Oryukdo Skywalk Busan: Top 3 Things to do

Oryukdo Skywalk is one of the major tourist attractions of Busan. It gives you a spectacular view of the endless blue sea & majestic mountains. It is also one of the National Cultural Heritage Scenic Spot in South Korea.

There is a lot more to this place than just sightseeing. It’s a perfect place for nature lovers, a visual treat for photographers, a challenging trail for adventure lovers. It’s a complete package deal if you are planning a day trip.


Things to do at Oryukdo Skywalk

Enjoy nature

This place looks straight out of a fairytale. No matter which side you look, you will see greenery, lovely colorful flowers, all shades of blue & deep grays.

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk

15 meters long glass bridge gives a perfect opportunity for photo ops. The backdrop is spellbinding. If you go on a bright sunny day, you will be able to see Daemado Island.

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk


Travel Tip: If you happen to go on a public holiday, be prepared for a long queue. The wait could be little exhausting. Take along some munchies, cover yourself with sunblock & have a good amount of water. Summer sun in Korea could be really harsh!


Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk


Not for faint-hearted for sure :D…

Do not worry about the safety aspect, though. The Skywalk was recently constructed in 2013. It has 12mm glass section which is coated with bulletproof film. So don’t look down just go for it ;)

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk

You will have to cover your feet with the shoe cover. So much for the cleanliness & maintenance. No wonder every tourist spot in South Korea is clean & well kept :)



Go for Hiking

Oryukdo island offers a nice hiking experience. The hiking course is about 4.7km from  Oryukdo Sunrise Park – Nongbawi Rock – Eoulmadang – Dongsaengmal.

Hiking is quite a popular sport in South Korea. You will find plenty of sports shops selling sports equipment & sportswear. No wonder Korean are so fit & agile :)

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk


Go cruising at Oryukdo Island Ship Dock


You can take a ferry from the Oryukdo island dock.  It operates from 6.30 am till 16.30. It takes around 40 minutes for the round trip. On its way, you will see Baekunpo seawall, Oryukdo Island, Deungdaeseom Island  & Deungdaeseom Island.

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk

You can’t get a better view of Daemado Island from anywhere else!

Ticket price for Cruise

Adult : W 10,000

Children from 7-13: W 5,000

Children below 7: Free

More pictures of Oryukdo Skywalk


Let me leave with some breathtaking pictures of this place. Whenever you visit the site, do let me know what was your experience. For me, it was a memory to behold :)

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk Waves splashing against the mighty rocks making a melody :)


Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk

Can it get any better than this? Look at the color contrast. :)

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk

Loved the contract Striking grey & cool blue water!

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk View from the top! The endless sky & sea makes it a perfect location for photography & sightseeing.

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk


How to get to Oryukdo Skywalk


Address: 137, Oryukdo-ro, Nam-gu, Busan

How to Get There: Subway: At Busan station line 1, come out from exit 10. Board bus No. 27

You can also take Busan City Tour to reach the destination. You can explore many other Busan attractions as well. ( I opted for the tour & totally loved it ) :D

Picturesque Oryukdo Skywalk


As always, the dynamic city Busan has given me another wonderful day. I totally loved Oryukdo Skywalk on a bright sunny day. I love the warmth of this city. Every time I come to Busan I promise myself to return soon to explore it more.

I am sure you want to know more about this city. Stay connected at Sweet Sharing to get the regular update & travel stories. Until then happy Travelling :)

Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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