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Places to Visit In Kochi: Complete city guide

Places to Visit In Kochi: Complete city guide

Kochi is a picturesque metropolitan city in Kerala. The god’s own country Kerala, as we all know, is such a beautiful place. Kochi is a small hidden gem of it. There are so many places to visit in Kochi that you would need a personalized itinerary for it.

The place has unmatched natural beauty. The never-ending row of palm and coconut trees, smooth rivers, dense forest, and lovely backwaters are a gift of nature to this state. If you are a travel enthusiast, Kerala should top the list of must-visit places in India.

Best Places to visit in Kochi for one day trip

Club Mahindra Resort Cherai Beach Aluva Kerala

I prefer a place away from the chaos, relaxing and gives us plenty of opportunities to explore nature and surroundings. Kochi has definitely lived up to the expectation.

If you just have 24hrs, I would recommend these places for a day trip to Kochi.

1. Cherai Beach

The stunning Cherai beach in Aluva is a must-see. We lived in a lovely beachfront property, Club Mahindra Resort Cherai Beach in Aluva. The resort is spread in a vast area between the backwaters on one side & beach on the other.

Enjoy the houseboat ride during the day & catch the magnificent sunset. It is probably one of the best sunset I have seen.

2. Fort Kochi

If you are a fan of Colonial Architecture, You will surely admire Ford Kochi for its Portugual & British inspired architecture. The heritage buildings build on seaside has lovely art galleries, quint church, Fort Kochi Beach to take a stroll.

You must preferably go during the morning hours to save yourself from heat, humidity & Smell of fishes. You will get to see the original burial place of Vasco Da Gama.

3. Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

Santa Cruz Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Kerala. It was built in 1558, destroyed during the British rule but reconstructed & proclaimed in 1984. The influence of Gothic architecture is clearly visible.

4. Kumbalangi

Kumbalangi was a surprise for me. It is a small island village in Kochi. It gives a true glimpse of the village life of Kerala. The small houses, Chinese fishing nets, dry fishes paint a lovely picture of rural Kerala.

The unique initiative of the Kumbalangi Village Project has completely Transformed it into a Model Fishing Village. Currently, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Kochi.

5. Marine Drive

Not just Mumbai, even Kochi has its Marine Drive & a good one at that. Hit the Marine Drive during the dawn. The area buzz with activities. There are several eateries & shops around the place.

Why should you visit Kochi?

1.Peaceful and serene

That’s the first thing I look for when I make a travel plan. You want to get away from the hustle and bustle of your life. The last thing you would want is it gets stuck in yet another crowded place. Kochi & places near it are quiet and peaceful. There aren’t many tourists or tourism activities around. It’s one of the reasons that the place has yet maintained its natural charm.

2. Modern amenities

First of all, the place is well connected and has all the modern facilities. ( we checked into a resort. You need to check the facilities/amenities with your hotel/resort). Nowadays most of the hotel/resorts have a series of activities planned for the guests. Some resorts like ours have an activity area for kids. Hence you don’t have to worry about your kids getting bored. Take a sip of your martini while the kids have fun. :)

3. Experience the local culture and cuisine

The place has retained its natural charm. You will get a nice idea about the lifestyle of locals if you take a walk around. I  am a morning person who loves to catch the first ray of the sun. That’s why I Wake up early and get your camera ready.

I chanced upon seeing the fishermen/ women at work. It is unbelievable to see that they go in neck-deep or even deeper water and catch mussels and fishes. They do it for hours on end. It’s sheer hard work. I was amazed!


Things to do in Kochi


Club Mahindra Resort Cherai Beach Aluva Kerala

1. Houseboats are romantic

Duh, do I even need to mention this? :D

Ditch your regular hotel suite or luxury resort and take a houseboat ( mind you, they are no less than a super-luxurious suite). It comes with a fully functional kitchen, bedrooms, restrooms, deck, a minibar, butler and a private chef. What else do u need for a perfect vacation?

2. Chinese Fishing Net

Chinese fishing net used in Kochi has a lovely history which dates back to 14th century. Check them out at Fort Kochi or Kumbalangi. Kublai Khan, an emperor introduced this unique equipment to locals.

3. Museum Hopping

Nothing gives a better peak in the history, art & culture of a place than its museums. Visit The Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum that houses close to four thousand artifacts & installations.

Where & What to eat?


Places to Visit In Kochi: Complete city guide

It has stunning river banks, amazing temples, and delicious food. We tried Troilogi Restaurant (serves authentic Kerala home-style food) Restaurant 51 ( which was Malabari food heaven) and The Rice Boat ( I loved the extensive menu & service).

The list for places to eat in Kochi will go on and on as you have so many options. They have authentic places for Kerala food, Malabari, Seafood joints, Italian ( won’t recommend much but if you are with kids you can’t avoid it! )

Pro tip: The climate is usually hot and humid. Better pack up the clothing and travel gears accordingly

Best way to Explore Kochi


Places to Visit In Kochi: Complete city guide

Take a trip around the town if you are not one of those ‘hire-a-guide’ sorts. Get a taste of village life. How simple is the life of people here! It will give you a different perspective on life. Trips to such faraway places are so refreshing.

Although the demography, culture, cuisine and just about everything is so different. Still, It brings you closer to the people around you. Maybe, it’s not a perfect vacation spot but it is surely going to be a great memory. I look forward to exploring other corners of Kerala because this was my maiden visit to God’s own country.


Best Shopping places in Kochi

Kochi has so many places to shop in. It is famous for spices, traditional clothing, handicraft & Jewelry. Your trip will not be complete with a trip to famous shopping centers and markets of Kochi.

Take boat rides, eat some local food at restaurants ( nothing fancy though) & shop for knick-knacks at the stalls.

I would recommend shopping for some traditional clothes, Jewelry & spices. Actually, the list of things that you can buy from Kochi is so extensive that I have written a post just dedicated to it. You can read the famous things to buy in Kochi here.

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