Review: Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions

Babies are precious. They need special gentle care on a daily basis. There is a wide range of baby care brands & products available in the market.One brand that stands out among the group is Aveeno Baby. Their products contain Active Naturals® Colloidal Oatmeal which has many skin benefits. Here is a complete review of Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions. 

Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solution has Aveeno baby Wash And shampoo,  soothing relief moisturizing wash, soothing relief moisturizing cream and Baby Daily moisture Lotion.

The key ingredient in Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions

The key ingredient in Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions is Active Naturals® Colloidal Oatmeal. Colloidal oatmeal is powder resulting from the grinding and further processing of whole oat grain. Each component is associated with skin care benefits. It is one of the most preferred ingredients and recommended by Dermatologists for over 60 years.

Review: Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions

 Wash And shampoo

Review: Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions

 Soothing relief moisturizing wash

Review: Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions

Soothing relief moisturizing cream

Review: Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions

Daily moisture Lotion

Review: Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions

Benefits of Active Naturals® Colloidal Oatmeal:

Colloidal Oatmeal is one of the few natural ingredients to be recognized as a skin protectant for use on itchy, irritated skin.

Moisturizes: proteins and polysaccharides hold moisture within the skin

Protects: forms a fine protective barrier to prevent water loss

Soothes: actively calms redness and itch caused by inflammation

Cleanse: granules of colloidal oatmeal act as micro-sponges to absorb dirt and dead skin cells

pH restores: helps to restore pH in normal skin conditions where pH level has increased.

Why Aveeno’s natural ingredients stand out:

Choosing the right natural

One of the most noteworthy points is that only a specific grade of oat grown in specific geographies of the world is used.

  • Colloidal oatmeal is made from food-grade, non-GMO oat (Avena sativa) grown in Canada, Northern US, and France
  • These regions provide an ideal environment for oat to grow-  Cool, dry climates and well-drained soils
  • Oat grains with high protein content are selected for colloidal oatmeal production.

Processing in a specific way

A very complex and specific process is required to create effective colloidal oat and to purify extracts

  • The whole manufacturing process is achieved without the use of any chemical solvents.
  • Extra fine colloidal oatmeal (resulting from the fine grinding and further processing of whole oat grain) allows for the better delivery of oat benefits.
  • The production of the colloidal oatmeal used in Aveeno® products comes from a dedicated production line. It assures high-quality standards, which Johnson & Johnson have mastered.


Why do I recommend Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions?

I have been using these products for over a period of two months now. The results of are quite evident. The skin is smoother, well hydrated and visibly healthier.  I don’t need to moisturize my children’s skin time and again in a day. It is fragrance-free which is yet another plus for this range.

Finally, you have products that are Paraben-free, Tear-free, and Phthalate– free. The products are gentle and less intrusive on the baby skin which is especially relevant when you pick a baby care product.



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