Review – Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai



Review – Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai

Indian wedding is all about luxury & grandiose. With increasing number of globe-trotting & fashion forward people around , planning & executing a perfect wedding becomes an uphill task .With the passage of time the scale & grandeur of weddings have increased many folds . Today , we often hear of weddings that are nothing less than  a fairy tale .

Wedding , Venue & all  Razzmatazz 

Wedding is one of the most anticipated & important event in a one’s life.  Whats makes these events so memorable & grand ? In bid to check it myself ( I was lucky to have been invited)  I attended a wedding Fair at Courtyard Marriott , Mumbai.  I wanted to have a first hand experience of what make a warm & vibrant family event , grand & opulent.


Review - Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai


 Venue & Decor :-  The Plush Hotel & situated in the heart of the Maximum city. It provide the pleasure of a grand wedding with choicest of decor to suit your requirement. The venue is of at most importance when it comes to any event .& if the event in question is a wedding, it becomes all the more crucial to pick the right one. 

Courtyard Marriott Mumbai, is an excellent choice when it comes to organizing an event , corporate or personal. Its welcoming ambiance  , spacious interior & efficient services makes it  worth considering. This place is well-connected by road & situated in the heart of the city .They can host an event for up to 600-700 people at a time , allowing you to have excellent time with all your near & dear ones.


Review - Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai


Right after finalizing the venue , the next big challenge is Decor. It never easy to get the perfect amalgam of  your requirement & budget .That’s when the services from a profession is comes in handy. Wedding fairs provide a platform for services providers & seeker to meet & exchange ideas. They brilliantly bring your dream into reality & seamlessly incorporate their professional touches to make it look lavish.

Review - Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai


Clothes , Jewelry & Make up -The three dreaded challenges 

Every bride is a princess & groom is a prince on their wedding day . They want nothing but the best to make the most important day of their lives memorable. They would cherish the memories for rest of their lives. So when you are the center of attention in a room packed with most important people in your life, you have no option but to look gorgeous.

The famous designer Sabyasachi said ” Luxury is something where handicrafts come in,time comes in,labor comes in and love comes in.”  And what’s greater place for best handicraft items than India. Right from clothes to jewelry , shoes to bags. Made to perfection at your instruction. All you need to do is to coordinate with the designer of your choice & convey your ideas and budget. In the deal , you save yourself from countless rounds to fashion stores & boutiques. 


Review - Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai


Here , I am checking out some amazing weddings costumes at ‘Mohini’s ‘ stall at wedding fair. They showcased their latest wedding collection in bright colors, an all time favorite.The silhouettes were clean & classic but embroidery & fabric combination was superb.



Buying jewelry from old fashion jewelry store is a passe. You can get beautiful customized jewelry exactly the way you want it without compromising on design or look. You can match it with the applique work of your wedding trousseau or get your favorite motif engrave with your lucky stone. The choice is endless. Customized jewelry ca take up to  a month or more depending on the intricacy of work . But its all worth it .

I tried a beautiful piece by label ‘Dru‘ which is yet to be launched . They exhibited some amazing fashion jewelry mainly consisting of pieces from their Rajwara & Maharani collection. The range starts from 3,000 to 70,000.



Make up can make or break your look literally. A make up done well can make you look like million bucks . The celebrated make up Artist “Bharat & Dorris ” provide personalized deal for bridal make up . They have skilled professionals who take care of every strand of your hair & each contour of your face. With an experience of 25 years in this field , you can rest assured that they will make you look simply stunning on your D-day.

Review - Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai


Food , Fun & Frolic


Delia Smith once said ” Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed… I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself. ” 

Good food is like a finale of  an event . If the food you serve is excellent you are bound to receive compliments. It is extremely important to plan a balanced  wedding menu. One must keep in mind the seasonality , variety , food choices of guest & most important ,cost.

Review - Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai


I had a word with Banquet/ Wedding chef Uday Karmalkar . He threw light on what goes into planning a wedding menu, what all factors are considered before zeroing on a list. He along with the host family decide the menu.A proper tasting , in presence of chef & family member , is done. The whole process is systematic & leave little room for errors. With such accuracy & precision you are surelygoing to take your guest on gastronomical voyage & win hearts !!

Review – Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai


Verdict :- It was 3rd Wedding fair organised by Courtyard Marriott. It was a well organised event.However one wish to see more exhibitors taking part in it.The more the options ,the better .And the event should have been advertised more.

Wedding planning has emerged as  one of the fastest growing business in the world .They take care of almost everything . Now you can  chose your vendors or simply hire a wedding planner & sit back and enjoy your special day.

If you are a groom/bride to be , this is place that will solve all your wedding woes.If u have missed this wedding fair look out for the one next year……..

Review - Wedding fair at Courtyard Marriott Mumbai

{P.s – Special thanks to Mr. Alyosius & Ms. Spenta from Courtyard Marriott, for helping me with the write -up.It wouldn’t have been possible without your support :) } 

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