A Painless Motherhood

 “It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.”

— Dorothy, The Golden Girls

Pain during childbirth is considered one of the most excruciating pains often deterring women from going for  a natural child birth . There are many cultural stigmas attached with the child birth.

The agony of labor is considered as a necessary evil . The more pain a woman bears during child birth , the stronger is the bond between mother & child .However ,scientifically, there is absolutely no evidence that women who went through hard labor are better mothers than the ones who opted for a painless delivery.

A Painless Motherhood


Here are some of the reactions from women who had painful labors .

“I knew I wanted every pain relief going. I would rather be happy than suffer. I had gas and air, pethidine and then the epidural, which was bliss.”

“My original birth plan just said: ‘Epidural’. Nobody should feel guilty or that they’re not a proper woman if they have pain relief during labour.” 


“My second labour was agony. If I could have nicked the keys to the controlled medicines cabinet I would have.”

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Reasons to support ‘Painless delivery ‘ 

Fear of Labor pain – Except for few , delivery is a painful experience for most of the women . It is rated as one of the most severe pains known to human kind . The reason many women shy away from the natural birth is prolonged labor & painful delivery . The fear of pain engulf their minds  hardly giving them any chance to enjoy their pregnancy or bond with the new life taking shape inside .

Opting for a medical intervention is purely a personal choice depending upon a person’s past experience ,health condition & pain threshold. It has to  be the woman’s call  where she wants to go for a nature birth or use an intervention. A painless Motherhood is a woman’s right .

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Unplanned Pregnancies :-  There is an  alarming number of unmarried  mothers delivering & bringing up kids alone. The  responsibilities of  rearing a child born out of wedlock generally fall on the shoulders of women . In most of the cases , the families distant themselves from the girls . They are left with practically no support system .

Same goes with the rape victims . They have to handle the pregnancies completely on their own with hardly any support or advise . Unfortunately some times it is not even possible to terminate the pregnancy due to many reasons like victim’s age , stage of pregnancy , after effects of abortion etc . In such cases , victims have no choice but to go ahead with the pregnancy .Considering the mental turmoil they are already subjected to, it is barbaric to put them through the trauma of  hard labor & painful delivery. The least we can do for them is to give them a painless motherhood .

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Side Effects of  Pain medications & Epidurals :- Now a days thee are several ways to reduce the delivery pain through medication , epidurals &  c -section . It is imperative to mention that none of the above method is side-effects proof . The usage of pain killers during delivery is a subject of constant debt in the medical world . A large section of medical personals support its usage but there are also a section that condemn it .However It is always advisable to evaluate the pros & cons of these method before going for them .

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Early marriage & Pregnancy :- In many parts of the world ,including India , early marriage or child marriage is still prevalent . Girls are married as soon as attaining puberty or sometimes even before that . Due to lack of basic education or proper advice they hardly use any  birth control methods . This result is early pregnancy , abortions , pregnancy related complication & many a times even death .

A Painless Motherhood

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Many health organisations & NGO’s are working towards educating people about the evils of early marriage .Still it is a one of the major social issue the world is facing today . Girls are forced into it due to poverty , illiteracy, Social practices  & religious beliefs . It would take years to bring about  any change in the present scenario . Up till then we can at least reduce the agony by inventing a medicine that reduces the excruciating pain these minor girls have to go through during child birth without interfering with the natural process .

A Painless Motherhood

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Pain is Inevitable , Suffering is Optional

I wish I could formulate a medicine that eased out labor pain without obstructing the natural process of child birth or having any side effects. Motherhood is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world . Every woman has a right to be a mother . It has to be a pleasant experience for them without any fear , pain or anxiety . Its not the pain that creates a bond between a mother & child . In fact pain has nothing to do with it . A woman who has a painless delivery is no less a woman or a mother than the ones who went through hours of hard labor. Its purely love & care that bring together a mother & child, not Pain ! 


This post is written for Project 365 . Thank you team for the wonderful prompt ( If you could create a painless , inexpensive cure for a single ailment , What would you cure & why ? )  .Apologies for deviating from the prompt . Motherhood is neither an ailment nor needs any cure .Yet it is one of the phenomena that effects every single soul on this earth .Hence I thought it needs to be a pleasant experience.

Don’t kill me for this 😀 . AND I immensely enjoyed writing for it 🙂