Scuba Diving In Goa: 10 Best & Affordable Places with details

Goa is, undoubtedly, the most happening place in India. The vibe & atmosphere is just undeniable. You won’t get that kind of experience anywhere else. But Goa is not just about numerous beaches, trendy shacks, lip-smacking Konkani food  & amazing nightlife. Adventure sports like Scuba Diving in Goa are hugely popular among travelers.

Life is all about experiences. The best part is now you don’t have to travel abroad to enjoy these adventure sports. From picturesque road trip to Leh Ladakh to glorious landscapes of Himalaya Most of the action is right here in our own country at pretty affordable prices.

Best places for Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving In Goa: Best & Affordable Places with details

Have you ever experienced deep sleep or trance? If not, going underwater will take you to another world, a world of silence, aquatic life that you have never seen before.

The feel is goosebump worthy & going to be one of the best experiences of your life. Right here are the 10 best places for scuba diving in Goa. There are several other points for diving but these are the most popular & worthy spots.

Pick one of these places that are close to your place of stay in Goa & enjoy the experience!

  1. Malvan Beach
  2. Grande Island
  3. Baga Beach
  4. Pigeon Island
  5. Calangute
  6. Sao Gorge Island
  7. Nagao
  8. Bat Island
  9. Navy Island
  10. Suzy’s Wreck

Scuba Diving for couples

Scuba Diving In Goa: Best & Affordable Places with details

Scuba diving, deep-sea diving & other adventure sports are gaining popularity among the Bollywood filmmakers. Many Bollywood movie locations are picked entirely because of the experiences it offers. Many newlyweds are scouting the place for thrilling experiences after being inspired by their favorite movie.

If you are one of those daredevils who want to make your trip memorable, you should go for scuba diving. Many diving operators provide exclusive scuba diving packages for couples.

You can refer to the places mentioned above for scuba diving. Contact an operator who has proper certifications. Safety is paramount!

How safe is Scuba Diving in Goa?


Scuba Diving In Goa: Best & Affordable Places with details

Scuba diving is an extreme sport that requires a set of skills, certification and regular practice. However, if you are a first-time diver or holiday diver, you must make sure that you in physically fit to attempt it.

Always check the following before planning a scuba diving session.

  • Weather conditions
  • Your fitness level
  • Don’t overexert yourself
  • Check the quality of your gear
  • Follow the instructions of your guide to the T
  • Never hold your breath while diving. Learn the proper techniques
  • Maintain a safe pace & depth
  • DO NOT attempt to dive alone


Cost of Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving In Goa: Best & Affordable Places with details

The Average Price of Scuba diving in Goa is around INR 1500 to INR 6000 per person.  The cost is mainly determined by the depth you want to dive to, the time duration of dive & the number of dives. It also depends upon the specific package & location.

Several scuba diving operators offer group, couple & seasonal discounts. It is advisable to check the offers & ratings and reviews of the operator before jumping in. Personal recommendations are more reliable so ask around in your family, friend circle or colleagues.



Can Non-Swimmers go for Scuba Diving?


Scuba Diving In Goa: Best & Affordable Places with complete details

If you think scuba diving is just for prolific swimmer, you are wrong. Even a non-swimmer with basic training can enjoy the sport without any risks. However, you at least need to know/practice the basic floating technique and trending in water. You need to know three basic techniques

  • Floating
  • Breathing
  • Kicking

It is needless to say that non-swimmers must strictly follow the instructions and try not to rush into anything. Maintain a comfortable pace & enjoy the alluring underwater world!


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Scuba Diving In Goa: Best & Affordable Places with details



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