5 Reasons Why South Korea Fall Foliage is best in the world

South Korea fall foliage has been one of the factors that I wanted to visit the country. I have seen numerous pictures of the autumn Foliage. And every time felt a strong urge to pack my bag and see it in person.

I not only saw the fall season in South Korea but also spend considerable time in this magnificent country.

After checking the South Korea Fall Foliage forecast, I decided to head to Naejangsan National Park. Although it was pretty far from the place I lived still the beauty of it was simply irresistible. Hence we drove all the way to Naejangsan to see the natural play its magic!

5 Reasons why South Korea fall foliage is the Best?

  1. Major Annual Festival of South Korea

The fall foliage is one of the major annual festivals of South Korea. People from all over the country flock to places famous for the autumn season. Here are some pictures I have taken at Naejangsan. Aren’t they simply gorgeous?


Why is South Korea's Fall Foliage best in the world?

Why is South Korea's Fall Foliage best in the world?

2. The landscape is Gorgeous

The landscape of  South Korea is quite uneven. It is mostly covered in mountains. So when the fall arrives, the place simply comes alive. Every single leaf turns into shades of gold or fierce fire.

Why is South Korea's Fall Foliage best in the world?

Why is South Korea's Fall Foliage best in the world?

3. Many National Parks to see The Autumn Foliage

Jirisan national park, Nami island,  Bukhansan National Park and Naejangsan National Park are some of the places famous for it. I choose the Naejangsan national park.

Although there are many places to see the magical autumn of South Korea. But Naejangsan national is particularly famous for it because it’s full of flora and fauna that turns into gold in fall ( don’t take my words literally) :D

Why is South Korea's Fall Foliage best in the world?

Why is South Korea's Fall Foliage best in the world?

4.Excellent Photography

Visit any of these National Parks during Fall foliage, you will get ample of Photo-ops. I have seen Groups of Photography with all their sophisticated gears camping around these areas during peak Autumn Foliage.

Look at this cute couple sitting on the bench. Like a royalty. They looked so comfortable and much in love giving me major relationship goals

Why is South Korea's Fall Foliage best in the world?

5. Accurate Prediction

The South Korea Fall Foliage forecast is pretty accurate. Every year it is provided online well in advance showing the exact date of start & finish of Peak Fall Foliage.

Data is extremely reliable. In fact, you can plan your visit & do advance booking based on these dates without a second thought.


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I have done an individual post on Naejangsan National park. The place totally deserves it!

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