My ordeal in Rajdhani Express

My ordeal in Rajdhani Express
The journey I will never forget


3rd class people ( read some bullies ) in 2nd AC compartment of Rajdhani Express.  I was travelling in Rajdhani express from Mum to Del. Everything was ok until a group of men who had separate seats decided to change their’s with other so that they could travel together. A fat guy in spec was doing all the negotiations . He seemed fine at first .He was later joined by 3 more & that’s when the hell broke loose.

First of all they started with usual stare & giggle thing. I was accompanied by my hubby & kids. I felt a little uncomfortable but chose to ignore. Around dinner time, they occupied the upper berths & started playing music loud. Seems alright isn’t it . Well let me quote some of them here.

Fat guy , ” I am missing my wife yaar. Play that song. I always play it when I make love to her.

 Big guy with gold chains & watch , “Bhabhi ki yaad aa rahi hai ya Mumbai ki aayashi ki.’ All broke into scary laughter. Another one, ” Yaar is baar toh maza aaya. Sab kuch kiya matlab sab kuch.”

This conversation is going on oblivious of the fact that a lady , I was in the lower berth, & small kids are sitting there. ) They brought some empty thermos from the pantry & started drinking. Throwing ground nut shells down carelessly as if no one is sitting down. I was furious but what could I hv done. My daughter was asking some questions to me & they were making fun of that ( I was disgusted )I asked my hubby to contact the TC & change the seats ( although those were our allotted seats ) . He went to look for TC. Mean while , The big Fat guy signaled the rest that my hubby has gone & started blabbering , “ Yaar , ash kar train apni hai. Jo chahe kar sakte hai . Mast reh. Tu bol toh train wapas Mumbai le chalu.” All the while staring at me . At this point I was little frighted. I tucked my kids close to me & waited for my husband. When He came back , the same big guy told him in threatening tone, ” Kuch problem thi toh humaey bolo TC ke paas kyu gaye .” My hubby said , ” Family hai saath mai.“. TC came & told them to behave. Did they ? . Not at all. Instead they started making fun of our helplessness. We kept quite.

It was close to 10.15. I put my kids to sleep & lied down. Big guy mockingly asked his friend who was on the upper berth right across me . “ Bhai Sahi hai na jagah, View mast hai ki nahi , pointing in my direction.” I felt disgusted to say the least . Forget about the choicest of cuss words they were using.

Through their conversation I came to know they were all married with kids , businessmen from some pahadganj area in delhi. We were going for a vacation & this is how our journey started . I so wanted to publish a blog post about this incident but chose not to . I don’t want any bitter memory on my blog.These are shameless bullies who think they own the train when they buy some tickets . Had we objected on anything, the situation could easily have gone ugly. I was scared as a woman, as a wife & as a mother. Don’t we all know if anything happens no one comes to your rescue. We kept quite because we were , yes I admit, AFRAID !

Women are not safe in broad daylight , office , home , anywhere for that matter . Safety in trains ? Its still a long way to go.These filthy lots are fearless. They think “ jayada se jayada kya hoga.Arrest . Paisa dekar choot jayege.”. We are living in a dangerous world . Sorry to say but even Ac coaches are nt safe. This country is not safe. We live in constant fear.

There is no immediate solution to this problem. We can continue the blame game. Change the mind set . Don’t shout only when your house is on fire. Think about others . Be responsive & caring. We are not animals who should just be concerned about two square meals & a place to curl ourselves up at night. We are bloody humans with brains & senses. Why we don’t use them is a thought to ponder 


I request you to share this post as many times as you can on different networking sites . We need people to listen, care & take notice of what is happening around them.Thanks for your understanding .


Things wont change until & unless we change our mental setup on individual basis. There is a FB page called ” NO Harassment Zone” ( I won’t ask you to like or join it .But DO have a look . My purpose of starting that page is to share such experiences & possibles ways to tackle the situations. I was shocked & baffled up when this incident happened with me. I am sure by sharing our experiences with people , we might spread some awareness or at least prepare women & girls to face such situation in a different way. Pls share your experiences on that page & suggest how do you think it can be checked & curbed. Thank you again for showing your support.

Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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  1. That’s disgusting — what a bunch of yobs!
    You should have discreetly recorded them and then uploaded it on YouTube so that they can be named and shamed.

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  3. This is really bad, people like this defame India! Please try to shout this to higher railway authorities and let that TC get suspended…

  4. You should have taken pics of these guys or maybe video and made them famous. These videos can go viral on the net.

    Coming to safety aspect, I sometimes feel sleeper coaches are safer than AC ones, especially when travelling alone. You were with your hubby and inspite of it, those guys had the audacity to talk whatever they did is simply too much. Didn’t you take help of the fellow travellers in the other compartment?

    Very sad indeed.

  5. Its awful what you suffered, however, did you file a written with the TC or at the station or did you contact the RFP staff on the train? If you did not take any formal written action then one should not expect things to change. As the more privileged and educated class we should always bear the inconvenience of filing written complaints. Even now you can file a written complaint with the Chief Superintendent of N/W Railways and you must.

  6. The incident is not a stray one. While I was working in Delhi I found men try to molest even in Metro and buses also.

  7. frightening, terrible and disgusting. wondering why TTE has not reported it to the police. those guys must be frequent travelers in the same train… and ofcourse habitual offenders.

  8. Hi Garima

    Its really pathetic situation and we all fall victim to this someday.
    I suggest you at least file a complaint on this following the link below.,6,287,396,597

    Do provide them a very angry and serious note of what has happened and if you remember, give them TTE name also as he helped those guys.

    Such things shouldnt be tolerated at all and i would also suggest you to google some topmost railway official email IDs and numbers as well and try ringing them. Try to give it loudest possible voice you can. I am sure others will follow.

  9. Such things make me ashamed of being an Indian male. I completely understand how you must have felt and this is a scary ordeal where witty solutions suggested above are difficult to implement. All we Indians can do is try and be brave and start respecting our wives, sisters and mothers which will empower them to strengthen their voice in such situations.
    There is an inherent arrogance embedded deep within the Indian male mindset which makes them believe they can get away with anything in this country. It is a real shame but despair or sympathy is not the solution. Despite being scared it is really necessary to set an example for our kids in such situations. Self respect and dignity always comes first. Without either, life loses meaning.

  10. I read your post and completely agree with your point about “standing up for each other”. We cannot expect scumbags like the ones you encountered to change their mindset after reading your post; but as educated people, we can understand the value of someone showing support for us in such situations. I am currently studying in the USA and I hate the image cast about our country due to the actions of uncivilized and vulgar members of society. India is so much more, so much different and so uniquely beautiful when viewed from our eyes. I hope people reading this post realize the actual message you are trying to get through i.e. to unite the sensible and educated Indians to stand up for each other, and stop simply trying to give you advice.

    Hope the best for you and your family!

  11. You may want to fix that as it goes to ‘page not found’.

    And yes, it was a pathetic display of what happens everywhere, and every day in our so called culturally affluent country. Sadly, such people flourish in the system and are even protected by it. Had it come to blows (and had some AAM aadmi stood up), and if it went on to be a police case, I am 100% sure that the police would have sided with them (unless you had a jack in the system). They would have made it hell for the person who stood up (along with risk of future dangers from the culprits), and the culprits would go scott free. The system which should act as a deterrence to the criminal mind, instead acts as a deterrence to aam aadmi. Sad state of affairs in the country as firstly there is no law and order, and even if it is there, it’s not for you and me.

    The system cannot be repaired, it needs to be changed. We cannot take a bottom up approach here, but it needs a top down approach. Clean politics, and netas, and get people with firm resolve at the top – who can free law and order from the clutches of the rotten system (beneficiaries). I see a hope in the current political situation of the country (I’ll not name the party so that this discussion remains apolitical, but I hope you know what I am talking about), and am willing to fight for it. If that hope dies, I don’t think that anything will happen again in my lifetime. The status quo will be maintained, and the criminals will be protected – and they will keep creating havoc for you and me on a daily basis – and all we’ll be able to do is sulk or get beaten for standing up.

  12. It is nice to see that you put this forward. If possible, take action against these people. It seems like that only strict action can teach them a lesson.

    No lady should stay mum on any kind of bully or torture.

  13. Dear friend,

    I was once a witness to a situation where an Indian on the pretext of clicking a picture with a foreign couple, kissed (cheek) & held on to her for almost a minute till people intervened.

    I was scared and felt the same helplessness. I was ashamed that I am an Indian too. And i felt bad that i was late to act. Since then i carry a baton with me when i travel and have promised myself that i will never think twice before intervening such horrible incidents. What we need is people to act.

    Now to this incident, could you share any detail or info which could trace them? I believe in naming and shaming. I would like to do that myself as i stay in Delhi. And i am pretty sure there will be more interested in joining.

  14. Very sorry to hear about the incident you had to go thru. Its only too common in India – more so in the Northern parts.

    It was wise to be defensive (to avoid risk of getting into a worse situation), but you must follow up with a complaint/action which should create some deterrent for such animals. If you managed to get their details, you could include it in the blog which would hopefully create some embarrassment for them.

  15. All you need to do in such casesis give them a piece of ur mind and to behave.. It works!

    Am not jjust saying this. I travel and invariably i travel alone. So i have encountered various kinds of bullies.. Stand ground , dont le them see/sense your fear andvoice it out.. if afraid to do inside booth then stand outside n say it so others also hear you!

    • yes i do agree with the comment given above by Aarti ji. you must oppose these kind of activities….might not be inside the booth, you can do it outside… and i am sure you will surly get help from others too. It happens bcoz men socity thinks that females are weak and somewhere females also proved it…why u afraid? face the challanges boldly…

  16. Hi ma’am,

    If you supply their berth numbers or even your coach number to the railways i am quite sure that these people can be taken to task. Railways too these days look at their customer experience very seriously.

    And this is a matter which should be raised to the highest extent possible.

    • Hello Garima!

      Please change the link of the Facebook page, you’ve included a space and a closing bracked ) in the link, so whenever someone clicks the link they’re shown that the page is not available. You need to remove the space and ) and the link will be fine.

    • We Indians really got independence bit too easily…A revolution ws needed. Instead Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi took the easier way (d revolutionary way wud hv been Bose’s and Bhagat Singh’s way). hence ppl believe they can do anything they want.Playing music at high volume, spitting everywhr, talkin shit at public places and not bothering abt fellow humans. More than India still has a backward mindset. Wat else can u expect in a country where Hooligans reach parliament. Also education plays a big role. A well educated person might think twice before using such words. Its only the intellectually lower class people(whch r in hugh number in our ‘mahan’ country) that do such kinda behaviour.

      • Absolutely right. People never understand meaning of independence unless its paid with blood. Independence gained by begging and dirty politics made the entire generations loose the idea of independence. In another 50 years even Bangladesh will become a cleaner country than India and Pakistan.

  17. The serious problem here is the mindset, the values that you carry through, how can we expect kids to learn when big fat guys so called Businessmen follow such cheap acts, the message through your blog is clear, something is seriously wrong in the place we are living in or the thoughts we carry through, Change the mindset is the need of the hour, but a law for deterrence has to be created to bring up that mindset change, both needed together to fight this.

  18. I think its high time railways make single men or group of only males travel in a separate special coach and let only females and families travel safely in other coaches including AC ones. Put such guys travelling together with no women around.

  19. Dear Garima

    I can empathise with your event. The other day we were talking about the very same thing with our colleagues and indeed now AC class is no longer the elite one. People think with money they can buy anything. Truly, I cannot think of any other solution while putting me in your shoes. We can talk about innumerable solution while being a spectator but as a player the situation is altogether different.

    The shocking part is that these rowdies which were your co-passengers doesn’t even care that you are married and have kids. They don’t spare anyone.

    I just feel disgusted and can say– no matter how much women of India achieve , these men and society is going with double the pace into oblivion –loosing there sense of respect and morality. Equally I blame the law and the government which is just too blind to see what is happening around.

    I wish you to have sweeter memories in the Rajdhani express — in future. Appreciate you sharing this experience.

  20. This is a serious problem, and I feel really strongly about it. Being a 23 year old male, I am not so adversely affected by these things, but we all understand that such behavior is unwelcome and bordering on obscene and illegal.

    I was once sharing the side berth with another man around my age who belongs to the general category of obnoxious co-passengers that you expect to run into on the Indian railways, and I told him quite sternly to behave, and not create a nuisance, luckily enough he understood that there were families traveling and decided to cooperate, but unfortunately being a habitual drinker, I could not keep him from drinking, but considering he was sensible enough not to impose his inebriation on the others, I abated his offense and did not report him to the officials.

    In situations that you faced, I frankly think the other passengers should have come forth, instead of passively observing the ongoing chain of events. Frankly, these matters should be reported to the Railway Police at once. I understand that while the railway officials are not always in the vicinity of the compartment when such unfortunate events take place, nodal officers at railway stations can be contacted prior to the train’s arrival at the next stop.

    In this case what these men were doing is clearly a cognizable offense, and an FIR should have been registered, a quick look at the reservation list should have sufficed to disclose the names of the perpetrators.

    I feel we should petition the ministry to make contact numbers of nodal officers of all stations on the route prominently displayed on all compartments, along with a copy of the reservation list inside the compartment, so that the perpetrators of similar offenses can be expelled from the compartment, and FIRs can be registered against them at the earliest.

  21. Well to all the people giving long advices to the Lady I just ask you all what would you people have done in a situation if you were travelling in her place with your spouse and two small children????
    She and her husband did the most sensible thing that was required at that point. Tolerating by safeguarding their interests. Are you not aware of people being thrown out of trains in broad daylight who tend to appose the harassment??????
    Talking about TTEs, well they hardly bother about anything other that looking out for vacant seats.
    RPF and registering a case or even calling 100 for assistance is calling troubles for your smooth sailing life. The first time i called 100 was when a car hit a person on an intersection and went away, i couldnt note the number and seeing the person in distress and no one doing anything i called. the guy was taken and none from the police bothered to identify who called. 3 months later i was called by police and told to send a mail/letter to tell what happened. i sent the mail and my harassment period started. i had recently join the training for my 1st job in hyderabad and was called almost 3-4 times daily for getting my statement recorded. days later these statement calls turned into grilling calls and i was asked to come back to chandigarh to appear before the particular police station. when i told about my job i was started to be treated as a accused and even threatened to be charged guilty and then its the numerous sessions of court case i’ll appear in if i didn’t appear then. I didn’t knew driving, i don’t own a car and i was being threatened to be accused guilty of a hit and run murder due to negligence. this is what police assistance is.

    Instead of telling her what should have be done its we people who should see the other persons harassment to be ours. it was her on that day it could be you on some other day. I lament the fact that i live in a society where even these middle aged and matured people don’t respect the presence of women. Its a matter of shame that how these guys would look upon their daughters, wife and other female members in their family and i guarantee that women wouldn’t have been respected there.

    Durga poojan in Navratris, Laxmi Poojan on Divali and other deities poojan on several other occasions is worthless if you don’t respect the women of your society.

    • As per my sense Garima must have posted this blog so that we people should be aware of the fact that if it was her that day it can be anyone of us next time and not to get all the advices of what could have been done. Had there been any gentlemen sitting in adjoining coupes they would have come to stop this harassment. So friends its our duty to prevent any such act that happens before us. its not just the four filthy guys who are guilty but the TC and the people on nearby berths too for letting this all happen.

      So stop thinking “THANK GOD IT WAS’T ME BUT HER” as it can be anyone

    • Hi Shubham

      I am sorry to hear about your story. Am I shocked or surprised ? Not at all. Were you alone when all this was happening to you ? I guess not . There must be at least 100 people around . Did anyone chkd with you what happened ? NO. This the reality & we can’t deny it. Standing up against the bullies is definitely first step .But as I said there is a fine line between bravery & foolishness.

      I am glad you could understand what was the situation like as u yourself have been subjected to bullying & ignorance of people.

      It takes a lot of courage to help other & you did.And you had a taste of the Great Indian law system. It is absolutely correct.This is what happens. May be that’s one of the reason why people don’t want to extend a helping hand.But even in the cases where police need not to get involved who actually cares to come forward . I am not blaming anyone hear.But we are all victims of herd mentality.

      Thx for sharing your experience. You had courage to help someone…Keep the spirit up mate.As you said ,as bad karma good karmas also bounce back no matter what :)

    • I completely agree. All these occasions are worthless if u dont repect a woman. These days all these occasions are basically to harras women not to seek blessings basically.

  22. I am surprised that this trash was travelling AC. They probably doled out bribes to get there and then get seats together. Did none of the other male passengers offer to help you or at least suggested a swap of seats?

    • Hello Aman,

      I think comments & music was audible to all present their. They were drinking & utensils were courtesy pantry department. A man came back & collected them back. Offered them nice warm food as ordered. Help from fellow passenger ? Been a long time since saw that happen .
      Garima Shrivastava Nag recently posted…Knowledge is Greatest !My Profile

      • Pathetic! Even dogs find courage in a group. Going by your description, it’s pretty clear that even the railway staff was of no help. We can just hope that if something like this ever happens to any of us, the system will be strong and approachable enough to deal with it!

  23. You did what seemed best to you at that moment, which is what any sensible normal Indian would do. But its not too difficult to get their names and file an FIR afterwards

    • Hello Shyam

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. About launching FIR ,one of my acquaintance from gurgaon was harassed by in laws & husband for dowry. Had all evidences & paper work required to file a complaint. Couldn’t get it done for 4 long months until brought in some ‘Contacts’. Husband booked & out of jail with in 2 days . Harassment still going on .She has to take leave from her office every now & than, made to sit in police station, her boss is super annoyed.
      Not sounding new to you ?Not to me either….

      • Well Garima, it does make sense that you don’t want to engage into the pathetic sham that some like to call the Indian legal system. But you’re an avid blogger, why don’t you make the effort to find out their names and make use of social media’s power? Why shouldn’t all the people reading your story also come to know the names of these bastards?

        Whenever I see such posts and news, I feel more and more frustrated at being a male in this country. Whenever someone says that Indian men are a danger to every woman around them, I feel angry. But then, my compatriots keep on proving those statements right, time and again. God forbid if such a thing ever happened in front of me, I might stop thinking practically and just lose control.

        Honestly, think about it. Why not find out their names and start a social campaign to defame them? Just spreading their names will do. Delhi has millions of people who read and share blogs, those Pahadganj goons don’t stand a chance of hiding.

  24. I have already shared this one on FB. I really feel very sad for whatever had happened to you. I really feel disgusted whenever I hear and read such incidents happen to women or her family. I really get angry on the mentality of Indian men and Indian public. I really feel very angry about security of women and security of citizens of India. It could have happened to anybody and it could have happened to me and my family as well. Such people do not have fear for law. If such people are punished severely then only it will serve as a lesson to other such kind of people. Even in foreign countries like US people are afraid of law. Here also if law is enforced properly then people will start respecting women and others. And mentality of Indians towards women should also change.

  25. I think in this situation you should have insisted on changing the berth . The TT should have acted in more responsible way but they usually don’t take much trouble . I can understand , when on a journey , one does not like to create a scene but it may become unavoidable to take action rather than tolerating it . You can also make a complaint to the railway.
    It is really scary for female passengers to travel on a train because it takes many hours to reach the destination and if the co passengers are not good people, it may become a nightmare. Really disgusting incident !

  26. 1-I am totally agree with you. Its not possible to fight always in this situation, particularly when you are just with your family, and not the co-passengers are with you. you are right, mob will fight with mob. Whatever you did, did right.

    2-Calling RPF is a option, but if you forget then what the hell TT was doing. He could call RPF, but didn’t do.

    3-Still i am totally agree with you, and whatever you did. But I just want to inform you that still you can teach them a lesson without left mumbai.

    4-You know, this post is enough to file FIR. Or if you just send a mail. to Supreme court, then concern authority will take action. Even your post is enough,and it convert into complain without your permission. Police will go to your palace, to take your version, and you don’t need to come Delhi in starting.

    I am just inform you here, not telling to take another step or divert you energy into this matter. But i suggest you, plz take this step, and let the court to teach them lesson. Remind you again, that this post is enough for FIR.

  27. If u want change be the first person to start the change. Mrs Garima has not bothered to lodge a complaint( she claims she has lost faith in the machinery-Hypocrisy) First they could ‘ve easily called the RPF to help them with the goons, second lodged a complain. She has all the time to create a FB page saying share your experiences- I call this BS, a FB page won’t help anyone. Even today if she lodges a complaint with the police with the ticket details they can trace the “goons” if they are really in existence & convict them. If such people are brought to JUSTICE then v can expect change( as that wud instill fear in other RASCALS) . Garimaji please do the RIGHT thing not write “u need not like r join my fb page just read it”. Sorry for being rude, but the fact is there are so many men & women in UNIFORM who ‘ll lay their lives for us & without thinking people simply use words”GREASE their HANDS”. Best Wishes, Raj.

    • Dear MR. RAJESH L G

      First of all I have not lodged a complaints for many reasons. Well I need not to justify my action but just because you made trouble to read the post & leave a comments, I feel it is my duty to reply to all sorts of comments.

      A. I was in middle of the journey still away from my destination in a not-so-familiar place.

      b. My father, Grand Father , cousins , My own brother are directly or indirectly related to law machinery ( court, police etc ) , So ” lost faith in the machinery’ doesn’t come from this particular incidence. I have seen number of cases where police instead of convicting the culprits harass teh complainants. Hypocrisy not at all, Experience.

      c.I had my two little kids with me ( 4 yr & 1 yr ) . As a sensible mother I chose not to subject them to this unpleasant experience & scar their memory forever. right or wrong as per you ( I dont care ) but this Was THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR ME. And I would do anything to protect my kids from any bitterness or unpleasant experience.

      d. Face book page , Yes I created it not for sharing some pornography or silly pathetic jokes but for people to come forward & share their experiences & have courage to help others when they see a wrong doing . YOU might call it Bull shit or whatever respectable word you wanna use as per your standard BUT people are coming forward & sharing.AND even if one person get inspired to help other or a woman like me reads the experience & knows what to do in such situation my purpose of creating the page will suffice. You are not required there ( with such mentality ). So pls ignore & don’t bother .

      E. Calling RPF , agreed in all the chaos didn’t come in our minds.

      F. I have highest regards for civil servants who are honest. They are the ones who make us proud in many ways. Their sacrifices are unquestionable.
      BUT I would also like to mention its a rare specie . AND I Don’t have time, Will , energy to spend on our lethargic system. Sitting miles away from Delhi & following up on my case or making frequent trips. Nope . I WONT DO.Our courts already have huge back log .Let me not add a new paper to the existing garbage.

      G. Where I have done right thing or not , Lets not be judgmental here. I don’t know about you BUT Man or Woman with a little bit of brains & with little kids try & avoid any bad situation that could possibly harm their kids . We don’t fear what had happened but we fear what would have happened. 4 Drunkard, moving train,middle of the night, No warning making them buzz , situation volatile enough to be avoided at all cost. IF YOU THINK DIFFERENT THAN PLEASE GO OUT & HELP SOMEONE IN SIMILAR SITUATION AND THAN COME BACK & GIVE YOUR BS OPINIONS.


      • We have gone through similar and even worse incidents in indian trains many times. Keep a few things in mind if you happen to travel again in bhartiya rail:
        1. When you enter the train, draw your boundaries … Do not accept seat changing requests unless for preg women / really old ppl, alert/warn others who are changing near you, make sure nobody is using even an inch of your space for sitting, luggage, sleeping. All this would be rude at times with co passengers who might be nice people. But then you must protect yourself against potential crappy situations. This creates a fear in others mind and they will think twice before messing up with you. So wear that cruel strict look first few hours.
        2. If still someone finds d courage to annoy them .. Do not wait for an instance and immediately complain loudly .. So that all others nearby can hear you. If you stay quiet at first .. Then they will take you for granted and probably for a ride.
        3. And, if someone still wishes to mess around .. Search for a strong man in d coach .. If police / tc is thr .. Ask them .. Else any strong man .. Tell them abt ur problem and ask them to come with you.

        All this will only make d life of d bullies difficult .. They might nt have their much liked manner less ways .. But why do you care? .. U shud hve it d way they want. Mostly bullies have no guts to stand up.

        I have been on d innocent side for most of my life and gt bullied everywhere .. Even some relatives did nt spare. Had to travel so much in d train when I was young and faced terrible issues .. Ppl wud sit on my sit and say rarely bhaiya thoda adjust kar lo, recently a large group gt down with my bag at Surat station in mum-del rajdhani .. I luckily woke up .. Train was still standing .. Gt hold of them on station .. And these guys were like rare aapko apne saaman ka dhyan rakhna chahiye. Give me a break…
        In all my life I think it’s better to build walls around yourself to prevent and kind of bullying or mistreatment when you r nt d one who can ignore all that.
        And, for d bullies .. I forgive from my heart .. Karma will treat them if they r on d wrong side.

  28. Well we can try a citizens initiative on this… an app that would let you report such an incident immediately along with seat number details. This would trigger a message to the respective chiefs of RPFs on the route / local citizens groups / womens help groups. even if it doesn’t work out immediately, it will act to collect data on such incidents which might help in redefining policies for the future..




  30. Ahh its Sad, and these guys should be penalized for this. Now a days I have seen awareness of IPC sections among women, they speak-up. A must FIR evoking 354, 504 and 509 should hadv been lodged at the next station.

  31. I can visualise every moment of what might have happened there, huh!!! Feel sorry for all those women who had to go through such ordeal and those husbands who have to live the rest of their lives feeling helpless and not strong enough to protect their wives.

    I am trying to place myself in there as a dumb spectator and trying to think what could I have done differently. I guess the railways must have an emergency telephone/mobile number pasted on to the walls of each compartment for someone like me who wants to help the victim but is equally scared and intimidated/outnumbered as the victim. Any other ideas?

  32. Even when I was reading this incident, I could feel afraid and had a hair raising experience. It gives me one thought that if businessmen having family behave in this way then what about road side rowdies. It brings us to one question, what is the solution to this problem? Even if we protest against eve teasing they give us dire warnings. Do you think police patrolling on train would help? I am dubious if even police is helpful in such situations.

  33. This incidence resonates with almost all of us who have travelled on the Indian Railways- whether its an overnight train or a local.
    And since college when i have been travelling to and fro from Delhi to Lucknow, I developed a thick skin and a deaf ear, and the ability to stay awake all night clasping a compass or a safety pin in my hand!
    And the situation has just gotten from bad to worse.

    • Hello Mariyam ,

      Thanks for going through my post .I often hear people say this place is not safe , or this time is not safe or that area is not safe . I wonder how can a non living thing pose any danger to anyone.I , first of all, want to correct them all. Because of the people in that area ,the place is not safe. We refrain ourselves from going in “those” areas. Does that keeps us safe ? No I guess.Now a days such activities are not confined to any particular area . As you can see you can find many examples of harassment in the safest area possible.

      Things wont change until & unless we change our mental setup on individual basis. There is a FB page called ” NO Harassment Zone” ( ) . I won’t ask you to like or join it .But DO have a look . My purpose of starting that page is to share such experiences & possibles ways to tackle the situations. I was shocked & baffled up when this incident happened with me. I am sure by sharing our experiences with people , we might bring some awareness or at least prepare women & girls to face such situation in a different way.Pls share ur experiences on that page & suggest how do you think it can be checked & curbed. Thank you again for showing your support.

  34. I think you should start a petition drawing attention of Railway ministry to these security lapses on our trains.
    If you do want to start such a petition, pls use… I am definitely going to sign it.

  35. File a complaint with GRP, RPF (via right channel). They’ll get the names from records & action will be taken if you follow enough, which coil be upto 6 months easily.

    • Hello Vivek,

      Filing a complaint is definitely an option. But we don’t stay in Delhi .So follow up would have been a problem. Beside I really don’t trust the machinery any more.That have hell lot of pending jobs already so I don’t think my complaint would have made any difference.Until , of course , we grease some palms or have high contacts.

      Things wont change until & unless we change our mental setup on individual basis. There is a FB page called ” NO Harassment Zone” ( ) . I won’t ask you to like or join it .But DO have a look . My purpose of starting that page is to share such experiences & possibles ways to tackle the situations. I was shocked & baffled up when this incident happened with me. I am sure by sharing our experiences with people , we might bring some awareness or at least prepare women & girls to face such situation in a different way.Pls share ur experiences on that page & suggest how do you think it can be checked & curbed. Thank you again for showing your support.

      • I am wonder how the TTE could not took any appropriate action. Instead he should call the RFP/GRP posted there or Rajdhani Trains have a train supttd. whom a complaint can be lodged. They should have take action on the next stoppage by GRP. Every stations have GRP/RFPF posts. I have seen such an incident during travelling to Bhopal from Nagpur where an Army man was consuming liquor which is prohibited & noticed by a civillian police himself. He immediately asked him to get down to the next stopage to hand him over to RFF. Initially as usual he showed reasons & restrains being a army man this that but finally have to surrender to get down at the next station. There are complaint books kept with train manager for such complaints to be noted there & acknowledgement can be taken from him to complain further at divisional/zonal offices. There must be other fellow passengers in the compartment also.

      • It’s really shameful that you had to suffer an experience like this on one of the ‘premier’ trains in India. What I fail to understand though is the fact that you didn’t file a complaint because it’s too much of a problem. Really? You want people to know about your ordeal. Great. It takes guts to speak out. You want people to change their mentality. Awesome. But I hope you realise that blogs and Facebook posts don’t change anything. Action on ground does. Social media is a supporting tool for change. Case in point, Nirbhaya. If everyone logged and liked posts on FB, it wouldn’t have changed anything. It was all the petitioning, the marches and the campaigning that brought about a change. And since the victim here, you, doesn’t have time to file a complaint, why should anyone change. You want change here, be the change first.

  36. Utterly disgusted as I read ur blog. I beliver there r constables posted on trains. But any case behaviour should have been within limits.

    • Hi Shani,

      Police intervention is the last resort & should and must be brought in if & when required. It was Rajdhani & I am sure RPF were posted on train.How about local trains or other train that doesn’t have police on board. My point is in presence of so many people how a handful of miscreants do whatever they wish to & get away with it. Problem is our atitude ” Uska problem hai apna kya.” The day we start thinking that ,” Ye uska nahi hum sabka problem hai.”, no one would dare to act funny with women.

      Things wont change until & unless we change our mental setup on individual basis. There is a FB page called ” NO Harassment Zone” ( ) . I won’t ask you to like or join it .But DO have a look . My purpose of starting that page is to share such experiences & possibles ways to tackle the situations. I was shocked & baffled up when this incident happened with me. I am sure by sharing our experiences with people , we might bring some awareness or at least prepare women & girls to face such situation in a different way.Pls share ur experiences on that page & suggest how do you think it can be checked & curbed. Thank you again for showing your support.

      • Well I can understand the ordeal you went through. such cheap fellows have become every day incidents in trains, mostly due to patronage by our corrupt politician who give shelter to goons and it is because of this that such people move around fearlessly as police is also of no much use. your husband was in very helpless situation as he had his wife and children who could have been easy target and gotten harmed if situation worsened due to his acting brave. No man can face three four men alone specially in the presence of his family unless he hi is a trained martial arts fighter as the hero of hindi movie JAMES, but I feel very pity that of public, if public starts coming together and acting support in such situations than the scene would be different but unfortunately they remain mute spectators.

  37. Our railways are known to carry a lot of dirt and cockroaches sometimes such cockroaches crawl out. These trains do have RPF guards where were they? Cowards!!

    • Hello D.A

      I am sre RPF guards were there but we didn’t approach them. But of course we approached TTE . Ccokroaches, as you rightly called them, act brave in a group. As I said earlier A mob can tackle a Mob. Had there been even 2-3 men standing with us & telling them to behave themselves thay would n’t have behaved so badly. Its a simple game of numbers. I side having number advantage act at their will.

      Things wont change until & unless we change our mental setup on individual basis. There is a FB page called ” NO Harassment Zone” ( ) . I won’t ask you to like or join it .But DO have a look . My purpose of starting that page is to share such experiences & possibles ways to tackle the situations. I was shocked & baffled up when this incident happened with me. I am sure by sharing our experiences with people , we might bring some awareness or at least prepare women & girls to face such situation in a different way.Pls share ur experiences on that page & suggest how do you think it can be checked & curbed. Thank you again for showing your support.

  38. Garima, it’s indeed sordid. Please make a formal complaint with the Railway authorities, mentioning details like your PNR No, date of journey, berth Nos. The railway claims that trains are safe for passengers. Send a copy of this complaint to the National Human Rights Commission. Also, mark a copy to the railway ministry. Those three jokers would be nabbed.

    I have been a mainstream journalist for 30 plus years. I assure you things will work to your favour. You may also send a copy of this post as enclosure. Am with you.

    • Kudos Arindam for suggesting the right way to tackle this.

      Garima – I do understand your scenario totally . I still wonder why you haven’t yet replied to Arindam’s msg but to others when he is offering to help with helping to change the mindset.

      Though I am not married yet but I had faced a similar situation few years back at Khardungla Top in Leh. A friend of mine was misbehaved with by an army jawaan.Myself and another friend confronted the JCO and gave him a hearing asking him to give details of this army jawaan and we threatened him with press and army action boasting about our contacts. We were all in a closed room with the army men. It was a 1 hr discussion with them and we told them that we were ashamed that someone in army could do this when we respect them so much. I chose not to file an official complaint but we had taken enough risk on our trip with 2 girls being with us.I think its more important to make these people understand their mistake by confrontation or an official complaint. Atleast try this , your blog would only make people say ‘Oh that was too bad this happened with you’ , but we need real change don’t we ? How will things change if we just change our mindset on this blog and not in ground reality ?

      Having said that respect in having being safe , but you guys should have asked the TTE to call RFP on the train and pressurized the TTE to take action.Why did you let it go ?

      • Hi Sudipto

        I second you thought.In fact Arindam sir’s suggestion is very useful for everyone. I couldn’t reply instantly because of time constraints & family engagements. As I mentioned earlier it is proper way of tackling the situation. I am going to share it on ‘No Harassment ‘ FB page.

        Read your experience.Reminds me my own when me & my husband were in Goa, calangute beach.It was late evening & we were taking a walk on the beach.Not to many people were there.

        There was a girl selling some stuff there.She was stopped by a group of men. They started acting funny with her. Making obscene gestures, touching her & all.She was frightened & trying to get rid of them.We both went up to them & intervened. They were annoyed & tried to frighten us as well . They threaten to misbehave with me but when they saw we won’t give in, one of them pulled back all others & left.

        We asked the girl if wanted to file a complaint. She declined saying ‘ Ye toh roz ka hai”. Reason I am sharing this incident with anyone for the first time is because 1) You have a choice to help others in distress

        2) Many would suggest girl to raise a voice & create a scene . Does she need to create a scene to grab your attention.Can’t everyone see what is happening in front of them. If you can’t than I am sorry to say no amount of crying or yelling would affect you a bit.

        We escorted the girl to a safe place & left. We didn’t think twice before intervening.It was dangerous situation but we did what we felt was right. We could do this because it was just two of us , two adult , and we could take risk. I don’t know but when you are going to get married have kids , your perspective & decisions are going to be different. Can’t say about you but wont risk safety of my kids for anything.You are brave & lucky that your action didn’t backfire.Our’s was a little different case. And we were avoiding any altercation with those rowdies.

        My blog post is neither for sympathy or comments. I am not a social media addict sharing every single thing on net affected by number of likes,comments or shares. It doesn’t bother me at all. I am a private person & was suggested by some friends to blog about it .I am happy to say people Like Arindam Sir have made valid point here. This is only thing that matters .Spreading information . I can use this information so can others.I am grateful to everyone who have read the post & cared to leave a comment.I respect their feelings & support.BUT here I would again like to say , I am neither blaming system or administration or anyone . I know how these things work. I am not bothered. My only point of concern are the people around us. As you can see there are so many comments here. Some suggestions, some strong reactions and there are also comments blaming me for not being forthcoming . Well I had my reasons this time.But in past I never was a mere spectator & I won’t be in future.

    • Hello Arindam Roy sir,

      Thanks for sharing this useful information with us here.I am going to share it on FB page for all those who have had similar experience. Not only me but many other would be befitted with this.

      Many do not know whom to contact or how to get their voice heard through proper channel. Your’s is one the best suggestion I have read. That’s also the purpose of sharing this blog post . So that people take notice of wrong doing around us & suggest useful & proper remedies to tackle with the issue.

      Thank you again for your valuable comment….

      Best Regards

    • Hello Sir,

      Read your comment & found it useful .You at least come up with something that would benefit women in such tricky situation. Would like to include your comment on my next blog post dealing with possible ways to tackle harassment.If you wish , you can inbox me your pic & any further suggestions.

  39. Hi Garima,

    Being an Indian men, I am feeling sorry for the tough times you have to spent at one of the best trains of India. Just imagine the condition in a general or sleeper compartment. Be optimistic. Things will improve sometime in future.

  40. Hooliganism isn’t new to the Indian railways. The T.T must be squarely blamed for failing in his duty to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers – especially lady passengers.

    It’s amazing, but I spoke out once and the entire bogey, especially other women TURNED against me! What the….. Undeterred, I refused to back down and complained.
    1) Two “cousins” on their way to a marriage in Nagpur from Delhi were acting like we were all invisible. Ugh! Couldnt they wait ONE day? I asked them to cool it and I got STARES from all around. I guess the passengers were enjoying the “show”. Pathetic!

    2) I was in a bogey charging my mobile, when an army man came and violently pulled it out, and coolly inserted his charger! I was shocked, especially as my battery was v.low! I asked him to keep my charger back and this man tried to intimidate me and threatened me, pointing fingers etc. I complained to the T.T who was v.nice and insisted that the useless man be arrested at the next station. My co-passengers began to tell me one by one about why I should forgive him and retract my complaint;when this villian hadnt even bothered to apologise!

    We are a very strange people. I just wish you had insisted on giving a written complaint.

    Security in the railways is becoming v.lax. But people need to change too. We refuse to support each other for some strange reason.

  41. Dear sister,
    As a concerned citizen, as a concerned brother, and as a concerned human being, I feel sorry that you had to go through this ordeal. Feeling fear in your heart & keeping quiet on your part was perfectly okay; however, I think that you should have changed your seat with someone from adjacent berths. Since you were with kids, I do feel, people would have helped.
    I, however, do feel that still we can take some action against the TT for negligence of duty, so that next time when some family complains to him, he will not hesitate in taking the necessary action (like calling RPF).

    Travelling in trains in South India (particularly Kerala) is comparatively better experience. I have had experience travelling with a few guys, who l believe, where really some kind of professional gundas back after some assignment. A few of them were drunk. The leader was one rugged guy. We were all standing near the door. I was reading a book while standing. The couple of guys who were drunk poked some light hearted jokes at me regarding books. An RPF guy spotted us and he just strolled into our compartment. He was one tall & broad shouldered guy. He walked through these people and came and stood at the door. He did not do anything, but he could sense something wrong, and he just stood there leaning out of the door & not paying any attention to these guys. However, his presence was a cue for them, and they were silent for the remainder of the journey



  42. Garima, It makes my blood boil to think of what u and your family went through with those goons.. We women are very vulnerable in our Indian society n something needs to b done.. don’t see much hope though until the system gets cleaned up… Disgusting to say the least…

  43. In Mumbai, we had started a campaign, ‘Zero Tolerance’ as a group fighting for amendments in Law, to make them much stronger and severe.
    In a period of 1 year we have been able to get the Home Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. R.R. Patil to pass the bill and amendments have been made in Sec 354 and 509 of IPC in Maharashtra state, wherein if booked under this, it will be a Non-bailable and Cognizable offence.
    Maybe something like this can be done in Delhi and other cities of India.

    • Read your comment & found it useful .You at least come up with something that would benefit women in such tricky situation. Would like to include your comment on my next blog post dealing with possible ways to tackle harassment.If you wish , you can inbox me your pic & any further suggestions.

  44. We blame government & politicians for every damn wrong thing. I think we do just habitually. Problem is with Society & Common Man (which everyone project as saint). So called Common Man (ordinary Indian on road) is communal, Casteist, racist, sexist, rapist, corrupt, fraud & classist. I am sick and tired of excuses. We blame everyone (sometimes even God) but ourselves. Problem is with us no matter how much we curse politicians, capitalism, rich, neighbours, west and blah blah. Things will remain same until SOCIETY as a whole change.

    • Hello Mohammed Atif,

      Blame game is our favorite tools to release the steam. We pick up a popular or vulnerable character or condition & blame everything on it. As you said , problem is not with society or government , problem is with the COMMON MAN. I think we no onger remember that we live in a society & have some responsibilities towards others. ( but we are definitely scared of the society when it comes to breaking a stereotype & adapting a new thing. ). WE NEED TO CHANGE , NO ONE ELSE BUT US.

      Things wont change until & unless we change our mental setup on individual basis. There is a FB page called ” NO Harassment Zone” ( ) . I won’t ask you to like or join it .But DO have a look . My purpose of starting that page is to share such experiences & possibles ways to tackle the situations. I was shocked & baffled up when this incident happened with me. I am sure by sharing our experiences with people , we might bring some awareness or at least prepare women & girls to face such situation in a different way.Pls share ur experiences on that page & suggest how do you think it can be checked & curbed. Thank you again for showing your support.

  45. I truly agree with you. Yes we are staying in dangerous world wherein women are not safe .but we can make a change . Instead of sending your hubby to tt I believe you would have gone n asked . Yes we all get scare but then we have to spk.

  46. I don’t know what to say but yes it’s not easy to fight back..more so when people are brazen like these and the others around wouldn’t even have come for help…. I know it’s a bitter memory and it’s not easy to shake off…I was once pushed by a bus conductor in a bus full of ‘educated IT’ people .. I could have fought but I chose to alight and just walked back home in tears…It’s the insult, the helplessness that hurts… I don’t know if this society of ours will ever change!

  47. I have been through something like this, though not this bad. Such guys are all businessmen who find money but do not find manners in those hard cash! They still have the cheap mentality of feeling that since they earned money they also earned the right to harass whomsoever they like. they are like teenagers who are trying to act cool and feel this will get them some attention.

    Why don’t you lodge a formal complaint? At least the TC should have some control over this. He should call the RPF guys if the TC felt he could not handle them on his own.
    I found this link where you could lodge a complaint:;jsessionid=4F060201C70A168358A4644AF298CB61.cms109

  48. Hi Garima,
    I agree we don’t live in a safe world.You could have complained to the police after you reach your destination right? Under eve-teasing. These people do so because they think no one is going to complain!

  49. What a sorry state of affairs… In our Country women are not safe from the cowards who show their bravado in groups.
    Pls write to AAP Delhi giving the date and seat nos for some action against those scum. Hope the police will be forced to take some action against the TTE and the group.
    What you and your husband did was correct. It is futile and dangerous to confront such characters.
    Hope you never face such situations again..

    • AAP? are you serious? Why are you trying to bring in politics here. Keep it to free electricty et al.

      I think India has along way to go.

  50. Most horrible thing..and I thought 2nd AC is safe…earlier I faced certain incidents, they all happened as soon as UP area came, and I used to be scared of that part of journey.

    You managed it best..only later one one could lodge a complaint..

  51. Pity the state of affairs guess the railway officials were not helpful. But amazed that the xo passengers still continue to ignore such incidents even after the media and the world being vocal about it

  52. Like someone pointed out, you should have pulled the chain repeatedly till the RPF came and either changed their seats or detrained them at the next station.
    Making a loud noise and shouting at such morons will have some effect if not on them on the other passengers at least and on the TTE to say the least. You should have proceeded to file a written complaint against the TTE. Next time around ask your husband to claim he is from the vigilance department and that he will take departmental action if the TTE doesnt act, this ruse usually works.

  53. What you did was right, Garima. Being afraid is normal and I can’t dare to imagine what you must have gone through. Women is not safe in our country. Not even if she is traveling with her family. :(

  54. This is really very disturbing. Let me share one of my observation: people in 3rd AC are better generally as they are salaried employee while in 2nd AC, crowd is really very cheap because they are most of the time people who are not travelling by their money but on the govt. money due to nature of their job/quota……

  55. This incident is disgusting and yet I could picture so many of my friends acting in the same way, especially the business owners from my small town. Try to imagine Mr. Fat Guy travelling alone and he would be acting in a completely different manner, that’s for sure. Indian men find courage in groups. (Maybe I am just oversimplifying now, but that probably explains the high prevalence of gang rapes in our country too)

    I am glad you were safe and I hope I could find the strength to stand up to these bullies if and when I encounter such incident first hand.

    You should research the legality of carrying a licensed firearm in our trains. Something to consider if you are a frequent traveler.

    • Totally agree with you. We are not even wolves, we are just a like jackals, we behave bad only when we are in a pack. Makes it all the way more disgusting.

  56. How mean and extremely disturbing was that! If a few men cannot stop themselves from abusing a woman, in the presence of her husband, two small children and hundreds of passengers, then what will ! How come these anti social elements get to travel in AC coaches ? What does the absence of proper security or policemen inside trains tell us ?

    One does not need a masters in Rocket Science to know what not to speak in the presence of children ! And what kind of cheap language did they speak when your children were there ! This is totally unbeleivable and intolerable to say the least.

    I am sharing this. Just to inform other women that AC coaches or international flights are not places where you can take safety for granted.

  57. those men, who were fathers of children themselves, did this in the presence of children? that’s the most disgusting part of this whole thing. sheesh! bet they got the seats also after some last minute palm greasing, hence the separate seats.

  58. This is horrible. Why don’t you publish the Journey dates and atleast one of their seat number. They broke so many rules of Railway laws by their act. Scum of the earth, all of them !

  59. Shocked perhaps is a smaller word for this. I can completely understand what you must have gone through. I had an almost similar experience traveling back from Jodhpur once. And nothing could be done by anyone around. What can you even say to such people. And to think they are around us, living among us and at times even related to us… seriously very sad..

  60. Garima, finally you decided to share it in your blog though as you said earlier you didn’t want to post something you wanted to forget badly. Even if those guys come across your post, they won’t be ashamed. They will have a good laugh. Indian Railways have one more feather to the cap: A bar attached train service! Many TTEs are part of such gangs.

    • Sibichen, Who cares about those retards anyways. They may go to hell or whatever they wish to. I have not spent my time & energy for them. This post is strictly for HUMANS.Educated animals can read it & laugh as much as they like. I am not concerned. World is full of strange species anyways.
      I don’t need any attention from system or related department either. Its there menace & its up to them to clear their shit. I have shared this experience just to let people know how disgusting some retards can get & welcome some suggestions to deal with these morons. If you have one do share.

      • I was thinking about making a trip on rajdhani next month but after reading your blog have changed my mind. All the memories of the past just got refreshed! :-( I am glad you and your family are safe.
        We can’t label these rowdy and sick in brain men as animals as animals are much better behaved. There are no stringent laws which protects women’s right and most of us do not have time to follow up with the law for months. I remember I lodged a complaint and even though the guy apologized, I was always watching my back till I decided to move out of the city.

  61. I cannot believe it… what slime!!!!!!!!

    I am so sorry you had to suffer this disgusting behaviour… I couldn’t understand the parts you wrote in Hindi but from how you felt after it I can guess it was horrid.

    I love your end message ‘Change the mind set . Don’t shout only when your house is on fire. Think about others . Be responsive & caring.’

    I hope you, and no one else, has to suffer this again!!!! especially children :(

    Lauren x

    • Lauren, its a shame that we are a part of this society filled with many morons & rest dumb spectators.My experience was bad but somehow things didnt go out of hand. May be I was lucky. But even when the situation take ugly turn , do any where care to intervene. NO. That’s the whole point.


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