What comes to your mind when you think of traveling for business purposes? What are the things that should be kept in mind while planning a sojourn? One of the most important aspects is your luggage. Whether you are going for a short family vacay, or for a high-class business trip, the luggage you carry often defines your personality. Unlike the hitchhiker or those going on a family trip, the business traveler has a different set of requirements. Pick the right suitcase for business travel that meets all your requirements. 

 Pick The Best Suitcase For Business Travel

Things to consider when you pick a suitcase for business travel

1.Sort Out The Purpose You Are Going For

If you are going for a short 2- or 3-day business trip, you would do well to opt for a carry-on luggage. A carry-on luggage is a bag, which is less that 21 inches in height, is both easy to carry and easy to keep. This can be stowed away easily on the flight.

You can keep it in the overhead compartment.  This is both spacious, as well as easy to carry. It is sufficient to hold stuff for a 2- to 3-day business tour.

Those planning for a longer business trip can opt for a lightweight suitcase, which is both easy to carry as well as not that heavy. Portability is also important as the business traveler may be constantly on the move.

Pick The Best Suitcase For Business Travel

2.Hair side And Softside

Before choosing your suitcase, make sure you decide whether you want a hard side suitcase or a soft side one.

Softside, as the name suggests, are nylon- or canvas-like baggage, which don’t have the firm outer layer. On the other hand, hardest ones are those with a hard outer layer, which is good if you are looking for a luggage to be strong and durable.

However, both the types of bags have their own set of pros and cons. A soft side suitcase is more flexible than the hard side one. They are also more expandable and can include more items as compared to the hard side suitcases.The soft side is the best option for those business travelers who are planning to bring back some extra goodies for themselves while returning.

Pick The Best Suitcase For Business Travel

3.Spinner Wheels or The Inline Fixed

You don’t want to be the person lagging behind, especially due to your luggage? Well, in that case, make your choices wisely. One of the major considerations while buying a suitcase or luggage bags are the choice of wheels- Spinner Wheels or the in-line fixed wheels.

Spinner wheels over the in-line fixed ones are better, as they offer ease of movement.

The in-line fixed wheels can be troublesome and don’t offer flexible move. The spinner wheels are both flexible and easy to operate. One can operate the wheel in any direction according to their needs.

Pick The Best Suitcase For Business Travel

Which Is Important: Weight or Looks?

Your travel bag reveals a lot about you. Especially when you are traveling for a business tour, carrying the right type of luggage is really important.

To be more comfortable and flexible, always consider the two basic options before purchasing a suitcase: weight or the design.

Choose the luggage which is both light weight as well as classy. You don’t want to wait in the baggage arrival section and choose from an array of similar-looking bags! Always purchase bags which are both classy, unique, and at the same time easy to spot.At the same time, important to not have a very heavy bag as you might use up all your luggage allowance!


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