ( Tiwi Beach, the best snorkeling spot in Oman ) to mystical sand dunes ( Sharqiya Sands.  It’s a traveler’s delight.

Recently my aunt went to Oman. I saw the snaps & was awestruck. The beauty of this country is heart warming. It is so diverse & rich with the natural beauty that you can not experience it in one trip. Still I asked my aunt & she suggested me few Must Go places in Oman.

After browsing Oman tourism ( )  site for few days, I made my own “Must Watch List of places in Oman. I have plenty of information about Oman, Thanks to Oman Tourism official site. I am all geared up to take a trip to this country of dreams! As-salám aláykum Oman! 

Live Traditional Life at Sharqiya ( Wahiba ) Sands 

Oman - Beauty Has An Address

(NASA snap captures the gorgeous ‘Wahiba Sands ‘ )


Location – It is just Four hours drive from Muscat  well connected by road.

Oman – Beauty Has An Address

Experience – This region are named after Wahiba Tribe. You get to meet Bedouin ( tribals ) & have a closer look into their lifestyle. Wahiba looks like a sea of golden sand.  It is not densely populated. One must experience the traditional tribal life in Desert camps. You can live in a tent with all basic amenities. There are activities organized for recreation purpose.Dune – Bashing is another fun activity that draws a lot of tourists to this regions. Other activities that you can enjoy here are Sandboarding, Trekking, and Quad-biking. If you are visiting this place between October & April, you get to see the Legendary Camel Race.

Enjoy the sounds of tribal music, delectable food & thousands of stars in the clear sky. It is going to be one of a kind experience amid a sea of golden sand & galaxy of stars above!

Oman - Beauty Has An Address


Glorious History Of Nakhal Fort 

Where – Nakhal Fort,  is  listed among the most spectacular forts in the world. It has taken its name from the word “Nakheel ” which means date palms as the area between the fort & Jebel Mountains is covered with date palms.

Oman - Beauty Has An Address

Location – Nakhal Fort is located at the edge of the Mighty Jebel Mountains in Northwest Oman. It is around 120 km from Muscat.

Oman – Beauty Has An Address

Experience– Nakhal Fort has a history that dates back to pre-Islamic period. It has undergone many renovations & still stand with all its might. It  is famous for its tough exterior, high position & solid build. The Arabic architecture is reflected so well in each & every corner of Nakhal Fort.It is surrounded by an oasis of Date palms that gives it a spectacular view. It is an architectural marvel as it is built to fit around an uneven rock. It is a piece of history that stand as an evidence of warring tribes & seafaring. Not to be missed while visiting Oman.

 Turtle Watching At Ras Al Jinz

Where – The Ras Al Jinz beach is world famous for the nesting of endangered Green turtles. Every year, thousands ( around 20,000 )  of sea turtle migrate from the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea & Somalia  to the shores of Oman to lay their eggs.

Oman - Beauty Has An Address


Location– Ras Al Jinz is a fishing village that is located in the Ras Al Hadd reserve on the eastern shores of the Arabian Peninsula. It is around 3 & a half hour drive from Muscat.

Oman – Beauty Has An Address

Experience – This is the only place in the world where the visitors can watch the nesting process of this endangered & beautiful species. The Turtle Reserve was established in 1996 by Royal Decree. This is one of the ideal locations for a giant sea turtle to nestle their eggs. This Reserve monitors the fascinating process by reducing the human-induced threats to this aquatic creature.  They work towards providing an ideal habitat to this sea turtle also protecting & nurturing the eggs.

Oman – Beauty Has An Address

Explore The Majalis Al Jin Cave

Where – Majalis Al Jinn Cave, also known as Majlis -al -Jinn,  is the second largest chamber in the world. In Arabic, it means meeting at gathering place of the Jinn. It is also called Khoshilat Maqandel in the local language.

Oman – Beauty Has An Address

Location –  It is located in the center of brown hills in the foothills of the eastern Al Hajar Mountains. It is one of the several caves of Selma Plateau, situated 100 km southeast from Muscat.

Oman – Beauty Has An Address

 Experience -Majalis Al Jin Cave accidentally discovered in 1963 by Don Davison Jr & his wife, Cheryl S. Jones.  It is the ultimate thrilling, heart pounding experience for adventure lovers. The cave is spread in a gigantic area of 58,000 so met. There is  120 so feet fall at the opening of this cave. Inside area of the cave is so huge that it intimidates most of the tourists who manage to enter it. This trek requires proper training & physical strength.

Majalis Al Jin has gained its popularity as Base jumping site. There is three light shines that falls from different cave openings on the floor giving it one of the most spectacular views.

Oman – Beauty Has An Address

Shop At Muttrah Souq Muscat

Where– Muttrah Souq is the oldest market of the Arab world. It is the center of commerce as it is located on a port.

Oman - Beauty Has An Address


Location–  Muttrah Souq is located in Muscat. It is the most popular Tourist spot in Oman.

Oman – Beauty Has An Address

Experience– Muttrah Souq is the heart & soul of Oman. It is a quintessential place that reflects the diverse culture heritage of Oman. Its perfumed bylanes, age-old shops that filled with artifacts, gives the old world feel. This place looks straight out of some old folklore. Tourists can discover a variety of handy crafts & other local products in this vibrant marketplace.

The place comes alive in the night . Hundreds of lamps spreading its light in the lanes, the aroma of local spices & perfumes make it a visitors paradise. If someone comes to Muscat, this place tops the list of must visit places.

Another amazing thing about Muttrah souq is that it is situated in the old restored building. You would marvel at the old world Arabic architecture while shopping in these magical lanes .

Oman – Beauty Has An Address


Apart from the beautiful places there are so many different things that you MUST experience in Oman

Oman’s Culture – Oman has a rich culture & traditions history . It is pre – dominantly an Islamic nation . Majority of Oman follow IBADHISM , it is a particular form of Islam developed in the Sultanate of Oman . Omani culture is  welcoming to other faiths & its people are very friendly towards people from other nations. People are free to follow their religious beliefs & have freedom to express their thoughts .

Oman - Beauty Has An Address


Oman’s Cuisine  – Oman’s cuisine is rich in flavors in aromas . This region has been famous for its spices since longest time . The food is not very pungent . Rice is an integral part of Omani cuisine . It is also has given many  dishes that are amour in many parts of the world . Once in Oman don’t’ forget to  sample its Shwarma , a famous street food made of meat , topped with sauce & vegetables wrapped in a flat bread . Bizaar , a meat dish with delicate flavors of spices . Haree , made with boiled wheat & eaten with rice & Bizaar.  Halwaa , a dish made with wheat flour , brown sugar , clarified butter , dry fruits , saffron  with a hint of rose water is irresistible . Do not forget to sample the salty & tangy butter milk called Laban , and Khawa , an aromatic drink .


Oman - Beauty Has An Address


Oman’s People & Hospitality  – Omanis are one of the friendliest & hospitable people . Tourist are welcome with warmth & smile to experience the beautiful country & its rich culture. A guest invited in Omani household is treated with at most respect . Traditional Khawa , a bitter drink flavored with cardamom is served as the welcome drink . Many delicacies are  offered to the guests making them welcomed . A visitor takes back many fond memories of this magical land & its amazing people.

Oman - Beauty Has An Address


There are many places, other than listed here, those are unique in their own way. As I told you before, beauty of The sultanate of Oman can not be experienced in one single trip. This land is abundant in the natural beauty that entice nature lovers, wanderer & adventure seekers alike.

If you have any queries, suggestion or simply you liked the post, do share it. I look forward to you comment in the section below. I love little conversations with you.


For more exotic places, travel tips visit here Travel & Tips. You will find lots of awesome stuff




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