We are living in a very volatile world. Every now & then we tend to offend or get offended knowingly or unknowingly. Without realizing that our actions & words could make or break a long relationship, we often overreact in any given situation. Disagreements are bound to happen in any relationship. It is important to ease out the differences & maintain harmony in a relationship. So How do we avoid argument & settle disputes amicably? Let’s have a look at some useful & friendly relationship tips for a happy & long lasting relationship.

Relationship Tips: How To Avoid Argument & Initiate Discussion?

Here are some useful relationship tips that  will help to avoid argument & initiate discussion. Let’s discuss the same in detail.

1.Watch You tone

When we are angry we tend to raise our voice, use violent gestures or inappropriate words. While the matter might get sorted in some time but the scares of the harsh words remain forever. We must avoid hurtful words at any cost especially if you are arguing in front of your young kids. The best practice is to excuse yourselves & talk in a room avoiding any unpleasant display of aggressive behavior in front of your family members.


2. Do not react immediately

People who are over reactive, hyper-emotional or short tempered usually react aggressively without considering the consequences. If you fall into any of the above categories, you MUST surely give yourself time to calm down. We argue when we think that the other person is not right. We argue when we think it is the only way to have our way. It is not correct. Many a time, an argument takes away the spirit of communication which is to convey your view. Think, Stay Calm & ACT not REACT!




3. Carefully Access what you want to convey

Sometimes in a fit of rage, we deviate from  the main topic. We say things that we didn’t want to say at all. Hurtful things that cause more damage than bringing the argument to a plausible conclusion. It is always advisable to think ‘WHAT’ you want to convey & ‘HOW’ you want to convey.

” You should have done this’ is always better than ‘ You haven’t done this’. Allegation is never a constructive way to discuss a problem. Try to look for solutions rather than engaging in hollow arguments.


4. Winning is not always important

In a relationship, agreements & disagreements are bound to happen. Two individuals from different backgrounds, families & upbringing can’t always have the same opinion. Avoid the urge of having the upper hand in every argument. It will simply escalate the situation rather than coming to a proper conclusion.

Relationships require nurturing. Your response & approach to a problem highly determines the fate of your relationship as well as the peace at your home!


5. Carefully chose your words

Dictating others choice or opinion is totally unacceptable in a relationship. We shouldn’t let anxiety, frustration or anger take over our sense of goodness. Saying hurtful things can only cause damage to the relationship. Think before you speak. What is your point of discussion, what do you want to gain from the discussion? How can you express your feelings without anger taking over your mind?

6. Listen, don’t just hear

Listening is an art & key to quality communication. Instead of judging the other person by the tone of his/her voice tries to analyze the cause of their emotional outburst. What triggered such an extreme behavior? Could it be neglect from your part? Or something you said that could not have gone down well? Many small things that we often tend to neglect often build up & leads to extreme outbursts.

Listen what your partner is trying to convey. Make notes what you can do to improve the situation & avoid future conflicts. Every experience can either strengthen or weaken your relationship. If you analyze the causes carefully, you can easily avoid the recurrence. This is one of the most crucial relationship advice/Tips that every couple must follow

7. Apologize & accept apologies

Apologizing never makes anyone smaller or inferior. It simply means that you want to end the strife & carry on with your life. You should not let negative emotions hurt your relationship in a long run. Words are spoken in a fit of rage often causes irreversible damage. Take responsibility for your action. Make sure to ease out the pain of your partner. Even if you have not caused the pain, you can help your partner to come out of their problem. A heartfelt apology or a few words of reassurance can contribute to a happy & long lasting relationship

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