Sweet Talks: Ritesh Verma Author Of Mystical Emotions

Ritesh Verma is the debutant author of ‘Mystical Emotions‘. It is a collection of poems based on various aspects of life or in Ritesh’s word unanswered questions of life. He is a filmmaker & was recently conferred at LA short film Festival. Much like his famed cousin, Nikhil Chandwani,  Ritesh is a multi-faceted person as well.

Sweet Talks: Ritesh Verma Author Of Mystical Emotions

 Sweet Talks with Ritesh Verma about his book Mystical Emotions

1.Tell us a little about yourself. We will love to know you more! 

Well, I am an engineering student in VIT University ( like many others) still pursuing my undergraduate, I love storytelling through my writings and short films.I believe in taking life lightly and finding happiness in small things rather crying over things which we don’t have. I am a day- dreamer and a night owl and someone who still praise silences and long walks and last but not the least I prefer tea over coffee.

2. This is your debut book. What motivated you to start your journey as a writer?

I have been writing since quite a while now, trying to express my emotions and observations through writing, a lot of incidents which happened in my life motivated me to write more and more, writing is more like a therapy to me and a road to peace. And that is why the name of the book is Mystical Emotions because its not just a collection of poems rather it is a journey of emotions.


3. What motivates you to chase your dream?

The pursuit of happiness and satisfaction is what keeps me going, ten years from now I don’t want to look back and regret rather I want to be satisfied with my career and my work.
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4.What are your biggest strengths & fears as a debutant writer?

Starting my career at a young age is what I feel my biggest strength is because I have more time to learn, adapt and try new things and biggest fear is the thought of being unable to fulfill the expectations of my closed ones.

5. Is writing only a passion or have you considered it making a full-time profession?

Well, it’s a difficult one to answer you never know what life holds up for you the next day and you should always be ready to adapt to changes, for now on writing makes me feel free and happy so yes it is my passion and profession, in future lets see what else is waiting for me.


6. Who is your favorite writer & why?

Nikhil Chandwani, he has been an inspiration to me from the very beginning. The milestones that he has achieved at such a young age is remarkable


7.What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Writing my fourth or a fifth book maybe.
8. Any message to the readers?
Just don’t give up, whatever you are doing just keep doing it and stay patient everything falls into place eventually. And last but not the least do order Mystical Emotions.
Sweet Talks: Ritesh Verma Author Of Mystical Emotions
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