Ormen Lange Park Stavanger: A Prefect Recreational Area

We often wonder whether to go on a weekend particularly when you are not feeling adventurous. Children wish to go to a place whether they can roam around freely without any obstructions. Ormen Lange ticks all the boxes.

Ormen Lange is a nice little park/recreational area in Rogaland (Stavanger, Norway)perfect for a family picnic, birthday party, or small outdoor get-together.

It has a good hiking place, beautiful fjords & calm surroundings. This is more like a small nook tucked away in a neighborhood.

Ormen Lange Park in Rogaland



1. Take your family for a lovely picnic

Ormen Lange Rogaland

Stavanger has many places for recreation including parks, Museums, Nature centers, beaches & hiking places. 

I, personally, do not prefer going to indoor places like malls & movie theaters. When you have so many options to go out why stay indoors.

Ormen Lange is a good option for a family picnic. Just pack some sandwiches, drinks & you are good to go. It is a good option for families with small kids. 

The water is shallow, nice little sand beach, and plenty of places to run around. Your kids will love it here!

2. The company of Great Vikings

Ormen Lange Vikings Statues

Whatever I know about Viking is from the ‘Viking’ series on Netflix. It was a pleasant surprise to see these giant statues of Viking Gods installed in Ormen Lange.

I was looking for some text or description to know about them a bit more but there wasn’t any information available here or at least I didn’t find any.

I am sure there must be great folklores or stories about these Viking gods. People like me who are so much interested in the history & culture of the place would love to know the illustrious tales of these demigods.

If anyone of you knows about the details, pls share them with us in the comment section below.

3. Enjoy the gorgeous Fjords

Ormen Lange Fjords

Fjords should be the ‘unofficial’ name of Norway. I mean look at the sheer number of fjords this gorgeous country has & how magnificent do they look!

Your Norway trip can’t be complete without two things, Northern lights & Fjords. Whenever you visit Norway don’t forget to take a trip to FJORDS, hike a great MOUNTAIN & witness nature’s own light show ‘Northern Lights’  or NORDLYS as they call it in Norwegian.  

Ormen Lange has a lovely beach & fjord. Take a walk up the hills & you will be treated to this amazing view. This a wooden bench installed at the top in case you want to sit & sort your thoughts. ( At least I do that, pretty often)


4. Kids-friendly Park

Ormen Lange Beach

Much to our amusements, the kids actually took over the area & had absolute fun. Ormen Lange beach is safe for kids to play around with shallow water & plenty of green space.

You can catch up on your book or sit while the kids will do a ‘treasure hunt’ ‘Viking fight’ & whatnot.

A small play area nearby lures kids from the neighborhood. We saw a bunch of kids running around with their plastic toy swords & baskets.

Thankfully we bought waterproof clothes & shoes with us & let the kids have a fun time at the beach. You could also pack an extra set of clothes in case. It will save your car from getting covered in beach sand on the way back home.

5. Enjoy a bonfire

Ormen Lange park

The fire has an important place in all cultures. Even if it doesn’t have any religious significance, fire is considered pious across all cultures and religions. Many festivals are often celebrated around the fire. 

In India, we have a festival called ‘Holi’ the festival of colors. On Holi eve, every neighborhood has its own huge bonfire. People gather around the fire, sing, dance, roast newly harvested grains & pray. All in great spirits!

Bonfire has its own charm when it comes to family or community gatherings. Who doesn’t love to roast marshmallows? 

Ormen Lange has a small firepit perfect for a bonfire. Plan a trip with your friends or family and enjoy a nice day with warm food and great company. 

6. A relaxing small beach

Ormen Lange recreational area

Do you agree that sometimes small things in life matter more than grand stuff? Well, I do. I have been to many popular places yet some of the most gorgeous places are often hidden in plain sight. 

You won’t find them in searches or recommendations. It’s up to you to explore the unexplored.

Although Ormen Lange is not relatively unknown I haven’t seen it pop up in the popular searches or list. 

It’s a small beach where you can sit, walk or just relax on a nice sunny day. There aren’t many people visiting this place hence you will not have trouble finding a nice spot and spending good family time.


7. Go for a hike

Ormen Lange Hike

People love to hike in Norway.  There is no dearth of hiking places in Norway. In fact, when we were looking for a place to rent when we planned to move to Stavanger, ‘Nice hiking place nearby’ was one standard ‘amenity’ in most of the house ads. That says a lot about the love for hiking.

Ormen Lange has a nice short hike nearby suitable for all ages. Kids will love to run up & down. The view from the top is spectacular.

When we reached the top we didn’t expect such a lovely view.

8. Feed the swans


Buy a loaf of bread whenever you plan to visit Ormen Lange. Kids love to feed the swans and ducks. These lovely birds quickly gather around when they see you with ‘food’.

If your kids are a fan of Peppa pig ( mine are), they would love to feed ‘Mrs. Duck’ & family.

We chanced upon seeing a ‘Duck Family’ hiding in the bushes. They rushed out when we threw some bread pieces in their direction. Such a cute family I must say.

9. Take a dip in the water

Feeling hot, take a dip in clear water. The water is clean and shallow ideal for young kids. It is even good for kayaking. 

In the evening, the place looks spectacular. I can just imagine how beautiful it must look every day. Reflection of rays on the water, warm hues of the evening sun making it so poetic.

We were here in winter hence venturing in the water was out of the question. However, it is worth visiting again in the summer to enjoy the water.

10. Collect Shells or go fishing

Ormen Lange Viking

My kids, especially my daughter, love to collect shells & colored stones from beaches. They have a nice collection boosting of rocks, pebbles, shiny shells & whatnot.

Let your kids do a ‘Treasure Hunt’ and show off their bounty at the end of the day. If you wish, you may grab a basket & find some collectibles too. ( if at all you are not planning to read a book or catch a nap)

Fishing is another popular activity around this place.

Additional Information about Ormen Lange

Address– Nordsjøen

Opening Hours – 24 Hours Open

Parking – Available


Parting Words

Ormen Lange is a small recreational place good for a small get together or family picnic. If you love nature outdoors, this place won’t disappoint you in any way.

We had fun here & were quite surprised by the Viking Statues installed here. However,  wish they had provided some information on it as well. It would have been so informative & fun.

Let me know in the comments section below if you have any information regarding the statue or the artist.

Happy weekend!


Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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