Shocking Kalyan Jewellers Racist Ad

Shocking Kalyan Jewellers Racist Ad


Royalty or Racist ? Look at the picture on your right. What do you see? A lady (Aishwarya Rai Bacchan)  from a bygone era donning heavy jewelry & expensive clothes. At the background, a little black slave boy is struggling with a parasol a tad too big for his age & size. The shocking thing is the huge contrast of the skin colors of the two humans depicted in the picture. And secondly why a child?

The creative heads who churned out this degrading ad must not have thought about the message this as was conveying. Racism & Slavery.

It is also strange to see such a global  celebrity, has chosen to be a part of this ridiculous campaign. She may or may not be aware of the changes that were made post the shot but when you are the face of a campaign you have to bear the responsibility. Her spokesperson has come out & quoted that she was not aware of the changes. her original picture had none of it. Point taken. But shouldn’t these celebrities be little more cautious every time they lend their name, face or voice for a campaign?

Kalyan Jeweller has decided to pull down this ad after Aishwarya Rai Bacchan received an open letter from a group of social activists called this ad”insidiously racist”.Rightfully so!

We have enough prejudices & problem to fight every single day. Such mindless publicity stunts by these big brands pull us back every time we try to move ahead. They have a reach especially when they hire such big celebrities for their brand. They MUST exercise a little caution before putting forward anything that sends out a wrong signal until, of course, the sole purpose of  this drama was brand publicity which they have tactfully achieved !!

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