Sweet Talks With Nozzer Pardiwala

Sweet Talks With Nozzer Pardiwala

An author, blogger, die hard romantic, doting husband & dad, he is a man who redefined the word “Daddy Cool”. In this day & age, when most of the parents are forcing their children to run the academic rat race, he decided to home school his two sons. He is a risk taker, motivator & a complete family man.

It was our sheer pleasure that he chose to exclusively launch his second book Lovedale- married to life on Sweet sharing. Without much ado, we present you the man of the hour right here at  ‘Sweet Talks With Nozzer Pardiwala.’

1. Tell us a little about yourself. We will love to know you more!

I started off with being totally lost on my path.

From wanting to be a Film Director to a wannabe Photographer meanwhile meandering onto a path of being a teacher …to being a blogger …to finally being an Author…

I played to the gallery, which ever role I was to play.

Twists and turns of lives took me from one destination to another and I swayed without much resistance… till one day …angrily I asked my destiny …WHAT are you up to lady?

She gently held my finger and said … move on.

Like a guiding star … like a stern, but concerned, mother …like a protective father … like a dedicated spouse … she guided me to yet another purpose… which was going to be for life!

2012 – My first book – The Most Successful Formula 2 B Unsuccessful

It was my genuine juvenile attempt at writing a book. My impatience, maybe, to get it published led me to finish it pretty much at half the length than what ideally, I should have. So in a way it is incomplete.  But the purpose met, probably, since it was specifically meant for my students.

2014 started writing articles for PARSI TIMES

2015 LOVEDALE ~ Married to Life my second book.Destiny holding my fingers, I lay my trust completely in her…


2. Describe yourself in one line.

If there is a way, I will find it.


3. When did your association with writing start?

I began writing, so to say, when I fell in love for the first and the last time. I wrote poems for my love interest then… now my wife. So, I believe the soul of a writer is love. Mine is!

Later, from just writing poems for expressing my love, writing became more of an expression of my anguish and frustration. I found a voice to my suppressed emotions through my writings. I wrote for myself and till date I do it for that very purpose.


4. Tell us something about your new book- Lovedale ~ Married to Life.What is the inspiration behind it?

I was brought up in this place called Kandivali which was once abundant in nature. So, when I saw this place change from a beautiful paradise to a concrete jungle the anguish poured out into writing and I started penning this story of a family that moves from a city life to a country side. In a way through this book Lovedale~ Married to Life I am living that unfulfilled dream.


5. Can you identify with the characters from your book? Which character specifically  & why?

All my stories, be it my blogs or my articles, are always inspired from my personal life experiences and the characters are mostly real people who have been a part of my life at some point of time.

Shimayan, in the book, is inspired from my elder son Shahen. His poised behaviour and his young wisdom.

Samaira is every bit of Shahaan, my younger son. Except, of course, that Samaira is a girl… so the physical attributes, like her curly, brown and long hair are simply imaginative.

Seista, is a very strong character in the story, and is top to toe like Sonnal, my wife.

Natalia is everything I would love to be.

My favourite character is Nimaya…as she binds the other characters together … she is special because she is completely a product of my imagination.


6. Can you share some of your most enriching experiences as an author/writer?

Technology brings in lots of advantages and disadvantages, they say. I strongly believe, it’s the way you use it. I feel it’s a boon. Blogging has truly added to the already enriching experience of writing. I love the immediate responses of people on my blog and the freedom of writing whatever I want to.


7. You decided to ‘homeschool’ your children. Would you like to share the thought behind this decision? 

When I reached a particular point in the story of this family I wondered what would their kids do in the country side. The deliberating mind said…maybe the village school …maybe… maybe homeschool. So I started research on homeschooling purely and selfishly as a writer.

Midway through, when I shared the concept with my better half, she looked at me and asked… If Seista and Natalia can …why can’t we homeschool our kids.

From there on the parent took over and the writer took a backseat …then the research was purely for our kids.

We have two sons who are exceptionally brilliant in academics, but we felt the formal education system wasn’t fulfilling their need, their craving for knowledge. It merely was functioning like a mechanical clone producing machine line. In the name of holistic approach they were made to do a little of everything… a little of academics, a little of sports, a little of music, a little of dance. Studying, maybe was happening in bits and parts, learning …not at all.

Lovedale explains our reason to homeschool in detail.

8. How is homeschooling different from the conventional schooling?

Homeschooling is a personal journey of first unlearning, then learning to learn, and then finally learning. It’s a continuous growing process. It is, understanding freedom, and then learning to enjoy it as well as respect it.

Conventional schooling may bestow us with a paper made degree and at most a gate pass to enter yet another conventional system called College but there is no scope for mistakes or learning freely.

Homeschooling is a liberating experience, letting kids be kids and letting them learn at their individual pace time and, at times, even… not learn and make mistakes.

Conventional schooling is an artificially simulated system which is churning out individuals capable of rote memory and solving sums but devoid of life skills and incapable of solving problems that life may dish out to them.


9. What is future of the homeschooling  in India? Will it gain popularity or will remain a unique but lesser followed method of parenting?

With more and more parents realising that each child’s needs are different and that formal schooling may not fulfil those needs are turning to Homeschooling. It’s not a fad it’s an ideology, it’s a choice that more and more parents are making. I believe, homeschooling, in coming years should be recognised as a valid option for parents and infact will serve as a load shedding tool for the already over populous schooling scenario.

If, as a parent, we have a right to choose the day to conceive our child; we have a right to choose the maternity home … big or small, expensive or affordable; mode of birth…normal or caesarean or water birth; we have the right to choose the paediatrician for the child, the clothes the food; the school … the free or reasonable government aided or the super expensive private one…so do, we have a right to choose a PATH or method of imparting education …even as uncommon as homeschooling.

Homeschooling doesn’t imply the end of learning but simply a different way of learning.


10. What are three parenting myths that annoy you the most?

Parents have to be always right.

Parents have to be idealised.

Parenting can be taught.


11. If given a chance, what’s one change that you would like to see in this world & why?

My immediate world… I am pretty much happy. But I love changes and so I am continuously striving to add new elements into our already exciting world. I have a crazy bunch of people around me…my wife Sonnal and my two sons …Shahen and Shahaan equally eager to stir up a CHANGE.

As far as the world beyond, the education system needs overhauling. It needs a revolutionary change, not haphazard changes in syllabi, not introduction of newer boards, not addition or removal of subjects but the CONTENT itself. We need a reality check!

I definitely see a ray of hope… With the current government encouraging participation in governing of the country via https://mygov.in/; the HRD ministry inviting suggestions from citizens, emphasis on skill development …we may possibly look at better ways of learning in a distant future.

But I personally feel, these changes cannot be brought about without our participation.

Lovedale ~ Married to Life is my way of reaching out to the policy makers. It is not waging a battle against a particular teacher or school or a curriculum or a board, it is simply a chronicling of parents’ observations and experiences, good and not so good, with formal education.


12. Any word of advice for aspiring writers?

The best thing a painter can do …is paint.

The best thing a singer can do … is sing.

So…the best thing a writer can do… is write…write to bring about the changes within you …the world around will change anyways.


You can connect with him on his WebsiteFacebook pageTwitterGoogle plusInstagram

Here is the link to buy the book on Amazon.


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