Sounds Of Silence: An NGO helping hearing impaired Kids



Sounds Of Silence: A NGO helping hearing impaired Kids

“The moment I came out of the womb of my mother, I was surrounded with

the happiness of tons of relatives I have yet to be familiar with.

However, that joyfulness lasted a jiffy as told by my parents. Few words from the doctor were enough to turn their gleaming eyes into howling ones.

Well, now I know what had triggered that abrupt transition of emotions when I was born into this world.

‘We are extremely sorry and despondent to inform you that your child is a hearing impaired.” These were the words from the mouth of the doctor that trembled my parents. And, these words were just the beginning of the chapter of my life and since then, I have been treated as a mere victim.

Yes, I AM DEAF and am not normal like most of you reading this.

But you don’t have to make me realize this at every step of my life.

No matter how many times I have hit the rock bottom, I have found that nobody wants me to get up because for them I was just a pain, a pain that they don’t want to get associated with. But I refused to relinquish. I have struggled almost at every point of my life, but the most agonizing thing is that I am still fighting is the to fit in my very own world.”

There are many unfortunate people like Kushal who has accepted their life as a struggle. Despite being discriminated by many, Kushal has made our nation proud in ways more than you and I could ever have imagined.

Sounds Of Silence: A NGO helping hearing impaired Kids

He is a Special Olympics champion and has made our country proud in many ways:

A Gold medal winner in basketball in Special Olympics Asia Pacific Regional games at New Castle, Australia in 2013.

A Silver Medal in Snowboarding in World winter games held at Idaho, the USA in 2009.

Winner of 4 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medal in roller skating competitions held at Delhi, Hyderabad and Shimla.

Winner of silver medals in 300m and 100m race held in special Olympics Delhi.

Sounds Of Silence: A NGO helping hearing impaired Kids Sounds Of Silence: A NGO helping hearing impaired Kids

Look at the irony in Kushal’s life, on one hand he has always proved himself to the world and gave reward to the country from the special Olympics but on the other side of the coin due to lack of medium of communication, he as well as his friends have been physically and emotionally abused umpteen times.In spite of being a Special Olympics champion three to four times, he is still struggling to get a sustainable job to make his both ends meet.

Kushal and his friends have finally found a ray of hope and has joined an NGO named Sounds of Silence where they have been training to achieve a dignified job.


“This is just one place where me and my friends don’t have to fear of being judged or treated differently.We study together, laugh together and never in my life I have felt this much connected to anyone” – KUSHAL

Sounds of Silence has initiated a crowd -funding campaign on bit giving to ask people to donate for such kids so as to provide them education and jobs. Denied by many, Now they want to expand their base to provide these bright kids jobs. This drive is also supported by a Selfie campaign with people  clicking a selfie with hands on their mouth and putting it up with the screenshot of the amount they have donated so as to aware people about the campaign, Sounds Of Silence.

Sounds Of Silence: A NGO helping hearing impaired Kids

Visit to know more about the noble campaign, Sounds Of Silence, and help  in lightening their lives.

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