Swan Paddle Boats Geoje: A Scenic & Relaxing Experience

Swan Paddle Boats Geoje: A Scenic & Relaxing Experience

Winter can get bit boring if you are an outdoor person. You have limited options to go around. Beaches, water sports or a  long rejuvenating swim is completely out of the question. So, should we just close the doors tight & snuggle in the warm comforter. NO Ways!  If you are looking for a relaxed weekend activity? Swan Paddle Boats Geoje is an excellent choice.

Swan Paddle Boats Geoje, A Perfect Weekend activity

Geoje Island has lots to offer if you are a nature lover. It’s glorious mountains, beautiful white sand beaches, lush green nature trails are absolutely enticing.



Swan Paddle Boats Geoje: A Scenic & Relaxing Experience

Look at these pristine white swans gliding on blue water. A feast for the eyes…

Swan Paddle Boats Geoje: A Scenic & Relaxing ExperienceSwitch on your iPod, play ur favorite music & paddle around this small lake. If this isn’t a pure bliss then what is?! :)

( Travel Tip: If you don’t have your own conveyance, its better to check the bus timings. The frequency of the bus is quite low on this route)

Scenery Around The Lake

The scenery around the lake is alluring. The wooden promenade running along the border of the lake is a perfect setting  for a nice stroll.

Swan Paddle Boats Geoje: A Scenic & Relaxing ExperienceIsn’t this small island right in the middle of the lake, treasure hunt inspiring?


Swan Paddle Boats Geoje: A Scenic & Relaxing ExperienceLook at the sun rays dancing on the water, making such a pretty picture. Nature is just amazing!!


Swan Paddle Boats Geoje: A Scenic & Relaxing ExperienceGreenery everywhere..for your eyes only :D

( Travel Tip: The place doesn’t have any cafe or eatery around. So if you are planning to spend some time, bring nibbles along) 

Swan Paddle Boats Geoje: A Scenic & Relaxing ExperienceEnd of a wonderful day spent in the company of nature….totally worth it!


Swan Paddle Boats Geoje: A Scenic & Relaxing Experience

Glad I found this place. Quite, scenic & inviting!!! I wish to come here again when the trees around will have green tender leaves, air will be less confronting & days longer so as to enjoy this small paradise…may be little more!!! :)


It is right across  Geoje Natural Art Land

How To Get There 

From Gohyeon Bus Terminal – Take Bus No. 56. It is en-route Pebble Beach. The frequency of the bus is less. The last bus from the Geoje Natural Art Land is at 19.20 pm.


W 10,000 , enjoy it as long as you can paddle around :)


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